D. James Kennedy Ministries Sues Southern Poverty Law Center, Chile Legalizes Some Abortions, Federal Deficit up 18.5% Over Last Year

Friday, August 25th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

James Kennedy Ministries Sues Southern Poverty Law Center for Defamation

James Kennedy Ministries has filed suit in the United States District Court against the Southern Poverty Law Center for public defamation.

Last week, CNN had publicized Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate List of Christian ministries (along with Neo-Nazi groups) under the heading, “all the active hate groups where you live.” The suit claims that SPLC has libeled the ministry’s reputation by including them on the Hate List, subjecting the ministry to “disgrace, ridicule, odium, and contempt in the estimation of the public.”

Dr. Frank Wright, president of the D. James Kennedy Ministries, said, “those who knowingly label Christian ministries as ‘hate’ groups, solely for subscribing to the historic Christian faith, are either woefully uninformed or willfully deceitful.”

Other ministries on the SPLC Hate List include the American Family Association, Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Generations and The World View in 5 Minutes ministries.

Kevin Swanson, Director of Generations, says that Christian ministries are targeted for their opposition to the sin of homosexuality.

“The SPLC has been doing this for years, lumping Christian groups in with Neo-Nazis so they can turn the public against Christians. The SPLC equates the opposition to the sin of homosexuality to supporting national socialist racists. It’s defamation in its most potent form.”

Psalm 119:69 says, “The insolent smear me with lies, but with my whole heart I keep Your precepts.”

High School Football Coach Found Guilty for Praying

A Washington State high school football coach has been found GUILTY of violating the Constitution of the United States as determined by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Coach Joe Kennedy knelt on the 50-yard line and prayed silently at Bremerton High School at the end of a football game several years ago. Coach Joe was removed from his position as coach when he refused to stop praying in that manner.

White House Prepares to Release Plan for Transgender Military Ban

The White House is about to release a plan for banning men who want to present themselves as women, and women who want to present themselves as men from the military.

The Wall Street Journal said that the plan will “direct the Pentagon to deny admittance to transgender individuals” and “stop spending on medical treatment regimens for those currently serving.”

Syrian Refugee Whose Family was Murdered by ISIS Becomes a Christian

CBN tells the story of a Syrian refugee in Greece who became a Christian after her husband and two sons were killed by ISIS.

A Christian family from the Apostolic Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki reached out to the woman named Amal. She was baptized, and now she says she wants to show God’s love to other Muslims in the area. 

Muslim Terrorists Have Used at Least 83 Children as Human Bombs This Year

Muslim atrocities are increasing in severity. Tragically, UNICEF counts 83 children who have been used as human bombs since January of this year — 55 girls and 27 boys.

And in one case, the terrorists actually used a baby strapped to a little girl for their destructive work.

The Lord Jesus Christ describes this work in John 8 when He said, “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.”

Chile Legalizes Abortion Despite Chilean Consitution

The Chile High Court has legalized abortion for the first time by a vote of 6-4. The decision directly counters the Chilean constitution.

The World View spoke to Catherine Glenn Foster, President of Americans United for Life, on the scope of the decision.

“What we do know is that it was a 6 to 4 ruling that made abortion legal only in the cases of rape and in the case of a baby that is not projected to be able to live outside of the womb and in the case of a threat to the mother’s life. It can be interpreted more broadly than it sounds but it is a little bit more limited than Roe V. Wade in that it doesn’t create that broad quote-unquote ‘right’ to abortion.”

American Household Debt and Federal Debt Continue to Rise

American household debt rose in the second quarter this year, up 4.5% over the previous year. That’s $12.8 trillion. 

The New York Fed noted that credit card debt delinquency ticked up notably over the last quarter.

Meanwhile, the federal deficit is up 10% from last year’s deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office. 

The CBO estimates a $693 billion dollar deficit for 2017, or an 18.5% increase over President Obama’s last year in office. President Trump is pressing the Republican Congress hard to raise the debt ceiling to avert a government shutdown next month. 

Hurricane Harvey Heads for Houston 

In God’s providence, Hurricane Harvey is barreling down on Texas, expected to hit the central coast south of Houston tonight or tomorrow morning. Weather forecasters expect it to achieve Level 3 status as the hurricane makes landfall, with over 30 inches of rain expected. Mandatory evacuations have been issued.

More on Abortion in Chile

More details on the Chile Story. Catherine Glenn Foster, President of Americans United for Life, said that Chile’s maternal mortality rate had fallen by nearly 94% since the abortion ban was enacted in 1989 thanks to pro-life advocacy.

“We are extremely grateful for our pro-life colleagues down in Chile who are already formulating plans about how to continue fighting this. They’ve spoken out and said they will continue to fight this law and any similar laws that may come forward.” 

Leading Satanist Blames Christianity for Slavery

The Washington Post published an editorial on Wednesday written by one of America’s leading Satanists named Lucien Greaves who attacked Christianity. Greaves blamed racism and slavery on Christianity.

He did not mention William Wilberforce or St. Patrick of Ireland’s opposition to the slave trade. 

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.