Beauty and the Beast Sets Box Office Records, Christian Minority Blossoms in Bangladesh, Christian Pastor in Sierra Leone Uncovers Diamond Worth $60,000,000

Tuesday, March 21st, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

Hearings Begin for Supreme Court Appointment

The Gorsuch hearings began yesterday in the Senate Judiciary committee, as President Donald Trump’s appointee for the Supreme Court sat for confirmation. The committee should vote on the appointment in early April.

New “Beauty and the Beast” Movie Sets Record in Box Office

Disney’s new controversial release of “Beauty and the Beast”, complete with a homosexual scene, set box office records for an opener weekend at $170,000,000 in the U.S. (and $350 million worldwide).

Geared for families and children, the film set a record for a PG-rated movie, beating out last year’s “Finding Dory”.

High Snobiety, a liberal commentator who approves of the homosexual scene, wrote, “For the conservative ethicists out there who morally oppose the movie [for its homosexual scene], let’s just completely ignore the fact that this classic fairytale has now received not one, but two remakes from Disney without even the slightest hint of disapproval for the fact that the story’s protagonist, a human, essentially develops and carries on a romantic relationship with what is basically an animal.”

Religious People Face Persecution in Russia

A yoga teacher, a Mormon missionary, and a Baptist missionary have found themselves in hot water over Russia’s Yarovaya law, the law forbidding evangelism which was enacted last July catching Christians in its net.

Blake Percell, a veteran missionary from Russia hopes that Trump’s administration can do more to promote freedom for Christians in Russia:

“God is interested in international global politics. He judges between many peoples. . . Certainly there are things that people like President Trump can do to promote biblically based freedoms in more tyrannical countries like Russia where there is much less freedom. There is no freedom of the press. 100% of the mass media is completely controlled by the government and by President Putin.”

Federal Courts Protect Abortion Mill in Mississippi

Federal courts stepped in to save the last abortion mill set for closure in Mississippi. The court challenged the Mississippi law that required hospital admitting privileges for doctors who perform abortions in the state.

The ruling comes after a Supreme Court decision last year reversed a Texas law that the court said imposed “an undue burden” on women who wished to kill their children.

President Trump Called Out for Not Protecting Persecuted Religious Minorities

Christian persecution groups are calling President Donald Trump out for not protecting persecuted religious minorities.

Alliance Defending Freedom put out a statement that said, “To date, no ISIS militant has been tried for genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes, nor has the United Nations issued an official designation of genocide.”

Psalm 103:6 says, “The LORD executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.”

“Activist Mommy” Still Having Problems with Her Facebook Account

That homeschooling mommy blogger whose account was blocked by Facebook is still having troubles.

Elizabeth Johnston said folks are still messaging her and saying that they cannot access her page. She ran into trouble when she pointed out the biblical view of homosexuality.

Christianity Grows in Bangladesh Despite Persecution

An encouraging report from the Christian Times says that the Christian minority is blossoming in Bangladesh, Indonesia.

Jim Jacobson, the president of Christian Freedom International, went to the country and interviewed a pastor who told him that over 20,000 Muslims have come to Christ in the last year.

The report also said that persecution is increasing against Christians because the Islamic majority is alarmed by the growth of Christ’s kingdom.

Two Women Rescued From Burning Car in the Nick of Time

Last Sunday, two women were miraculously saved after their car careened across a California freeway and burst into flames.

A young man didn’t waste a second in pulling the passenger and the driver to safety. Seconds later, the car exploded.

New Movie Re-Enacts Muslim Attack on Bus in Kenya

A new major motion picture called “All for Us” is slated for release in April, re-enacting the story of the attack conducted by Al Shabaab extremists on a Kenyan bus loaded with Christians and Muslims.

The preview depicts the radical Islamists browbeating the Muslim passengers for not revealing the identity of the Christians on the bus. Of the 100 passengers, only one was killed as he attempted to run from the scene.

Katy Perry Says She Left Christianity for Homosexuality

Pop singer Katy Perry was raised in a Christian home in California, and actually began singing as a Christian artist. But she confessed that homosexuality was her ticket out of the faith.

At a Homosexual Rights Gala on Friday night, Perry called her homosexuality a gift that introduced her to “people outside my bubble. . . They were the most free, strong, kind, and inclusive people I have ever met.”

She said she grew up in a home where homosexuality was synonymous with “abomination” and “hell.”

Pastor in Sierra Leone Discovers Huge Diamond

A Christian pastor in Sierra Leone has uncovered one of the world’s largest diamonds. Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found the 706-carat diamond in the Kono region, according to the BBC. Similarly-sized diamonds have sold for $60 million plus.

I wonder if he plans on tithing on his discovery.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.