Evangelical Voters Still Supporting Trump, University Student Under Attack For His Faith, Texan Church Members Survive Direct Hit From Tornado

Wednesday, May 3rd, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Adam McManus

North Korea Claims They Are on the Brink of Nuclear War with the U.S.

North Korea said yesterday that the United States’ decision to fly two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers in the area in a training drill is a provocation and puts the two countries on the brink of a nuclear war, reports Reuters.

In a taped interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the president would not discuss the possibility of military action, saying: “It is a chess game. I just don’t want people to know what my thinking is.”

Trump also said that he would be willing to meet with Kim Jong-Un. The New York Times reported that no sitting president has met with a North Korean leader since his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

Radical Hindus Attack Religious Minorities in India

Attacks on religious minorities in the country of India have risen significantly. Radical Hindus, spurred on by the rise to power of the BJP political party, are mobbing people who they accuse of killing and eating cows which are considered holy in the Hindu religion.

The World View spoke to William Stark of International Christian Concern who explained the ideological, political, and geographical reasons behind the increased persecution.

“It’s really coming from all over India. Unfortunately, something that we’ve seen as a part of this really big increase of attacks on minorities in the country is that not only are the places where it used to happen are still increasing the attacks, now you’re seeing these attacks in states like Tamil Nadu where attacks on Christians almost never happen.”

Stark said that the ideological shift in India’s political scene has also perpetuated more persecution.

“All these attacks are really being perpetrated by what I call Hindu extremists. They’re people who believe this radical Hindu ideology, which, essentially they believe that India should be a Hindu nation or a Hindu rostra.”

73 Percent of White Evangelicals Still Support Trump

Following up on exit polls which indicated that 81 per cent of self-described white evangelical voters voted for Trump, a Fox News poll of white evangelicals in late April showed that their support has held firm, with 73 percent approving of Trump’s performance.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University said, “I think evangelicals have found their dream president.”

“I think reuniting Israel with America after eight years of treating them badly, appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, appointing people of faith to his Cabinet in almost every area… I think he is attacking ISIS so that Christians being murdered in the Middle East will stop. All those things, evangelicals love.”

Rush Limbaugh Confronts Mike Pence on New Budget

When Vice President Mike Pence appeared on The Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday, Limbaugh did not hold back during the interview.

“If I’m the Democrats, $21 billion for defense that was not originally authorized, that’s a small price to pay for continuing to fund refugee resettlement, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund sanctuary cities, continuing to fund the EPA, and not build the wall. The Democrats clearly think this is a big win, and they’re confident they can block Trump’s agenda after this spending bill for the rest of Trump’s term. There isn’t anything of the president’s agenda in this budget, and people are beginning to ask, when’s that gonna happen? If you’re gonna shut it down in September, why not now?

“You guys were sent there to drain the swamp. There’s a clear Trump agenda that just isn’t seeable. It’s not visible in this budget, and some people are getting concerned that there’s more concern for bipartisanship and crossing the aisle, working with Democrats, than there is in draining the swamp.”

In response, Vice President Pence pointed to these victories:

  • “This bill includes the largest increase in border security funding in 10 years.”
  • “Illegal immigration, border crossings, are down more than 60 percent.”
  • “We’re continuing the educational choice program here in our nation’s capital.”
  • “Thirteen different bills rolling back an avalanche of regulation and red tape on businesses across this country.”
  • “500,000 jobs have been created since the first of the year.”
  • “The president recently signed a bill into law that ends the Obama-era regulation that blocks states from banning Planned Parenthood funding.”
  • “And of course the health care bill that we hope comes up soon actually defunds Planned Parenthood altogether.”

Professor at Northern Arizona University Comes Against Student for Christian Beliefs

Twenty-two-year-old Mark Holden at Northern Arizona University likes to read his Bible while sitting at his desk before the start of his history class. Holden’s professor, Heather Martel, took issue with this, however.

Holden maintains that Professor Martel ordered him to put the Bible away, even though it was not yet time for class to start.

This is apparently not the first time Professor Martel, who also teaches classes on queer theory and feminism, has taken issue with Holden.

After he disagreed with her and the rest of the class during a class discussion, she referred to Holden’s dissenting comments as “hate speech” and sent an email to him stating, “For the remainder of the class, I will ask you to move to one of the desks along the wall by the door.”

Conservative candidate for Congress Kevin Cavanaugh commented on Holden’s case: “If free speech is not permitted on a public university campus, federal funding should be refused…people are being punished for their Christian views.”

Tornado Smashes Church in Texas But Doesn’t Injure Anyone Inside

Around 45 churchgoers in Texas are grateful to be alive after a deadly tornado destroyed most of the St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church as they gathered to honor high school graduates on Saturday night, CNN reported.

According to Peyton Low, a director of public affairs for the Diocese of Tyler, “The tornado was a direct hit. Both ends of the building were blown out. The worshippers were all in the hallway when the tornado hit. By the grace of God, no one was injured.”

Psalm 121:1-2 says, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains —  where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Pakistani Widow Hopes for Miracle for Conjoined Twin Daughters

A struggling Pakistani widow is praying for another miracle for her twin daughters who are conjoined at the head. The Daily Mail reports conjoined twins Safa and Marva beat the odds and survived birth in January, but their future remains uncertain.

The girls have an extremely rare condition where babies are joined at the head. Many similar twins are stillborn, and still more die soon after birth.

Safa and Marva are unique because they have separate brains. Doctors said they could be separated, but the surgery is very complicated.

Their mother, Zainab Bibi, stay-at-home mother to seven children, gave birth to the girls in 10 days after she was widowed.

In some cases, parents of conjoined twins are encouraged to abort them.

Fox News Tours Bomb Site in Afghanistan

Fox News toured the site in Afghanistan where America dropped the Mother of All Bombs, a bomb meant to destroy ISIS fighters and their underground tunnels in Eastern Afghanistan.

A local journalist named Karim Amini said that “There were tunnels that were entirely destroyed, decimated guns of ISIS, about 20 dead bodies and trees ripped from the earth. Scores of houses were destroyed, and even parts of the mountain were, too.”

Mohamad Omer Safi, head of the U.N. Security Office-Afghanistan, told Fox News that “The U.S. was just using Afghanistan as grounds to send a message to North Korea, Russia, trying to threaten them.”

British High Commissioner to Australia Denies Pushing Redefinition of Marriage

The British High Commissioner to Australia has been forced to deny that a redefinition of marriage is being subtly pushed on citizens, reports the BBC.

Menna Rawlings said that wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples held at British consulates are simply a “celebration of our own values”.

But Lyle Shelton, who leads Christian campaign group the Australian Christian Lobby, said: “Just because Britain has made a decision, doesn’t mean Australia has to follow suit.”

Marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman in Australia. It was only redefined in law in Britain four years ago.

Last year a bill proposing a public vote on same-sex marriage was blocked in the Australian Senate.

Man and Two Small Children Amazingly Rescued From Truck Flipped Over in Water

A handful of Good Samaritans near Myrtle Springs, Texas, stumbled on an upended Chevy truck trapped in rushing water on Saturday. The incident happened just after the area was hit by tornadoes during a raging storm, reports WorldNetDaily.com.

In chilling video footage captured by a man named Tom Mitchell, five or six Good Samaritans wade through rushing water to reach the black pickup truck. They desperately struggle to get the doors open, but the water makes it nearly impossible to do so.

Inside the flipped truck were a father, a toddler and a baby.

Finally, doors on both sides are wedged open. A man emerges with a baby, who is limp in his arms.

“The infant is white, going blue-ish grey,” Mitchell told WFAA-TV in Dallas. “No color at all, and the eyes were not focused when I looked down at her.”

Suddenly a woman leans over his shoulder and cries out to God for a miracle for the children on the brink of death.

“In the name of Jesus, let him breathe, Lord! Give that baby breath, Lord! Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe,”

And the woman’s prayers appeared to be working.

“Well, the first prayer she said, I felt a response in that child,” Mitchell told the TV station.

“She is breathing!” shouted one man, who noted that the child was still struggling to draw breath.

The Good Samaritans were also able to revive the toddler.

California State University Discriminates Against Students for Life in Social Justice Fair

Almost two weeks ago, The College Fix broke the story that the Students for Life club at California State University Dominguez Hills applied and was rejected as a participant in the Labor, Social and Environmental Justice Fair on April 25th.

Organizers told the club in an email that their “organization does not fit within the framework of this particular event.”

In short course, the social justice fair organizers backtracked and allowed the pro-life student club to participate in the event last week.

However, Campus Reform reports that the organizers put the pro-life club’s table directly behind a pro-abortion display in a move that the pro-life students believe was an act of “revenge.”

Expectations of Economic Boom Begin to Fade

A soft patch in the economy is damping expectations for a stimulus-driven, post-election boom, prompting many investors to retreat from bets on growth, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The first quarter marked the weakest U.S. growth in three years, according to the Commerce Department. Longtime economic bright spots such as consumer spending and car sales have recently begun to fade, with sales at General Motors and Ford declining sharply in April.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.