Colorado wildfires destroy 600 homes, U.S. Marines kick out 206 Marines for refusing COVID shot,USA Swimming official resigns after man allowed to compete against women

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Two Nigerian Christians killed, one wounded after Christmas caroling

After a night of Christmas caroling, three Nigerian Christians were ambushed while driving home on a motorcycle last week by Muslim gunmen, reports International Christian Concern.

Gideon Amba (33), the driver, and Laraba Sunday, (16), one of the passengers were confirmed dead. Veronica Sule survived gunshot wounds and was hospitalized.

A Christian youth leader in the area said the government had “abandoned them to the mercy of Jihadist gunmen.” He added that the Fulani Muslim militants were killing Christians daily, while Americans and the rest of the international community are keeping silent.

Psalm 94:1-5 says, “The Lord is a God who avenges. O God who avenges, shine forth! Rise up, Judge of the Earth; pay back to the proud what they deserve. How long, Lord, will the wicked be jubilant? They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting. They crush your people, Lord.”

U.S. Marines kick out 206 Marines for refusing COVID shot

The Marine Corps announced Thursday that it has kicked out more troops for refusing the COVID-19 shot. The total number of discharges has risen to 206, up from 169 last week, reports

Thankfully, the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law Monday, dictates that the military services cannot dishonorably discharge members for refusal of the COVID shot. The discharges must be either honorable or general under honorable conditions.

The service received 3,247 requests for religious accommodation. At this point, 3,115 of those have been processed, but not one of them have been approved.

Colorado wildfires destroy 600 homes

A wind-whipped grassfire roared east near Boulder, Colorado Thursday afternoon, destroying at least 600 homes, closing major highways, and causing the evacuation of more than 30,000 people in two towns, including hospital patients, reports the Denver Post.

The Marshall fire, which officials said likely was sparked by downed power lines in the winds that reached gusts of more than 100mph, grew to 1,600 acres by 5 p.m. Thursday.

Listen to what Russell Haythorn, a reporter with The Denver Channel, had to say.

HAYTHORN: “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. Incredibly high winds here in Boulder County, smoke and ash. I mean, I’m wearing my sunglasses just to keep the ash out of my eyes. We’ve got fire just to the west of us. It’s incredible. I’ve covered dozens of wildfires and this one is catastrophic. It’s going to be catastrophic.”

Residents of Superior, Colorado, home to 12,500 people, and Louisville, Colorado, population 21,000, have been evacuated as the fires continue,  reports The Daily Mail.

XCel Energy Colorado reported that 26,000 people were without power as of 7pm local time in Colorado.

And Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency, and tweeted: “Fast winds are spreading flames quickly and all aircraft are grounded.”

USA Swimming official resigns after man allowed to compete against women

A veteran swimming official with three decades in the sport has resigned in protest over the allowance of a biological male to compete on a female swimming team, reports

Cynthia Millen delivered a resignation letter on December 17 to USA Swimming, in which she said she can no longer take part in a sport that allows “biological men to compete against women. Everything fair about swimming is being destroyed.”

Millen appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel show.

MILLEN: “Swimmers are divided by sex and by age group — eight and under,  9 and 10, etc. USA Swimming recognizes that boys swim differently from girls. And this is just accentuated when boys and girls go through puberty. Boys will always have larger lung capacity, larger hearts, greater circulation, a bigger skeleton, and less fat.”

Will Thomas, age 22, is a biological male who swam for three years on the men’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania. Ever since he has been pretending to be a woman, Will has switched his name to Lia. Now, he has been permitted to swim on the UPENN women’s swimming team, breaking all sorts of records. That is what has infuriated Cynthia Millen, the USA Swimming official.

MILLEN: “He is a biological male who is competing against women. No matter how much testosterone-suppression drugs he takes, he will always be a biological male and have this advantage. And it’s horrible! The statement for women, then, is, ‘You don’t matter. What you do is not important.’ And little girls are going to be thrown under the bus by all of this. He’s going to be destroying women’s swimming.”

God told teacher to give her car to Mayfield, Kentucky tornado victim

And finally, a woman who survived the Mayfield, Kentucky candle factory collapse earlier this month and subsequently lost everything was just gifted something truly incredible: a car, reports

Rebecca Marsala was trapped for five hours after tornadoes ripped through Kentucky on December 10th, destroying the candle factory where she worked. Like many, Marsala lost so much that tragic day.

The woman, who was injured and spent days in the hospital, also lost her car, which was parked in the lot of the factory when the tornado struck.

But after losing her vehicle, something amazing happened: she was gifted a car from a random stranger named Sharon Sutherland.

Sutherland, a teacher who lives hours from Mayfield, Kentucky, said God prompted her to donate her Dodge Stratus to someone impacted by the tornado, according to WPSD-TV.

SUTHERLAND: “I had decided to sell [the car], I had gotten the book value and everything and then this happened with the storm. I woke up literally at 3 o’clock in the morning one day with his idea, ‘You need to take that car to Mayfield.’ And I went, ‘OK.’”

The Graves County Sheriff’s Office helped connect Sutherland to Marsala,  who, when trapped in the downed candle factory for 5 hours, had called her adult daughter to say goodbye.

Sutherland drove four hours on Sunday to drop off the car to Marsala. She said the two women were “trying so hard not to bawl” amid the emotional meeting.

The car is going to be a major blessing for Marsala, who has been relying on her parents to get around.

REPORTER: “How much is this going to change your life right now?”

MARSALA: “Tremendously. I will be able to be independent again. I will be able to go back to work hopefully soon.”

1 John 3:17 says, “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need, but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?”

Sharon Sutherland had pity on Rebecca Marsala, and showed her the love of God.


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