Conservative labeled “bigot” for telling truth about Monkeypox, Animist Vietnamese exile Christian family converts, New York pregnancy center reopens after June 7th firebombing

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Animist Vietnamese exile Christian family converts

Hmong Christians in the Nghe An province of Vietnam are suffering from severe persecution.

According to Morning Star News, officials in the province are trying to create “Christian-free zones” where they are able to operate “with no conscience or humanity.”

Most Vietnamese follow traditional animist teachings, the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spirit. Vietnamese authorities then pressure animist relatives of Christian converts to drive Christians from their homes, their family, and their jobs with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The only hope these Christians have of rejoining their communities is if they renounce their new faith. Officials then claim these forced exiles of newly converted Christians are purely family matters.

1 Peter 3:14 says, “Even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. Do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled.”

Biden has COVID again

On Saturday, President  Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 once again after consecutive days of testing negative for the virus, reports CNBC.

In a memo shared by the White House, Dr. Kevin O’Connor said Biden, age 79, is experiencing no new symptoms.

Conservative labeled “bigot” for telling truth about Monkeypox

In discussing the spread of Monkeypox and whether the federal government should declare a national emergency, Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy got upset with conservative commentator Ned Ryun for saying homosexual activity is a bad idea.

RYUN: “As for Monkeypox, there’s a pretty good rule in life: Don’t attend gay orgies.”

KENNEDY: “Ned, come on, man.”

BRAD POLUMBO: “It’s not about gay.”

RYUN: “Go look at the New England Journal’s report that NBC News reported on Friday in which of the 528 cases they reviewed 95% were sex between men. Instead of going crazy and declaring a national pandemic when 3,000 people have it right now. It’s insane.”

KENNEDY: “I don’t know, man. You don’t have to be gay to get Monkeypox. And you don’t have to be bigoted when you talk about treating something that is that easily spread.”

RYUN: “It’s not bigoted.”

KENNEDY:  “Yeah, it is.”

RYUN: “This is science, Kennedy!”

Since the first Monkeypox case on May 17th, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now counted 5,189 Monkeypox cases. And 95% of the people who’ve contracted it are homosexual men.

Defiant homosexuals in San Francisco

Despite the very real concern about this new STD, the homosexuals of San Francisco are defiantly determined to hold their annual sin-exulting, God-grieving festival.

Romans 1:24 explains their foolish disregard for God’s commands.  “Therefore, God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.”

Biden prepares Monkeypox emergency announcement

President Joe Biden is about to declare Monkeypox a national health emergency, reports

By designating the Monkeypox outbreak an emergency, Health and Human Services could then take a slew of actions, including accessing new money and appointing new personnel, according to the law that dictates how and when the federal government can declare such an emergency.

Kentucky flooding claims 26 lives

As a result of a foot of torrential rain and flooding in Eastern Kentucky, impacting some of the poorest people in the state, Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced the death toll, reports the Christian Post.

BESHEAR: “We’ve been devastated by historic floodings in Eastern Kentucky that have now taken the lives of at least 26 Kentuckians.”

Rachel Patton told the PBS NewsHour that she lost everything.

PATTON: “Everything’s gone. Like everything is gone. My whole life is gone.”

Rachel’s mother also needed to be rescued.

PATTON: “We had to put her on a door to get her out of her trailer because she was flooded in. She couldn’t get out. She’s on oxygen.”

At least 1,432 Kentuckians have been rescued. Many are being temporarily housed at state parks.

Floyd County Judge Robbie Williams explained the challenge of the search and rescue efforts.

WILLIAMS: “We know we’ve got folks now that we can’t get to. They’ve got water in their homes and they’re trapped and we just can’t get to them.”

33,000 Kentuckians were without power. And, ironically enough, many had lost water service as well.

New York pregnancy center reopens after June 7th firebombing

And finally, remember the crisis pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York which was firebombed by pro-abortion terrorists on June 7th?

The Worldview talked with Jim Harden, the CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Center with a good news update.

HARDEN: “CompassCare is reopening after the June 7 firebombing. We’ve rebuilt the original facility after it was catastrophically damaged by fire and smoke in 52 days. Within six months, we’re going to be adding 30% to the current facility to serve even more patients coming in from more conservative states for an abortion.”

Because abortion-minded women in pro-life states, which ban abortion, will be looking to travel to pro-abortion states, like New York, CompassCare hopes to reach them when they are searching the internet looking for a New York abortion mill.

You can make a donation to CompassCare to help them add an additional 730 square feet to help more abortion-minded women choose life. Go to

Harden described how Democrat politicians are trying to limit the choices of abortion-minded women.

HARDEN: “We’ve got pro-abortion politicians that have joined in the attacks of pregnancy centers by demanding that Google, number one, wipe us off the map so that women can’t find us. And number two, demanding that Google disallow pregnancy centers from advertising to women who are seeking abortion or trying to figure out what to do with our unplanned pregnancy.

“These pro-abortion politicians, number one, don’t think women are smart enough to navigate the Google search terms and algorithms themselves. And, number two, they don’t want women to actually have a choice but abortion.

“We give them informed consent. We talk about all the options available to them, give them all the support and security that they need in order to be able to say no to abortion because women feel stuck, trapped, like they have no choice at all. We’re the ones that actually come alongside them and give them the support they need to see their way clear to having the baby.”


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