Cab driver helps elderly couple, GOP Texas State Rep blocked “The Abolition of Abortion Act”, Biden insulted Coast Guard graduates for failing to clap

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Indian pastor’s father shot and killed at point blank range

On May 18th, a mob of 15 radical Hindu nationalists carrying swords, sickles, and a gun attacked the family of Pastor Ramesh Bumbariya in India at his home in the Bansawra District, reports International Christian Concern.  The mob attacked the family after they refused to renounce their Christian faith.

During the assault, the radicals pointed the gun at Pastor Bumbariya and attempted to shoot the pastor. However, the gun failed to fire. Later, the assailants pointed the gun at Pastor Bumbariya’s father, Bhima Bumbariya, and killed the 52-year-old Christian at point blank range. After his father collapsed to the ground, Pastor Bumbariya was knocked unconscious.

When he and two other members of his family were transported to the government hospital, after they were attacked by swords and sickles, but the hospital staff refused to admit the injured Christians due to COVID-19 regulations. Later, the injured Christians were admitted to a nearby private hospital.

From his hospital bed, Pastor Bumbariya said, “I believe God has a definite purpose in keeping me alive. I will carry on the ministry God has given to me. We gave up so much already for the sake of our faith. They took away our agricultural land, they destroyed our house, now they want our lives. I am sure I cannot attend my father’s funeral now that I am almost on a death bed. But I thank God for His mercies.”

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Biden insulted Coast Guard graduates for failing to clap

Speaking at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut on Wednesday, President Joe Biden scolded the Coast Guard graduates at his commencement speech after they failed to applaud, reports Breitbart.

BIDEN: “I can only assume that you’ll enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, “the hard nucleus around the Navy formed in times of war.”

When no one erupted in applause, Biden insulted the Coast Guard graduates.

BIDEN: “You are a … You’re a really dull class. I mean, c’mon man. Is the sun getting to you?”

The graduates obliged Biden, laughing nervously at his remarks and applauding moderately.

BIDEN: “I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap. But being here together …”

After the President begged for them to clap, he said this.

BIDEN: “All joking aside, beside being here together is a victory in and of itself.”

GOP Texas State Rep blocked “The Abolition of Abortion Act”

Yesterday, I received an email from Sally Tutor, a Worldview listener in Burnet, Texas. She emailed to complain that so-called “pro-life” Texas legislators completely ignored bills that would have outlawed abortion from conception. She said, “It’s a sad day for Texas.”

Last night, I talked with Bradley Pierce, an attorney and the Executive Director of Abolish Abortion Texas, a group 90,000 members strong.   Over the last three legislative sessions – in 2017, 2019, and 2021, legislators have introduced “The Abolition of Abortion Texas Act.”

Pierce explained what made Texas House Bill 3326 different from all the other pro-life bills.

PIERCE: “The golden rule of  Scripture tells us that we should treat people how we want to be treated. The Abolition of Abortion Texas Act is the only bill filed this session that would do that by protecting, from the moment of fertilization, preborn children the same way that born people are protected from homicide.”

Sadly, as in the two previous legislative sessions, the bill was blocked by Republicans.  This year, Republican Texas Rep. Stephanie Klick of Fort Worth refused to bring it before her 11-member Texas House Public Health Committee for an up-or-down vote.

Pierce was upset.

PIERCE: “The bill was killed by Republican State Representative Stephanie Klick who is the chair of the Texas House Public Health Committee.  She refused to give the bill a vote, even though the bill is labeled as a ‘priority bill’ of the Republican Party of Texas!”

Because The Abolition of Abortion Texas Act never made it out of Rep. Klick’s committee, it never made it to the House floor before the deadline of May 14th.

Two action steps.  First, please call Rep. Stephanie Klick and politely disagree with her at 512-463-0599. Ask her to bring the bill up for a vote next session. Second, whether you live in Texas or not, give Abolish Abortion Texas a donation of even $5 or $10 to help fuel the fight. Go to

Cab driver helps elderly couple 

And finally, Nick Good, a cab driver in Dorset, England, was about to pick up a customer around midnight when Lynda Wells, age 71, came running out of her house in her nightgown, reports  She was frantic because her 88-year-old husband, who has advanced Alzheimer’s, had fallen out of bed. After 20 minutes of trying, she was unable to lift him off the floor.

Mrs. Wells ran outside to see if any of her neighbors were still up. She was about to call for an ambulance when, in God’s providence, she saw Nick Good’s headlights coming down her road. She asked the cab driver if he would come inside and help her. In moments, he helped her husband get back into bed.

A very grateful Mrs. Wells said, “It was like an angel appearing.”

Nick Good, who was good indeed, honored the Golden Rule found in Matthew 22:39.  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


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