Euthanasia for the Healthy in Holland, Malaysia Christians Face Persecution, North Korea Fires First ICBM

Wednesday, July 5th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Adam McManus

North Korea Successfully Test-Launches ICBM

North Korea successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time yesterday, reports Fox News.

Tuesday’s missile flew for 37 minutes and reached a height of 1,500 miles, leading missile experts to conclude it could have reached a target 4,000 miles away, putting Alaska in its cross-hairs.

Large Crowd Gathers in London to Plead for Charlie Gard’s Life

A large crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace Sunday in London, England to urge leaders to save 10-month-old Charlie Gard’s life. Shockingly, the British courts have taken away his parents’ ability to protect him, transferring that authority to doctors who sadly want to hasten his death.

After Charlie was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disease, his parents raised more than $1 million to bring him to America for experimental treatment.

If you’ve not yet signed the pro-life petition pleading for Charlie Gard’s life, we have it linked in our transcript today at

Amazingly, a 17-year-old named Alex Nagel was one of the principal organizers of the London rally, underscoring the difference that one person can make, no matter the age.

Paul told Timothy, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Christians in Malaysia Face Persecution

While last week’s proposal in the Muslim-majority nation of Malaysia to ban Christianity was rejected, the Christians there still face hatred on a daily basis.

Daniel Harris of International Christian Concern told The World View that the Christians in Malaysia are often punished for any outreach.

“Anything that could possibly be interpreted as having an outreach or proselytization sort of spin, they’re wanting to outlaw that because they’re labeling it as Christian propaganda. They’re afraid that it’s going to convert Muslims to Christianity, which is not allowed.” 

Netherlands Considers Bill Legalizing Euthanasia of Healthy Elderly People

In the Netherlands, it may soon be legal for healthy people to choose to be euthanized provided they are old enough.

The “Completed Life Bill,” which might be introduced into the Dutch parliament, would allow any person aged 75 or over to decide that his or her life is “complete” and receive euthanasia drugs, reports The Federalist.

Hostility Toward Biblical Sexuality Rises Dramatically in the US

Christians in the US have seen a “growing threat” to their religious liberty in recent years, according to the June 2017 report by the Family Research Council that found a whopping 114 percent spike in hostility toward biblical sexuality, reports Christian Today.

Activist Mommy Threatens to Sue Homosexual Magazine for Libel

Elizabeth Johnston, an Ohio homeschooling mother of 10 known as “The Activist Mommy”, is threatening legal action against The Homosexual Advocate. She said that a recent piece published on its website contained libelous claims and several falsehoods about her, reports The Christian Post.

Johnston, who has garnered 160,000 followers, is simply asking that the sodomites delete the article that contains 10 libelous statements and issue an apology.

Obama Attacks President Trump’s Love of Country

As patriotic Americans were gearing up to celebrate the 241st anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from England, former President Barack Obama had the audacity to attack President Trump’s love of country last weekend in Indonesia by referring to it as “an aggressive kind of nationalism,” reports The Guardian.

Louisiana Abortionists Sue the State for Requiring a License

A Shreveport, Louisiana abortion mill and three anonymous abortionists are suing the state government, hoping to overturn Louisiana’s 2001 requirement that abortion mills obtain a state license before performing abortions, reports World Magazine.  

The law gives the state health department the authority to revoke an abortion license if it finds health and safety violations. Never get between an abortionist and his dirty money, even if he’s running a dirty abortion mill.

Arkansas Police Officer Rescues Abused Child and Adopts Him

When Arkansas police officer Jody Thompson first laid eyes on 8-year-old John in 2015, he felt compelled to rescue him from horrific child abuse.

According to KFSM-TV, Police Chief Stephen Fruen testified that the boy was covered in bruises from head to toe, bound by his hands and feet with rope, and had been submerged in a trash can, held in the shower.

Since Officer Thompson and his wife adopted him, John Thompson is a straight-A student.

Terrorist Group Releases Video of Six Kidnapped Missionaries

An al-Qaeda-linked Muslim terrorist group in Mali, West Africa has released a proof-of-life video of six kidnapped foreign missionaries, reports World Magazine. The video was released a day before French President Emmanuel Macron visited the country.

The missionaries include Stephen McGown from South Africa, Kenneth Elliott from Australia, Iulian Ghergut from Romania, Beatrice Stockly from Switzerland, Colombian nun Cecilia Narvaez Agorti, and Sophie Petronin from France.

The video narrator ominously proclaims, “No genuine negotiations have begun to rescue your children.”

Turkish Government Seizes Control of Christian Churches

Turkish President Recep Erdogan, a Muslim, continues to target Christian churches in their quest to bring Sharia Law to Turkey. This time he seized control of 50 Syriac churches, reports CBN.

Among the churches taken over by the government is the 1,600-year-old Mor Gabriel Monastery–one of the world’s oldest places of worship.

70,000 People March to Defend the Unborn in Ireland

Another UK pro-life march attracted 70,000 people who took a stand against abortion in Ireland this past Saturday.

The theme of this year’s march was “Save the 8th” – a reference to the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution which defends the equal right to life of the mother and unborn baby, reports Life News.

The loudest cheers of the day were for Karen Gaffney, a leading international advocate for people with Down Syndrome who urged the crowd to Save the 8th to protect the right to life of “people like me”. She warned that in other countries, aggressive screening programs mean that up to 100% of people with Down Syndrome are being aborted.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.