Chinese Communists Targeting Reformed Churches, Virginia Abolishes Death Penalty, Roe v. Wade Movie Releases This Week

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By Kevin Swanson

Chinese Communists targeting Reformed churches and schools

China Aid reports that the Chinese Communists are targeting Reformed churches and schools now.

The persecution monitor organization reported that “Crackdowns against Christian house churches, especially Reformed Churches, have occurred frequently, and there are signs of escalation. . . as a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.”

According to the source, the local District Civil Affairs Bureau arrested the pastor and co-workers of The Chongqing Olive Mountain Church. Plus, they shut down the Olive Tree Reformed School on Sunday, March 21st.

114 Myanmar protestors killed in 40 cities over weekend

Violence escalated once more over the weekend in Myanmar where 114 citizens were killed in 40 cities, reports Myanmar Now News.

That brings the total number of deaths to 459 since the initiation of the military coup back in February, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

Muslims killed 137 people, including 22 kids, in Niger, Africa

UNICEF reports attacks on villages in Niger, Africa. The agency documented that 137 innocent citizens, including 22 children, lost their lives at the hands of radical Muslims.

Also, last Friday, Morning Star News reports that eight Christian missionaries were kidnapped by Fulani Muslim Herdsmen somewhere between Kaduna and Kafanchan in Northern Nigeria. Pray that God would allow them to escape or be released.

Virginia kills death penalty

The state of Virginia has abolished the death penalty for those who shed man’s blood, reports The Christian Post.

Democratic Governor Ralph Northam signed the legislation late last week, after 45 years of retaining the status of a death penalty state. For a brief few years in the 1970s, the death penalty was abolished in most states. However, the death penalty was reinstated for all but 12 states by 2000.  Since then, 11 states have again abolished the death penalty for murder.

Yet God requires the use of the sword for His ministers of Justice.  According to Genesis 9:6, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.”

A recent Gallup poll found that the majority of Americans oppose the death penalty for the first time in the history of this survey.  A total of 60% of Americans polled reject the death penalty for murder.

Americans moving out of liberal cities

Americans are wanting to move out of the cities, but more specifically, out of the most liberal cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Seattle.

Fox Business reports that a record number of Redfin users are planning relocation from large cities, mostly coastal, liberal ones.

Are these liberals planning to ruin the communities to which they will relocate? Or are they conservatives seeking refuge?   Not sure.

Pro-life film Roe v. Wade, releases on Good Friday

The docudrama, “Roe v. Wade”, is scheduled for release on Good Friday, April 2nd on i-Tunes.

The film, featuring actors Jon Voight and Corbin Bernsen, traces the famous abortion court case, backed by conspiracies, lies, fake polls, Hollywood’s influence, and Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger.

Producer Nick Loeb reports spending about $8.5 million on the film, which no doubt will turn out to be the most controversial of the year.

Pre-order your i-Tunes pass now for the pro-life movie “Roe v. Wade” and watch the movie trailer for “Roe v. Wade” through special links in our transcript today at

Gallup: U.S. church membership dropped below 50% for first time

Gallup reports that U.S. church membership dropped below 50% for the first time in history.  It’s now 47%.

The polling group said U.S. church membership was 73% when Gallup first measured it in 1937.  In addition, it remained near 70% for the next six decades.

Not surprisingly, the God-hating group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, is cheering. Dan Barker, the co-President, said, “Americans are waking up.”

Other polls have noted that regular church attendance has dropped off from 48% to 22%, between 2011 and 2021.

Elderly man, defended wife, from intruder, using gun butt

Reporting a story in Aiken County, South Carolina, Fox 57 News documents an elderly couple subjected to a knife attack at 2:00pm by an intruder in their home.

Herbert Parish, the 82-year-old Vietnam veteran and homeowner, explained what happened.

PARISH:  “I said, ‘My wallet is laying right there on the sewing machine. It’s got five dollars in it. Get it, you can have it, and get out of here and just forget about it, you know.”

But Parish didn’t think that was going to placate the intruder.

PARISH: “You know, I felt, ‘We’re gone. He’s gonna kill us and take what he can take. He was not going to go out the door and leave us alive. That’s the way I felt. And that’s why I said, ‘I’ve got to do something quick and get the edge on him.’”

That’s when Parish grabbed his rifle off the wall, and defended his wife from the attacker with a few swift blows, using the butt of his gun.

PARISH: “I started beating him in the head with the barrel.”

By God’s grace, the couple survived with minor injuries. The 61-year-old intruder did not.

U.S. Christian businessman to be released from prison

And finally, the Christian businessman, who is serving three years in prison for helping a Christian, Lisa Miller, and her then 9-year-old daughter, Isabella Ruth Miller, escape from lesbianism and alleged sexual abuse, is looking forward to his release from prison this week.

In Philip Zodhiates’ last letter from prison, he said, “I have so much to be grateful and thankful for. God has kept us in life and has not allowed our feet to slip. For He has tried us; He has refined us as silver is refined. He did bring me into the prison, yet He is bringing us now into a place of abundance. Certainly, God has heard and He has given heed to the voice of our prayer. Blessed be God who has not turned away our prayer, nor His loving kindness from us.”


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