Another $3 Trillion Rescue Plan on Its Way, Christian Coach Loses at 9th Circuit, Australia’s Worst Flooding and Worst Fires

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By Kevin Swanson

9th Circuit Court unfriendly to Christian football coach’s appeal

In one last ditch effort to retain some Christian witness in public schools, First Liberty Institute appealed a Christian high school football coach’s firing to the 9th Circuit Court. Sadly, they lost.

Last Thursday, the Court ruled against Coach Joseph Kennedy’s appeal, coming six years after he was fired from the Bremerton, Washington school district for praying after football games. The coach would take a knee on the field and offer a “private” prayer — an action that was taken as bothersome and unacceptable by the district.

First Liberty is committed to continuing the fight. The group offered this comment on the Appeals Court decision: “Today’s opinion threatens the rights of millions of Americans who simply want to be able to freely exercise their faith without fear of losing their job.  We plan to appeal, and we hope the Supreme Court will right this wrong.”

Listen to this from Psalm 109:2-4: “For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful have opened against me; They have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, and fought against me without a cause. In return for my love, they are my accusers. But — [here it is] — I give myself to prayer.”

385 disobedient Catholic priests approve of perversion

The Roman Catholic Church is dividing on the matter of homosexuality.

The Austrian Priests’ Initiative is calling for disobeying the Vatican’s prohibition of blessings for same-sex perversions. The group representing 385 priests plans to go ahead with the so-called “blessings.”

The statement issued on March 16th, translated from the German, states, “This is a relapse into times that we had hoped, with Pope Francis, to be overcome. In solidarity with so many, we will not reject any loving couple in the future who asks to celebrate God’s blessing, which they experience every day, in a worship service.”

Proverbs 13:20 reminds us that, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will be destroyed.”

Miami police arrest 1,000 spring breakers

More than the usual foolishness is reported with young people on spring break in Florida.

Police have arrested 1,000 people since February 3rd. That’s double the number they arrested last year, reports The Guardian.

One hundred of the arrests occurred last weekend in Miami Beach.   Police shot pepper balls into the crowd Saturday night, reports CNN.

Indonesian gov’t: Schools cannot force hijab on Christian girls

The rise of fundamentalist Islam in Indonesia has resulted in the enforcement of the hijab for women of all faiths for some areas of the country.

However, a Christian girl in Padang complained and her case was addressed by the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim. The resultant decree explicitly prohibits school uniforms that point to a certain religion.

The student’s father talked to International Christian Concern last month, saying, “I am grateful that my daughter’s case opened the eyes of everyone. Now they are finally aware of the persecution of faith in schools. … My hope is that in Indonesia, there will no longer be any form of faith persecution in schools.”

Indonesia is the 47th worst nation in the world for Christian persecution, according to Open Doors’ World Watch List.

Japanese court vs. Japanese constitution on marriage

A Japanese district court in Sapporo has ruled the ban on homosexual faux-marriage to be unconstitutional, according to The Japan Times.

However, the BBC reports that the Japanese constitution, instituted after World War II, defined marriage as one of “mutual consent between both sexes.”

A recent survey, conducted by the National Institution of Population and Social Security Research, found a huge generational divide on support for homosexual faux-marriage. While 70% of young people in their 20s and 30s support the perversion, only 38% of Japanese in their 60s do so by contrast.

Taiwan became the first Asian nation to legalize the aberration in May of 2019, reports Time Magazine.

Australia’s fires, floods and rains point to need to repent of sin

Australia experienced record-breaking fires in some areas last year, with 27 million acres burned and 33 lives lost. And now, once-in-a-century, record-breaking floods are ravaging the nation. 18,000 people have been evacuated in New South Wales. And the mid-North Coast is reporting 18 inches of rain over the last week.  Big government statists continue to point to global warming as the problem.

None of the news sources referred to the Sovereign Hand of God or exhorted the people to fear God.

Australia became one of the last nations in the Western World to embrace homosexual faux-marriage in late 2017.

Gunman kills 10 in Boulder, Colorado grocery store

DOUGHERTY: “Boulder has suffered a terrible and horrific mass shooting today. This is not the first mass shooting that we’ve had in the state of Colorado.”

That was Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty as he described the scene at a Boulder, Colorado King Soopers supermarket where a  gunman killed 10 people, including a police officer, on Monday afternoon, reports The Denver Channel.

James Graham, an eyewitness, explained what he saw and heard to Denver 7 TV News.

GRAHAM: “I was just checking out at the self-checkout and all of a sudden I started hearing shots and glass broke above my head. So, I turned to run and there was a lady laying down next to me. And I just ran, came across the bush and hid behind the bush. I can still hear the shots being fired. I probably heard 30 shots. It was just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.”

Officer Eric Talley, 51, who responded within minutes of the initial 911 calls around 2:30 p.m. yesterday, was killed. D.A. Dougherty offered his condolences to the police officer and his family.

DOUGHERTY:  “My heart goes out to Eric Talley’s family, his loved ones, and his colleagues. He was, by all accounts, one of the outstanding officers of the Boulder police department. And his life was cut far too short as he responded to the shooting that was taking place at King Soopers.”

The suspect is in custody. A live television feed earlier showed officers leading a man away from the scene, handcuffed, bloodied, and shirtless, after the shooting occurred.

The shooter’s motive isn’t yet known. The suspected gunman used an AR-style rifle in the attack.

The District Attorney also expressed his sorrow for the other nine victims.

DOUGHERTY:  “I also want to stress how incredibly sorry I am for all the victims who were killed at King Soopers. These were people going about their day, doing their food shopping, and their lives were cut abruptly and tragically short. I promise the victims and the people of the state of Colorado that we will secure justice and do everything we must do to get justice in this case.”

One grandfather told CBS Denver about what happened when his son-in-law and his two teenage grandchildren entered the grocery store.

GRANDFATHER: “My two granddaughters, 13 and 14, came in with their dad so he could get a COVID shot. They came in through the East door, where the pharmacy is, and that’s where it all started and there were shooting.  He saw it and got the girls down. They ran and hid upstairs and a coat closet for an hour in the coats. They were communicating with my daughter through his phone, texting. And then the cops came in through the roof, and were protecting them. They’re out now, out the back. This is gonna be pretty hard for them to live with,  I think.”

REPORTER:  “When you hear from them, what’s going through your mind as a grandparent?”

GRANDFATHER: “Well, what’s more precious?”

Sadly, almost a year ago to the day, Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis foolishly signed legislation repealing the death penalty on March 23, 2020.  Colorado became the 22nd U.S. state to abolish what God sanctioned in Genesis 9:6.  “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.”


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Biden unveils a second $3 trillion spending bill

The Biden administration plans to unveil the next $3 trillion rescue and recovery plan, reports The New York Times.  This is after the other $3 trillion, $800 billion, and $1.9 trillion stimulus plans did little to improve unemployment over the last 12 months.

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the plans “a Trojan horse for massive tax hikes and other job-killing, left-wing policies.”

Jobless rates are running around 9.5%. That’s up from 3.5% a year ago. Various sources report the jobless rates anywhere from 9.5% to 26%, depending on the metric used.