Australian Parliament Legalizes Faux Marriage, Muslims Coming to Christ by the Thousands, Norway Backs Pro-Life Doctor

Friday, December 1st, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Jonathan Clark

Christians Disciple Muslims in Southeast Asia

On Monday, Open Doors USA reported that many Muslims are coming to Christ in Southeast Asia through discipleship programs over a decade in existence. One man, who left a secure church position to help house churches, is now training 20 Christian leaders on how to disciple Muslims, one of whom is already working to disciple over 100 people.

Asian Christians in China with Muslim or Buddhist backgrounds face some of the worst persecution in the country. And, despite heavy persecution in the Southeast Asian nation of Bangladesh, Christian converts from Islam are growing there, with an estimated 91,000 converts in the last six years, according to Christian Freedom International.

Psalm 22:27 declares, “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before You.”

British Building Light Up in Red for Christian Persecution Awareness

Last Wednesday, the British Houses of Parliament and over 30 churches and schools, mostly in the UK, lit up their buildings with red to bring awareness to worsening Christian persecution throughout the world.

This was part of the international Red Wednesday initiative organized by the persecution awareness group called Aid to the Church in Need. The main Red Wednesday service took place on Westminster Cathedral Piazza with speakers including members of Parliament.

Last month, a UK-based religious freedom group found that about 80 percent of the world’s population lives under some form of religious persecution. Studies also show Christians experience the vast majority of this religious discrimination.

Australian Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Homosexual Faux Marriage

The Australian Senate passed a bill 43 to 12 to legalize faux homosexual marriage last Wednesday following a national referendum in favor of legalizing this sin.

Lawmakers rejected amendments to protect religious objectors who do not want to support such ceremonies. Parental rights to have their children opt out of class instruction in homosexuality were also curtailed.

The bill heads to the lower house of the senate. If passed by the parliament, Australia will become the 26th nation to legalize this abomination in God’s eyes.

Polish Doctor in Norway Wins Case After Being Fired for Refusing to Promote Abortion

Polish doctor Katarzyna Jachimowicz won a major court case in Norway last week over being fired for refusing to refer for abortions or promote abortifacient devices.

The court said her removal was a violation of human rights. The doctor moved from Poland to Norway in 2010, but became the first medical professional dismissed for exercising rights of conscience last year.

After the ruling, Jachimowicz simply said, “God won.”

This is the first major legal win for religious freedom in the country, according to Life Site News.

Matt Lauer Gives Statement Apologizing for Inappropriate Behavior

Former “Today Show” host Matt Lauer apologized for his behavior after being fired from NBC News over accusations of sexual harassment. His statement was read on NBC yesterday morning.

“There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC.

“Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort. It is now my full time job.

“The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling.”

The Apostle Paul wrote about repentance in 2 Corinthians 7:10, “For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson May be Replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Reports surfaced Thursday that the White House has plans to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, possibly with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Sources told CNN this represents deep frustration by the White House with Tillerson.

The New York Times said Trump “has been said to have soured on Mr. Tillerson and in general is ready to make a change at the State Department.”

The possible replacement for the CIA Director is Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. While Tillerson has supported abortion and so-called “LGBT rights,” Pompeo has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and Cotton has said Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Disney Debuts “Boy Princess” on XD Channel

Disney debuted their first supposedly “boy princess” in a recent episode of “Star vs. The Forces Of Evil” that airs on the company’s XD channel. The animated series also featured Disney’s first homosexual kiss earlier this year.

The 2015 premier of the original animated series became the most-watched animated series release in Disney XD’s 15-year history. The series won awards for children’s audiences in 2016.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Special Report on Operation Christmas Child After the Newscast

How can a shoe box with no shoes bring children to Christ? Stay tuned for my World View Special Report on Operation Christmas Child immediately following today’s newscast.

Dying Father Prepares Love Letters to Be Sent to His Daughter Until Her 21st Birthday

And finally, a father’s last love letter to his daughter for her 21st birthday went viral recently, receiving over a million likes on Twitter, reports Fox News.

Before passing away with cancer at 56 in 2013, William Sellers arranged for a flower delivery for his daughter Bailey’s birthday every year until she turned 21. The last flower and card came saying, “This is my last love letter to you until we meet again. I do not want you to shed another tear for me my baby girl for I am in a better place.”

Closing Line

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Special Report: Operation Christmas Child Brings Gifts and the Gospel to Children Around the World

Time now for a World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.

Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse, has delivered gift-filled shoeboxes to more than 147 million children in over 150 countries. This year, Operation Christmas Child hopes to collect enough shoebox gifts to reach another 12 million children.

Christy Leslie, a volunteer in New Braunfels, Texas, explained to The World View why she got involved.

“I love that they are reaching out to children across the world in very remote areas. They are expressing God’s love in a tangible way through a shoe box full of gifts – hygiene items, toys, school supplies — things that these kids have never owned before. One of the items included in the shoe box is a booklet called “The Greatest Gift”, a wonderful introduction to who Jesus is, more about the Bible and an introduction to the Gospel. That’s included with every shoe box. Every child receives that.”

With the Apostle John as narrator, the “The Greatest Gift” booklet shares 11 Scripture stories and invites children to follow Christ.

For the second year in a row, Leslie organized “The Shoebox Shuffle 5K” to raise money to pay the $9 per shoebox shipping expense.

“We were able to raise a little over $1,200 that we’ll be sending to Operation Christmas Child. That $1,200 will pay for the shipping of 133 shoeboxes to children all over the world.”

Leslie is convinced that Operation Christmas Child enables Christians to help fulfill Jesus’ final command.

“One thing that they are really committed to is fulfilling the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19, Jesus tells us to therefore ‘go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.’

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who aren’t able to minister to those around the world, to send these shoe boxes out into the world to fulfill the Great Commission.”

While the deadline has already passed to pack your own shoebox, you can build one on-line for a $25 gift. We have the link in our transcript at

While you’re thinking about it, right now, make that gift to send a shoebox to a child half a world away, so that they might come to Jesus Christ.

This has been a World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.