Biden Declares Victory, Trump Says Election ‘Far From Over’; Justin Bieber’s pastor admits extramarital affair; Documented voter fraud in Michigan

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Indian pastor beaten and boycotted for Christian faith

On October 20th, Pastor Vasu Nayak and his family were attacked in their home by a mob of 60 radical Hindus in India’s Karnataka state. During the attack, the pastor was told by the mob to worship a Hindu deity and convert to Hinduism. If he refused, members of the mob threatened severe consequences, reports International Christian Concern.

Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Pastor Nayak refused to bow to the deity and was then manhandled by the mob. He was dragged outside of his home, accused of attempting to destroy the deity, and beaten.

The Hindus announced that his family was to be shunned by other villagers and no one would be allowed to even buy groceries from the shop owned by the Nayak family under penalty of a $134 fine.

Pastor Nayak said, “We are not safe in the village. … However, we trust in God for His protection.”

Jeremiah 17:7 says, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him.”

Biden Declares Victory, Trump Says Election ‘Far From Over’

On Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declared victory in the 2020 election, a declaration disputed by President Donald Trump, reports The Epoch Times.

Biden, age 77, said he is “honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me and in Vice President-elect Harris,” referring to his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California.

Biden said, “In the face of unprecedented obstacles, a record number of Americans voted, proving once again that democracy beats deep in the heart of America. With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. It’s time for America to unite. And to heal.”

President Trump, the Republican incumbent vying for a second term, said, “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.”

Guiliani: Mail-in ballots not allowed to be inspected in Philadelphia

On Saturday, Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani claimed in a Philadelphia press conference that the Democrats in that city did not allow the Republicans to properly inspect the mail-in ballots.

GUILIANI: “Democrat officials here in the city that’s been Democrats for 60 years — and has a documented history of voter fraud — instead of going to a high degree of care to allow inspections of the mail-in ballots, there was no inspection of a single mail-in ballot. Those mail-in ballots could have been for anybody. Those mail-in ballots could have been written the day before by the Democratic Party hacks that were all over the convention center.

“Not a single one was inspected as the law required. Even when a court order was obtained to allow the Republican inspectors to get six feet closer, they move the people counting the ballots, six further feet away.

“It’s really simple. If you have nothing to hide with these mail-in ballots, you will allow inspection. This is common practice in the examination of absentee ballots which happens all the time.

“You take out the absentee ballot.  You open it up. The Republican looks at it. The Democrat looks at it. If nobody objects, you put it in the pile. If either objects, you put it aside. That’s what’s done for absentee ballots which have the extra security of having signatures you can match.

“Here, with a much more insecure method of voting, no Republican got a chance to look at that ballot!”

Documented voter fraud in Michigan

Plus, the Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox was outraged by the inaccuracies there.

COX: “In Antrim County, [Michigan] ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000-vote swing against our candidates.

“The county clerk came forward and said, ‘Tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.’ Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity. Antrim County had to hand count all of the ballots. And these counties that used this software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies. The people of Michigan deserve a transparent and open process.” (applause)

In addition, Project Veritas continues to document voter fraud on video at the United States Postal Service in particular.

Justin Bieber’s pastor admits extramarital affair

And finally, in an Instagram post last Thursday, Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC admitted to an extramarital affair, ending a day of speculation as to why he had been fired the day before.

Lentz acknowledged a need for rest, for rebuilding trust with his wife and children and “taking real time to work on and heal my own life and seek out the help that I need.”

Lentz, age 41, became a darling of major media outlets for his hipster dress and tattoo-covered arms. He was one of a number of pastors GQ Magazine as described as “hypepriests” who lead churches frequented by celebrities. Friends and congregants include Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, as well as the Jenner sisters of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame.

Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”

(Watch a 2017 video interview of Lentz on HBO’s Vice News).


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