500 Homosexual Pride events cancelled, Minneapolis City Council votes to disband police dept, Islamic terrorist groups killed 58 in Burkina Faso, Africa last week

It’s Tuesday, June 9th, A.D. 2020.  This is The Worldview in 5 Minutes heard at www.TheWorldview.com.  I’m Adam McManus. (Adam@TheWorldview.com)

By Kevin Swanson

Islamic terrorist groups killed 58 in Burkina Faso, Africa last week

Barnabas Fund reports that Islamic terrorist groups killed 58 men, women, and children in Burkino Faso last week.

The targets in these attacks were Christian populations. Also, Reuters reports that the Muslim Fulani Herdsmen killed another 27 — mostly Christians —-in Mali last week.

This adds to some 4,000 killed in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali last year.

America in recession

The National Bureau of Economic Research has announced that America is officially in recession, after a 128-month run of debt-funded prosperity.

The Gross Domestic Product slipped 5% in the first quarter of 2020. And the second quarter is headed towards a 50% slip.  The National Bureau of Economic Research is the “official arbiter” of recessions.

Gross World Product to drop by 5.2%?

And now, brace yourself, folks. As of yesterday, the World Bank forecasts a 5.2% drop in the Gross World Product in 2020.

This recession will be “the largest fraction of economies experiencing declines in per capita output since 1870.”

The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report issued yesterday also announced the nations most impacted will be those with a “heavy reliance on global trade, tourism, commodity exports, and external financing.”

Ecclesiastes 6:2 reminds us: “A man to whom God has given riches and wealth and honor, so that he lacks nothing for himself of all he desires; yet God does not give him power to eat of it, but a foreigner consumes it. This is vanity, and it is an evil affliction.”

500 Homosexual Pride events cancelled

Homosexual Pride month, typically scheduled for the month of June, has been cancelled at the Pentagon.

The Washington Blade noted that “For the first time since certification of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, the Pentagon won’t host a celebration recognizing June as Pride month.” Apparently, it was COVID-19 that shut it down.

And, in the providence of God, about 500 homosexual/transgender pride marches and other events were cancelled for the summer, due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Last summer, over 5,000,000 Americans marched in homosexual pride events, the largest of which were in New York, Denver, New Orleans, Washington DC, and Minneapolis.

Minneapolis City Council votes to disband police department

Speaking of Minneapolis, the City Council there has voted to disband the city’s police department, reports the Washington Examiner. That’s despite $55 million worth of damages to 270 businesses by violent rioters.

However, the city’s mayor, 38-year-old Jacob Frey, still opposes the measure. After burning down the city’s police station last week, the rioters demanded the police department be dismantled.

Trump’s approval rating slipped to 38-42% range

In recent CNN, YouGov, and Rasmussen polls, President Trump’s approval rating has just dipped to the range of 38-42%.

That’s about where George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter’s first-term ratings were prior to their second-term elections which they lost.

On the presidential election poll, CNN puts Joe Biden ahead 55 to 41, and the RMG research poll puts Biden ahead 47-37.

British George Floyd protesters wound 14 police officers

The George Floyd protests have poured into Europe resulting in 14 police officers getting wounded at the Black Lives Matter event in London on Saturday, according to Worthy News.

Also over the weekend, 30,000 people showed up in Brisbane Australia, 15,000 in Berlin, and 23,300 in France, per Euronews.com.

Washington D.C. march for Floyd George includes pastors, Romney

Several hundred thousand protesters flooded the streets of Washington D.C. on Sunday.

Among the protesters, several hundred Christians were led by McLean Bible Church Pastor David Platt and Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile from Anacostia River Church along with Mormon Senator Mitt Romney of Utah who marched in protest of the death of George Floyd.

10,000 black babies died in womb during 10 days of protest

While all the protests have gone on over the last 10 days, another 10,000 Black babies have been killed in abortion mills around the U.S.  The abortion rate for African-American babies is almost three times the national average.

Deuteronomy 1:17 tells us that “You shall not be partial in judgment. You shall hear the small and the great alike. You shall not be intimidated by anyone, for the judgment is God’s.”

Majority of churches remain closed

While millions protest and riot in the streets of America’s largest cities, the majority of American churches remain closed.

At least one survey of American churches — a sampling of 100 churches in Iowa — found that only 20% of churches opened by June 1st.

The survey, conducted by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, also found that only 1% of the churches remained open through the COVID-19 crisis.

Christian state trooper: “I only kneel for God”

A Georgia State Trooper was asked to kneel in a Black Lives Matter protest.

What was O’Neal Saddler’s answer?  “I only kneel for one person: God”, according to a video of the moment which has been seen by 600,000 people on Twitter.

George W. Bush spokesman: He has not indicated for whom he will vote

In a follow-up to yesterday’s Worldview newscast, a spokesman for former President George W. Bush is forcefully denying a Saturday New York Times article that alleged that the former commander-in-chief will not vote for President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election.

In an email to the Texas Tribune after the news broke, Freddy Ford, a spokesman for Bush, suggested that the assertion is totally false, reports The Blaze.

Ford wrote, “This is completely made up”, noting that former President George W. Bush “is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote.”

Worldview listener in Liberia, West Africa touches base

Jeff Elvis in Tarnue, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa wrote me at Adam@TheWorldview.com. He said, “I’m first of all thankful to God Almighty for The Worldview in 5 Minutes.  I began listening to the newscast on Free Presbyterian Radio 92.5FM.  I signed up for your daily E-mail
notification which I listen to on my smartphone if I miss it on the radio.

“I live alone, but I’m quite busy. I’m a strong believer in Christ, working to impact blind people through computer science and technology. I’m also blind myself and a radio broadcaster by profession. Thanks again for your show and I’ll pray for more blessings from above.”

17 new donors give $4,164

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