Black Lives Matter now burning stack of Bibles, Franklin Graham: Stand with John MacArthur, Christian pastor amputee forgives drunk driver $2.5 million debt

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By Kevin Swanson

Muslim Ugandans beat and drowned two Christian fishermen

Muslims in Uganda, Africa have killed two more Christians in the Lake Nakuwa area in the eastern end of the country.  A 25-year-old pastor and 22-year-old church member were both beaten and drowned in the lake sometime around the evening of June 22nd.

According to a relative, one of the Muslims told the Christians the day before, “We have discovered that your mission is not to fish, but to hold Christian meetings and then convert Muslims to Christianity. We are not going to take this mission of yours lightly. This is our last warning to you.”

Morning Star news reports that “Hundreds of Christians, including many church leaders from Anglican, Pentecostal, Catholic and other denominations, attended a funeral for the two slain Christians on June 24th.”

Only Cuba, Uruguay, & Guyana legalized abortion below border

As The Worldview reported, last week the Mexican Supreme Court ruled against a national move to decriminalize abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. So far, only two of 32 Mexican states have legalized abortion on demand.

And of the South and Central American nations, only Cuba, Uruguay, and French Guyana have legalized abortion.

In the words of Psalm 82, “Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy.  Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked.”

Black Lives Matter now burning stack of Bibles

Black Lives Matter riots in Portland, Oregon have now taken to burning Bibles, registering their commitment to opposing Christ and His Word.

Left-wing activists brought a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse there, reports CBN.

Ian Cheong, managing editor of Human Events, posted this comment: “Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion.”

Black Lives Matter has also officially registered support for abortion and sexual perversions on their public website.

(Read the top 10 reasons why Ryan Bomberger, a black Christian pro-life activist, will never support Black Lives Matter through a special link in our transcript today at

Franklin Graham: Stand with John MacArthur

Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham is encouraging his Facebook crowd to support Pastor John MacArthur for opening his church despite the push back from the civil magistrate.

According to the post, MacArthur has received a letter from the county government threatening fines and a possible arrest for the actions taken by Grace Community Church.

Franklin Graham urged Southern California residents to attend services at MacArthur’s church.  He said, “Not only will you hear a great message from the Bible, but this would be taking an important stand for our religious freedom.”

Last Sunday, according to reports received by The Worldview, the church building was packed, and an overflow crowd gathered in a tent outside.

Gold has hit all-time high

Over the last week, gold has hit an all-time high, now at $1,971 per ounce.  That’s almost double what it was at its 2008 peak.

Silver topped $24.40 an ounce, up from a $12.00-low in March.

Gun sales up 80% since COVID

U.S. gun sales have increased by 80% since the COVID-19 crisis hit, reports Fox News.

The National Shooting Sports Federation announced background checks are up 48% year over year, including 2.5 million first-time gun buyers.  As of 2019, 47 million Americans households owned guns —that’s 37% down though from 43% in the early 2000s.

NBA player refuses to kneel before Black Lives Matter

Jonathan Isaac, a black NBA basketball player, became the first to refuse to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. He also refused to kneel before Black Lives Matter, reports the Christian Post.

In a press interview, Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac, said the real answer to America’s problem is the Gospel.

ISAAC: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that there’s grace for us. Jesus came and died for our sins and that if we all will come to an understanding of that and understand that God wants to have a relationship with us that we can get past skin color. We can get past all the things in our world that are messed up, jacked up. I think when you look around, racism isn’t the only thing that plagues our society. … I feel like the answer to it is the Gospel.”

Christian pastor amputee forgives drunk driver $2.5 million debt

And finally, a Christian pastor from Abilene, Texas, was on his way to church on a Sunday morning, when a drunk driver crossed the median and hit the pastor’s car head on. While his daughter escaped injury, Pastor Darrin Ray broke multiple bones and lost his leg in the accident, reports

Remarkably, he forgave the offender of a $2.5 million debt.

In an interview with “I Am Second”, Pastor Darrin of Wylie Baptist Church described the dramatic courtroom moment.

RAY: “They held a court hearing, a restitution hearing. I went before the judge and I asked the judge to forgive the amount of debt that this man owed us directly.

“The judge looked at me and said, ‘Why do you want to forgive this man that debt?’

“And I looked at that judge and I told him, ‘Because I have a Savior Who forgave me my debts that I could never repay.’

“And he looked at me, and then he looked over at the court reporter, and he said, ‘I want you to take every word that Mr. Ray has said, and I want you to send it to this man and have the warden read it to him.’

“When I learned how to forgive this guy, it made me better and not bitter.”

The 9-minute long interview is worth watching and you can find the link in today’s transcript at

Remember what Jesus told us: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (Luke 6:27-28)


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