Birx-Fauci Lockdowns failed to stop COVID pandemic, 3 white men found guilty of black man’s murder, Indian church protected pastor

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Indian church protected pastor from Hindus in “human fence”

On November 7, Pastor Chandrakanth and his congregation were attacked by a mob of 40 radical Hindu nationalists as they gathered for worship in India’s Karnataka state, reports International Christian Concern.

Pastor Chandrakanth explained, “The congregation stood before me as a human fence. Otherwise, [the Hindus] would have killed me. The radicals want to wipe out Christianity from this area and they think it is easy under the BJP government, presently ruling the state.”

After an hour, police arrived on the scene and took control of the situation. However, they filed a case against Pastor Chandrakanth for disturbing the peace. He was told to appear before the local magistrate on November 13.

On the day of the hearing, 16 pastors went to the local magistrate’s office for peace talks on behalf of the Christian community and Pastor Chandrakanth. However, when they arrived, the group of pastors was also falsely accused of disturbing the peace.

Proverbs 12:17 says, “An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies.”

The Birx-Fauci Lockdowns failed to stop the COVID pandemic

Dr. Scott Atlas, the radiologist who served for much of 2020 as a coronavirus advisor to President Trump, butted heads with Tony Fauci and Debora Birx over their advocacy of COVID lockdowns.

The author of a book entitled  A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America, Dr. Atlas joined “Sunday Morning Futures” with Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo to talk about how the government has politicized the science about COVID-19.

ATLAS: “Well, I mean, the data is the data. And the data is being denied by the lockdowners. The data shows the following: Bjornskov’s study of 24 European countries, the lockdowns did not reduce the deaths during the pandemic. That was a spring 2021 study. A January 2021 study from Stanford’s Bendavid and colleagues, lockdowns failed to stop the spread of the infection. In fact, Ioannidis, one of the authors, said it was — quote — “pro-contagion,” increasing infections.

“And the most important study was National Bureau of Economic Research by RAND in June, this year. Everyone should look at it, because they showed analysis of 43 countries and all the states, that lockdowns increased the excess deaths during the pandemic.

“So, the Birx-Fauci lockdowns, which was the advice of the task force the entire year, failed to stop the spread of the infection. They failed to stop the dying. And they destroyed millions and millions of people, particularly low-income families.”

And Dr. Atlas addressed how natural immunity is 27 times better protection than the COVID shot.

ATLAS: “The data shows that natural immunity, people who have recovered from the disease, not only have protection; they have better protection, according to the data.

“In Israel, they have 27-fold less incidents of symptomatic COVID than people who’ve been vaccinated, but never had the disease. They have an eight-fold less incidents of hospitalizations, people who’ve recovered from the infection naturally, than people who’ve been vaccinated and never had the infection.

“The protection wanes with the vaccine in a quicker time than the protection wanes from natural infection. So, natural infection confers protection — significant, durable protection. And we are the only country, that I know of in our peer nations, who refuses to accept this. If you’re in Europe, they count having had the infection as protection, when you have these green passes or whatever they call them, to go places and to travel.  The United States is, bizarrely, denying the science.”

3 white men found guilty of black man’s murder

A Georgia jury has found the three white men charged with the killing of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man, guilty of murder, reports The Christian Post.

Greg McMichael, his son Travis McMichael, and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan were found guilty of murder by a mostly white jury on Wednesday, after around 10 hours of deliberation. Additionally, they were each convicted of lesser charges.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said, “It’s been a long fight. It’s been a hard fight. But God is good,” reports The Associated Press. She said her son “will now rest in peace.”

On February 23, 2020, Arbery was shot to death while jogging outside the city of Brunswick, Georgia, after being chased by two armed white men.

In a widely-shared video leaked by Greg McMichael to a local radio station, Arbery was shown being chased by a white Ford pickup truck as he ran through a neighborhood in Satilla Shores. Arbery then briefly disappeared off-camera, with a gunshot heard in the background.

Two more shots rang out as Arbery appeared back in the footage before falling to the ground. He was unarmed and deceased by the time that the police arrived at the scene.

Stock market’s worst day of year on fears of new COVID variant

And finally, U.S. stocks dropped sharply on Friday as a new COVID variant, found in South Africa, triggered a global shift away from risk assets, reports CNBC.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 905 points, or 2.53%, for its worst day of the year, closing at 34,899 points.


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