Christian Pastors Beaten in Vietnam, Persecution up 147% in China Last Year, Texas Lieut. Gov. Stands Against Transgender Bathrooms

Wednesday, March 8th, in the year of our Lord 2017

by Adam McManus

Two Vietnamese Pastors Beaten, Robbed, and Left in the Woods

Two Christian pastors in Vietnam claim that they were kidnapped, stripped of their clothes, robbed and beaten with metal rods by security officers as they tried to meet up with fellow Christians subjected to recent police violence, reports Radio Free Asia.

According to Rev. Nguyễn Trung Tôn, the abductors covered their heads so they could not see where they were being taken. Eventually, they arrived at a secluded wooded area, where they were beaten with a metal bar, stripped and robbed.

After the beatings, the abductors left the scene, leaving the pastors to suffer without any medical assistance. Thanks be to God, the pastors were later aided by local residents who discovered the wounded men.

Matthew 10:22 says, “You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.”

Three-Year-Old Girl Killed by ISIS Explosive

A group of Iraqi missionaries recently witnessed the death of a three-year-old girl when an explosive device set up by the Islamic State detonated, reports Christian Headlines.

David Eubank and the Free Burma Rangers, who are serving in western Mosul, attempted to help the girl, but her wounds turned out to be fatal.

Despite this horrific event and the danger they are in themselves, the missionaries say they will stay ministering in the area. Sky Barkley, one of the missionaries, said, “If that’s what it means to be obedient to God and to glorify Him, then I will lay down my life for that.”

Persecution of Christians Continues to Rise in China

China Aid released its 2016 Annual Persecution Report yesterday, detailing a seismic shift in the Chinese government’s approach to religious policy which is expected to lead to further persecution.

China continues to persecute individual Christians at a frequency unseen since the Cultural Revolution.

Comparing statistics gathered in 2015, China Aid discovered consistent increases across six different categories of persecution in 2016. These include: number of persecution cases (up 20.2 percent), number of people detained (up 147.6 percent), the number of people arrested (up 11 percent), the number of people sentenced (up 30 percent), the number of abuse cases (up 42.6 percent), and the number of people abused (up 69.5 percent).

These new regulations seek to further limit religious activity and indicate a catastrophic potential to place more Christians behind bars in China.

Planned Parenthood Rejects Trump’s Offer to Continue Funding if They Stop Doing Abortions

President Donald Trump called the bluff of Planned Parenthood which claims to be most interested in providing comprehensive health care for women.

Trump said if they agreed to stop doing abortions altogether, he would not only keep its funding, but would increase its taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood, which makes lots of money killing babies, said “no thanks!”

The World View talked to Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life.

“Well I think that the Trump administration was rightly trying to explore all possibilities. They know the majority of the country is against abortion. They know that those who elected their administration are expecting them to defund the nation’s largest abortion vendor. So they went to them and offered a simple solution, ‘Look if you can continue to receive federal funding as long as you stop performing abortions.’ And they rejected it.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Calls on Pastors to Oppose Transgender Bathroom Ordinances

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is mobilizing pastors in Texas to be public advocates of an anti-transgender bathroom bill that would require that people use state-run bathrooms consistent with their biological sex and prevent local governments from enacting their own transgender bathroom ordinances, reports the Christian Post.

Considering that pastors played an instrumental role in leading public pushback against a Houston transgender bathroom ordinance struck down by a referendum in 2015, Patrick is hopeful that conservative Christian leaders can have the same impact in leading the effort to pass Senate Bill 6, which has received pushback from the Left and labeled “anti-LGBT.”

Patrick said, “[P]ray for all your legislators to be bold and courageous, do the right thing, pray for their protection and then go out and win this fight for America because America is watching Texas.

“The world depends on a strong America and America depends on a strong Texas and a strong Texas depends on our churches and our synagogues. That’s what it stands for — Texas values. That’s who we are.”

California School Calls Deputy Sheriff to Send Boy Home for Distributing Bible Verses

In California, a seven-year-old boy upset his school so much for distributing Bible verses during lunchtime that school authorities even resorted to calling on a deputy sheriff to send the boy home to stop him, reports Fox News.

The boy’s parents, Christina and Jaime Zavala, made it a point to write an encouraging note and leave a Bible verse in the boy’s lunch bag every day. Their son loved the verses so much that he read it aloud to all of his friends.

It wasn’t long before kids asked him for copies of the notes for themselves, and the Zavalas happily obliged.

Picture Taken at Wendy’s of 96-Year-Old Man Feeding His 93-Year-Old Wife Gets Over 100,000 Likes

A Facebook user saw something that caught her attention at Wendy’s while she ate her double cheeseburger, reports

An older gentleman was feeding his wife at a table nearby. She surreptitiously snapped a couple of shots with her camera phone.

When he “got up from his seat to throw his food away, I couldn’t resist asking how long he and his wife had been married.”

She learned he was 96 and his wife is 93 who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. “And this was their date night. If they make it till June, they will be celebrating 75 years of marriage!”

As she posted the pictures and shared the story on Facebook, she wrote, “My whole life I’ve yearned for a love that strong.”

The picture has gotten more than 141,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments from users touched by the man’s love for his wife. Take a look at it for yourself in our transcript at

Hebrews 13:4 says, “Let marriage be held in honor among all.”

Teacher in France Suspended for Reading the Bible to Students

A primary school teacher in France was suspended after he reportedly read passages from the Bible to his students aged nine to 11, reports Christian Today.

Parents wrote an anonymous letter accusing the 40-year-old of trying to convert his students to his own religious beliefs, resulting in his suspension. The local mayor said he thought the disciplinary action was too harsh since the teacher was actually “very much appreciated” by the pupils and parents.

ACLU’s Demand for Legal Fees from Kentucky County Clerk Rejected

On Monday, a federal magistrate named Edward Atkins has rejected the ACLU’s demand for $231,000 in legal fees from Kim Davis, the famous county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, reports

A federal judge sent her to jail for six days for her refusal, but her case ended when she got exactly what she asked for: the removal of her name from marriage licenses. So, since the ACLU and its clients were not the winners, they couldn’t claim the fees.

Hospital in India Under Investigation After Aborted Baby Girl Bodies Were Found There

Police in India are investigating a Maharashtra hospital after they uncovered the bodies of 19 aborted baby girls and a woman who died in a botched abortion, reports BBC News.

The news is another sign of the continuing problem of sex-selection abortions and the targeting of unborn girls. Sex-selection abortions are illegal in India, as are sex-determination procedures and tests, but investigations like these indicate the practice continues anyway.

Trump Forced to Remove Clause Giving Priority to Persecuted Religious Minorities from Travel Ban

President Donald Trump has been forced to water down his travel ban, removing a clause which appeared to give priority to Christians, reports Christian Today.

In his original executive order, refugees could be prioritized “on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.”

Plus, the order will go into effect on March 16th in an attempt to avoid the chaos at airports that followed the previous order.

WikiLeaks Shows the CIA’s Immense Hacking Ability

Yesterday, WikiLeaks released what it said is the full hacking capacity of the CIA in a stunning 8,000-plus page disclosure the anti-secrecy website contends is “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency” reports Fox News.

The CIA, which employs 5,000 people in its cyber spying operation, has an entire unit devoted to inventing programs to hack data from Apple products.

One document appears to show the CIA was trying to “infect” vehicle control systems in cars and trucks for unspecified means. WikiLeaks hinted that the capabilities revealed could have even darker utility than simply spying, claiming that “it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

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