AZ GOP Gov. candidate Kari Lake 100% confident of victory, Zuckerberg fired 13% of Facebook staff, Muslim terrorists kill 3 in Congo, Africa

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Muslim terrorists kill 3 in Congo, Africa

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, the Muslim Allied Democratic Forces killed three people, including a one-month-old baby, in the early morning of November 9th, reports International Christian Concern.

The Islamic terrorists looted and burned a hospital in the city of Kabasha along with several other shops and lit several vehicles on fire.   

One resident said, “We were woken up in the middle of the night by gunshots in the air and people screaming. We did not hesitate. We left the house and hid in the bushes, hoping they would not find us. The attack lasted almost an hour as the rebels ransacked shops and the health center and set them on fire. They also burnt down vehicles.”

According to Open Doors, Congo is the 40th most dangerous country for Christians in the world.

2 Timothy 3:12 says, “All who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Pro-life, Republican Governors won re-election bids

Some key Republican governors doubled down on their pro-life values and saw success at the polls on Tuesday, reports The Washington Stand.

  • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds each championed life from six weeks on by signing a heartbeat bill.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law protections for unborn life after 15 weeks.
  • Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB 4327 this year, protecting life from conception.
  • Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed off on her state’s Human Life Protection Act.
  • New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and Idaho Governor Brad Little signed into law protections for life after the unborn baby’s viability at 24 weeks.

Each one of those nine Republican governors, who signed key pro-life bills into law, won handily on Tuesday.

Kari Lake, GOP candidate for Arizona Governor, is 100% confident

Appearing on the Glenn Beck radio program, Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona Governor, said the Leftists are trying to control the narrative by counting the votes painfully slowly.

LAKE: “I think what we’ve learned in the past several election cycles is that our election officials can control the narrative. It’s real easy, by the amount of votes they release. That’s what we have going on here. It’s been politicized.”

Lake said she was 100% confident that she will win the election when they finally count all the votes.

LAKE: “We are going to win. I’m 100% confident in that! I’m looking right now at the latest numbers I got. There are 622,000 votes left to be counted here in Arizona, and they’re slow rolling to count more than 24 hours past the election. Yesterday, they only counted just over 60,000 votes.”

BECK: “How is that possible?”

LAKE: “This is outrageous! They’re doing this intentionally, in my opinion. They’re not speeding this up as they should. And let me just tell you why we’re going to win.

“There are 384,414 Election Day mail-in ballot drop-offs. Now, these are the people who don’t trust bringing it down and putting it in one of those drop boxes. These are the people who don’t necessarily trust even the Postal Service with their mail-in ballot. They walked it into a polling place on Election Day.”

BECK: “Wow!”

LAKE: “We already know those are going to trend heavily toward us, two to one, maybe even three to one. There’s a huge majority left to be counted there.

“We also have 17,000 ‘Drawer Three.’  Those were the ones who when they showed up at their polling place on Election Day, ‘Oh wow! The machines aren’t working. Just put your ballot over here in Draw Number Three.’ And we have a provisional ballots — 16,000. These are ballots, the vast majority that are to be counted, that are going to go heavily to us.

BECK: “Right.”

LAKE: “And we know we’re going to win this. They’re trying to delay the inevitable. They wanted to write the obituary of the America First movement on election night.”

Proof Democrats cheated in Pennsylvania

It would appear, based on undercover footage captured by Project Veritas, that Democratic operatives were illegally electioneering in Pennsylvania, reports The Blaze.

James O’Keefe, the founder, said this.

O’KEEFE: “Project Veritas Action journalists were told who to vote for just mere feet outside a polling center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today.  This is referred to as electioneering.”

The Philadelphia County election board states that no one is allowed to influence the vote within 10 feet to the entrance of a polling room where voting machines are located.

O’KEEFE: “Not only are Democratic candidates’ campaign materials posted at the door where the voting machines are located, watch as our undercover journalists are handed instructions on exactly how to vote within arm’s reach of the door.”

UNDERCOVER REPORTER: “So, you’re telling me I should vote John Fetterman. I should vote Joshua Shapiro.”

DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE: “If you vote Democrat, all of them are the Democratics.”

When the undercover Project Veritas reporter asked why he should vote a straight Democrat Party ticket, this is what the Democratic operative said within feet of the polling door illegally.

DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE: “These are more or less liberals who can help with the poor guy.”

And he described Republicans, including Mehmet Oz, this way.

DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE:  “I would say these are generally people trying to save their money.”

Fetterman emerged with 50.3 percent of the vote, defeating Oz by three percentage points.  It’s difficult to know how much of this illegal electioneering swayed voters on the fence.

Proverbs 11:1 says, “The LORD detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with Him.”

Zuckerberg fired 13% of Facebook staff

And finally, hours after Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced it was laying off 13% of its staff, CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed employees virtually on Wednesday around 1:00pm Eastern, reports CNBC.

A Meta employee, who was fired, provided this video to NBC News.

ZUCKERBERG: “I take full responsibility for this decision. I’m the founder and CEO. I’m responsible for the health of our company, for our direction, and for deciding how we execute that, including things like this. This was ultimately my call. One of the hardest calls that I’ve had to make in the 18 years of running the company.”

Shares of Meta plunged 24.5% on October 27th as investors and analysts digested the company’s third-quarter earnings miss and a weak fourth-quarter outlook. Shares closed at $97.94, the lowest price since 2016.  By contrast, on September 7, 2021, Meta’s stock price hit $382.


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