Biden’s doom-and-gloom vs. Trump’s joy, MN lawmakers: COVID deaths inflated by 40%, Republicans planning to challenge election results January 6

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Bangladesh Christians celebrate Christmas amid tight security

According to Asia News, Bangladesh’s Christian community celebrated the Christmas holiday amid tight security. Security measures were announced in the days leading up to Christmas after leaders of the Christian community met with security forces.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner said, “We have taken proper security measures for Christmas and New Year celebrations. We will keep fire and ambulance services ready during Christmas near churches with many police officers deployed. No roadside vendors will be allowed near churches. Churchgoers will be searched with metal detectors and other security instruments before entering. For security reasons, all bags are prohibited in churches.”

1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Republicans planning to challenge election results January 6

Though usually a mere formality, the January 6th vote to certify the presidential election results offers a theoretical avenue for contesting specific electoral votes in extraordinary cases — an avenue that a handful of Republican lawmakers have voiced interest in exploring to overturn former Vice President Joe Biden’s 306-232 Electoral College victory, reports

According to the Congressional Research Service, “Objections to individual state returns must be made in writing by at least one Member each of the Senate and House of Representatives.  If an objection meets these requirements, the joint session recesses and the two houses separate and debate the question in their respective chambers for a maximum of two hours.

“The two houses then vote separately to accept or reject the objection. They then reassemble in joint session, and announce the results of their respective votes. An objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded.” reports that Republican Congressmen Mo Brooks, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Jody Hice, Brian Babin, Ted Budd, Andy Biggs, and Lance Gooden have declared their intentions to challenge the result so far, as do incoming Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn. While no Senate Republicans have officially committed to the effort yet, Sen. Rand Paul and incoming senator Tommy Tuberville have hinted at the possibility.

Congressman Lance Gooden of Texas said, “We must stand up for the tens of millions of Americans who want answers to the irregularities surrounding this election. It is our duty to ensure the integrity of our election is unwavering, and the American people deserve to feel confident their vote matters.”

MN lawmakers: COVID deaths inflated by 40%

Two Minnesota lawmakers have called for an investigation of the state’s COVID-19 mortality data after finding that hundreds of recent deaths were misattributed to the virus, reports

State senator Scott Jensen and state representative Mary Franson, both Republicans, released a video last week pressing officials to “audit the death certificates” in light of discrepancies uncovered by Franson.

After being “given the raw files from the [Minnesota Department of Health] on the death certificates,” Franson said, “my team and I listed several examples of records where COVID is the underlying condition and where COVID is only mentioned.”

Listen to Rep. Scott Jensen’s summary.

JENSEN: “We looked at 2,800 death certificate data points. But of those, what we found was that 2,000 of them had COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death, but 800 did not. That would mean that we’ve had the number inflated by 40%.”

Here are some of the examples documented by Rep. Mary Franson.

FRANSON: “We have an auto accident. The passenger was ejected from the vehicle, but there was COVID in the system, so therefore it counted as a COVID death. I have other examples where COVID isn’t the underlying cause of death where we have a fall. Another example of we have a freshwater drowning. We have dementia. We have a stroke and multi organ failure.”

Rep. Jensen explained that the explosive information they uncovered is not quibbling.

JENSEN: “We’re not trying to be political. We’re just trying to follow facts. These facts you got didn’t come from some secret treasure trove. This came from the Department of Health.”

FRANSON: “which that information is public data. Anybody can request that data.”

Exodus 20:16 says, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Substantial issues with COVID-19 data have raised concerns in several states, including in Minnesota, and prompted a joint audit effort by almost a dozen state auditors in September.

Biden: “Our darkest days in battle against COVID are ahead of us”

Joe Biden has delivered a Christmas video address, in which he gave the depressing message that the nation’s “darkest days” lie ahead, and further demonstrated his alignment with the globalist “Great Reset” plan.

BIDEN: “Here’s the simple truth. our darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us. So need to prepare ourselves to steal our spines as frustated is to hear.

It’s gong to take patience, persistence, and determination to beat this virus. No time to waste and taking the steps we need to turn this crisis around.

My administration will start to do this, its part on our first day in office with masking requirements, a new strategy for testing. accelerated protection, protective gear.”

No indication as to what those ominous-sounding masking requirements or protective gear would mean exactly.

2 Christmas messages: Biden’s doom-and-gloom vs. Trump’s joy

Biden’s doom-and-gloom Christmas message was a striking contrast to President Trump’s joyful, uplifting Christmas message.

TRUMP: “Above all, during the sacred season, our souls are full of thanks and praise for Almighty God for sending us Christ His Son to redeem the world. Tonight, we ask that God will continue to bless this nation. And, we pray that He will grant every American family a Christmas season full of joy, hope, and peace.”


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