6 police pallbearers for discarded girl, IKEA salesman fired for opposing “gay” agenda, England’s transgender girls

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By Adam McManus (Adam@TheWorldview.com)

Another Church Banned in China

Dao En Presbyterian church, a major unregistered Chinese church, was banned in Xuzhou, according to China Aid.

The excuse given by the Communists for closing this church and other churches is that the officials are in the process of “cleaning up gang crime and eliminating evil”.

Christianity is a barrier to the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, so they view it with hostility. The communist regime does not like anything they cannot directly control, and feel threatened by the Christian community’s view that God is their all-powerful leader.

Vice President talks about President Trump’s commitment to unborn

On Saturday night at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual gala dinner in Washington D.C, Vice President Mike Pence told conservative Christian activists that President Trump is totally committed to the sanctity of human life.

Listen to this soundbite.

PENCE: “Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart: I couldn’t be more proud to serve as Vice President to a President who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life.  President Donald Trump is the most pro-life President in American history.  (Applause.)

“I mean, in one of the President’s very first acts, he reinstated the Mexico City Policy to make sure that taxpayer dollars wouldn’t be used to promote or provide abortion overseas or around the world.

“And I was honored to cast the tie-breaking vote and to watch the President sign legislation that allowed states across the country to defund Planned Parenthood.  (Applause.)

“And speaking of the nation’s largest abortion provider, you know, we all remember back in 2015 when those chilling undercover videos were on the airwaves of the nation that showed horrific conversations about the sale and transfer of parts of aborted babies.  So I want to be sure you know, just a few weeks ago, President Donald Trump ended fetal tissue research at the National Institutes of Health.”  (Applause.)

You can read the full text of Pence’s speech.

And you can watch Vice President’s speech as well as the other keynote addresses in this C-SPAN video link.

IKEA employee fired for not supporting homosexual agenda

An employee at IKEA, the furniture retailer, has been fired from his job after he refused to participate in a pro-homosexual event and posted Bible verses about homosexuality on social media, reports FaithWire.com.

In a case that draws similarities with that of Australian Rugby star Israel Folau, the Polish worker was dismissed after refusing to take down a series of Bible verses he had posted in response to a notice on the company’s internal communications system that was promoting the sexually perverted event.

Tomasz K. told a Polish national broadcaster, “I was shaken up.  I’ve been hired to sell furniture, but I’m a Catholic and these aren’t my values.”

Romans 1:24-25 says, “God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.”

6 police officers are pallbearers at discarded baby’s funeral

A compassionate group of police officers has played an integral part in a funeral held for a baby who was found discarded on the side of the road, reports FaithWire.com.

The premature infant, born at just 20-weeks, and named Baby Monica, was found by a passerby in Brooklyn, New York, across the street from a park and a junior high school.

Accompanied by an NYPD bagpipe player, a group of six officers acted as pallbearers to escort the infant casket into the church in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood on Saturday. Take a look at the picture in our transcript today at www.TheWorldview.com.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

England’s skyrocketing rise in transgender children

England’s sole gender clinic has seen a significant increase in girls seeking to “transition” to male, the highest proportion ever recorded, in addition to an increase in younger patient referrals, reports the Christian Post.

Approximately three-quarters of the children seeking medical assistance to transition genders at the Tavistock clinic in London were girls, reports say.

For women’s rights activists who maintain that transgender ideology disproportionately harms women and girls, the latest data dovetails with their concerns.

Venice Allan, a spokesperson for the U.K. group Standing for Women, said “Nobody is born in the wrong body and no amount of hormones or surgery can change our sex. Young people are being misled by adults that they should be able to trust: teachers, doctors, politicians and even their own parents who are enabling irreversible medical treatment to their healthy bodies.”

Ministry raises money for Chick-fil-A hero to get first car

Logan Simmons, the teenage Chick-fil-A employee who jumped through a drive-thru window in Georgia and rescued a choking child, has a heartbreaking backstory, reports FaithWire.com.

Losing his father at just 8 years of age, the heroic youngster is now putting away the pennies to save for his first car. So, in a bid to help this hard-working kid on his way, Matt Klug, a student at the University of North Georgia, who lost his mother when he was 16 and his father when he was 17, presented Simmons with a check toward his first car on behalf of a children’s charity November Smiles.

Listen to the presentation of that check.

KLUG: “We found out that you lost your Dad when you were young.  So we realized we definitely have to do something for you just ‘cause of what you did and also we know what you went through when as a kid.  We know that you’re trying to save up for a car — we have a donation toward your car fund to help you get that!”

SIMMONS: “Thank you so much.”

KLUG: “You’re welcome. You deserve it!”

The core mission of November Smiles is to “help children and teenagers realize that even through the toughest times in life, they have something to truly smile about.”

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Hong Kong demonstrators storm legislative building

A huge group of demonstrators stormed Hong Kong’s legislative building in protest against a new extradition bill which would see criminals face prosecution in mainland China. Many Christians have felt in fear for their lives in light of the now-suspended bill, due to China having some of the most restrictive religious freedom laws on earth, reports ChristianHeadlines.com.

Church discipline is alive and well

The Evangelical Covenant Church voted to defrock a pastor in Minneapolis and expel his church for allowing a homosexual faux marriage of two lesbians in the church worship band back in 2014, reports ChristianHeadlines.com. The ceremony took place off-site.

Rev. Dan Collison was voted out of his position by a 77 percent vote at the Evangelical Covenant Church’s annual meeting in Nebraska last week.  And the church he pastored, First Covenant Church, was expelled from the denomination.

The Evangelical Covenant Church says the church can keep operating in its building, but it will not be under their umbrella. And the misguided congregation has said Collison will continue serving as lead pastor.

Doesn’t sound like anyone has learned a lesson.