Congressional Committee Finds that Baby Body Parts Are Big Business, Univ. of Missouri Student Expelled for Views on Homosexuality, Dept. of Education Encourages Instruction in Islam

Friday, April 29th, in the year of our Lord, 2016.

By Kevin Swanson

The Republican P​arty is a house divided against itself. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner used unprintable words to describe Senator Ted Cruz during a forum at Stanford University, and he said he’s backing Trump for the presidency. Trump is leading Cruz by 6-8 points in Indiana—a must-win state for Cruz if he plans to stay in the game in the national convention. Indiana’s primary happens on Tuesday.

World Magazine reports the latest news from the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. There is a strong body of evidence that middlemen are profiting up to 300-400% on the sale of baby body parts (harvested from abortion mills​ like Planned Parenthood). According to the report, annual revenue for these “nonprofit” businesses grew from $9,000 to $6 million in just four years.

​“​Arise, O LORD, do not let man prevail; Let the nations be judged before You. Put them in fear, O LORD; Let the nations know that they are but men” (Psalm 9).

Now we find that an American college student was expelled from a ​m​aster’s level counseling program for refusing to provide ​politically correct counseling for homosexual couples. Missouri State University expelled Andrew Cash, and now he is suing the university, as reported in the Daily Wire.

“The wicked in his pride does persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined” (Psalm 10).

Tennessee ​​Governor ​Bill Haslam ​signed a bill allowing Christian counselor​s​ to opt out of some counseling situations for religious reasons. The American Counseling Association referred to the action as an “unprecedented attack” on the counseling profession.

The city of San Francisco is planning to cut off all business transactions with states that will not enforce transgendered bathrooms or coerce Christian businesses into supporting homosexual behavior. This will include North Carolina and Mississippi. The new ordinance introduced ​this past ​Tuesday is expected to pass, according to ​a​ San Francisco ​paper.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told a Tasmanian radio station that he would support a vote for legalizing homosexual marriage in that country, and he is convinced that it will be a positive vote. However, he noted that it would probably go to a national referendum election.

But then again, “The world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides forever” (1 John 2:17).

The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood abortion mill now famous for the murder of several adults and a number of children that took place last November is reopening this Sunday. Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards is expected to attend the event. Colorado Right to Life issued a call for supporters to stand outside on the sidewalk to remind the city of Colorado Springs that all murder is wrong and that a person is a person, no matter how small. Jeffrey Fish is a pro-life street activist in Colorado Springs. He says that the pro-life message still needs to get out despite all of the murder that has happened in the city: “We’re trying to reach people with the Gospel, and so now they’re going to be building that and coming back even stronger if our expectations are correct. They’re going to be more fortified now; they’re going to have stronger security measures. We’re going to be limited even more than we were before.”

The Department of Education is encouraging public school teachers to include discussions on the religion of ​Islam in classroom discussions. Of note, however, the recent Home Room blog post did not include any encouragements to discuss the Christian religion or the salvation message that Jesus Christ brings to the world. Christian Action Network has organized a petition protest to the U.S. Secretary of Education against Islamic proselytizing in American public school classrooms. Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action, commented on the petition: “The goal of the petition is to keep the federal government out of the business of what public schools are teaching about Islam. There are already many cases of Islamic indoctrination going on in the public schools, and the last thing that is needed is the feds and their mighty power, bullying pulpit, and the almighty dollar now going into the schools to exacerbate the problem that is already occurring.”

On Wednesday, the annual Man of Prayer event was held in the old House Chamber in Washington, D.C. Representative Jody Hice prayed for a spirit of repentance across the land. Representative Louis Gohmert from Texas noted in his prayer, “The persecutions have started because we walked away from the things ​You gave us in ​Y​our book.”

First quarter results are in for the American economy, and we’re looking at the slowest growth rate in two years. Economists point to cheap oil and a sluggish global market as the immediate cause for the slump. They expect something better for the second quarter, but it’s all in God’s hands.

Comcast has announced plans to purchase Dreamworks Animation for 3.8 billion dollars. Comcast has distinguished itself as one of the most pro-homosexual telecommunications companies in the country, boasting a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.