Evangelicals and Pentecostals Most Persecuted Groups in World, Illegal Border-Crossing Slowing Down, Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism

Wednesday, April 26th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Adam McManus

North Korea Conducts Huge Fire Drill

North Korea conducted a huge live fire drill that involved up to 400 artillery pieces yesterday, which may have been supervised by the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, the USS Michigan, a United States nuclear-powered submarines, pulled into the South Korean port, reports Fox News.

President Trump Vows to Stamp Out Anti-Semitism

President Donald Trump vowed to stamp out anti-Semitism yesterday in remarks at the Capitol commemorating the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s National Days of Remembrance, reports TheHill.com.

“Two out of every three Jews in Europe were murdered in the genocide. Millions more innocent people were imprisoned and executed by the Nazis without mercy. Yet even today there are those who want to forget the past. Worse still, there are even those filled with such hate that they want to erase the Holocaust from history. Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil. We will never, ever be silent in the face of evil again!”

(Watch the 15-minute speech.)

Report Shows Evangelicals and Pentecostals Are Most Likely to Be Persecuted

Evangelicals and Pentecostals are more likely to be persecuted for their faith than other Christians, a new report claims.

Because Evangelicals and Pentecostals have a more urgent understanding of evangelization, they actually expect and are prepared to endure persecution.

The three-year project entitled Under Caesar’s Sword at the University of Notre Dame examined how different Christian groups respond when faced with oppression in its latest report, In Response to Persecution.

Judge Blocks Trump’s Order to Withhold Funding From Sanctuary Cities

U.S. District Judge William Orrick blocked a Trump administration order to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, where they refuse to cooperate with U.S. immigration authorities, reports the Associated Press. The judge said that the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

While San Francisco and Santa Clara County claimed that Trump’s Executive Order threatened billions of dollars of tax monies, the funding cutoff only applied to less than $1 million through three Justice Department and Homeland Security Department grants.

Ranchers in Arizona Notice Dramatic Decrease in Illegal Border Crossing

Arizona ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday morning and said the election of Donald Trump has dramatically reduced illegals crossing the border.

STEVE DOOCY: “John, how much of a reduction since Donald Trump has been the president of the United States?”
JOHN LADD: “90%. 95%. It’s almost non-existent to see an illegal anymore.”

That must be a truly welcome relief in light of how many illegal aliens have been caught on his ranch in the 30 years he’s owned it.

STEVE DOOCY: “Any idea how many illegals have gone across your property through the years?”
JOHN LADD: “In 30 years, Border Patrol has caught half a million people on our ranch.
STEVE DOOCY: “Half a million people. Unbelievable! Fred, for the people watching now, why do you need a structure between Mexico and the United States.”
FRED DAVIS: “You’ve got the cartels coming across, bringing drugs, guns. They’re a dangerous bunch of people. And there’s a lot of the border that doesn’t even have vehicle access.”

Senator Joe Manchin’s Claim to Be Pro-Life Doesn’t Hold Water

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia claims that he is pro-life. However, Life News has picture of him standing next to an abortion activist with a big smile holding a sign stating “I Stand With Planned Parenthood”!

Manchin’s voting record is consistently pro-abortion, including a recent vote against a measure that would overturn President Barack Obama’s ban on defunding of Planned Parenthood.

James 1:8 warns, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Missionary in Russia Speaks on the Need to Train Russian Pastors

While the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses was banned from Russia this week by their Supreme Court, Christian missionary Blake Purcell of the Slavic Reformation Society described to The World View the greatest need of the orthodox, Bible-believing missionaries who remain.

“We train Russian pastors in our seminary called the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg. And we have to bring men in twice a year from across nine time zones and sometimes three or four or five different countries. We’ve had men from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. We’ve had men who were sort of immigrants from Belarus.

“So that costs $20,000 each time we do that. If we could get $20,000 a year to cover these special twice-a-year costs, then we wouldn’t have to be raising the money at the last minute. So it’s both a prayer request and after you’ve prayed and in your praying, please go and consider giving.”  

If you’d like to help fund the evangelization of Russia, visit the website www.SlavicReformationSociety.com.

Group of Christians in the Middle East Protected by Lions

In an amazing story of divine intervention, a pastor ministering in the Middle East was reportedly saved by lions who prevented a group of Islamic extremists from attacking him and a group of Christians, reports Christian Headlines.

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Paul Ciniraj was leading the service when militants came upon them, brandishing weapons.

“We had no idea what to do,” Pastor Paul recalled. The group of Christians thought they were all about to die.

Just then, a lion appeared out of the forest and began to attack one of the militants. The other two militants tried to fight the lion off, but then two more lions appeared. The militants ran away in fear.

Pastor Paul wrote, “My risen Lord Jesus Christ has saved my life once again, and I praise and thank God for His unspeakable grace!”

If God could close the mouths of the lions to protect righteous Daniel, He certainly can open the mouths of lions to protect righteous Pastor Paul.

Teenage Christian Girl in Pakistan Abducted from Her Home

A Christian Pakistani family has reported that Maria Bibi, their 14-year old daughter, was abducted during an armed robbery of the family’s home at 3:00 am on April 15th, reports Christian Today.

Three men scaled the walls of the home and broke in where the girl and her three younger siblings live with their mother, stealing cash and gold jewelry before taking the teen who worked as a cleaner.

Maria’s father died six years ago due to a heart attack.

The police have been slow in reacting to the kidnapping. The British Pakistani Christian Association has set up a charity appeal to raise the required funds for a lawyer.

5,000 People March Through Prague to Support the Rights of the Unborn

Pro-lifers flooded the capital of the Czech Republic on Saturday to march for the rights of babies in the womb.

About 5,000 pro-lifers — waving flags and carrying signs, balloons and crosses — marched behind banners that read “Children Bring Hope” and “Scrap the Abortion Law” in downtown Prague, the Prague Morning reports. 

Arkansas Executes Two Murderers

Arkansas executed two condemned murderers Monday night, becoming the first state in 17 years to carry out two death sentences in one day, reports Fox News.

Marcel Williams and Jack Jones were put to death within three hours of each other.

Initially, Governor Asa Hutchinson scheduled four double executions over an 11-day period in April. The eight executions would have been the most by a state in such a compressed period since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. The state said the executions needed to be carried out before its supply of one lethal injection drug expires on April 30.

Democratic Party Chairman Says Abortion is “Non-Negotiable” for Every Democrat

Thomas Perez, the new chairman of the Democratic Party, fell over himself to declare that abortion is a “non-negotiable” in the Democrat Party, reports The New American.

In response to the news that Heath Mello, a mayoral candidate in Omaha, Nebraska supported a tepid pro-life bill in the past, Perez asserted last Friday that “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is non-negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

With this kind of rabid leftist leadership, it’s unlikely the Democrats will win the White House back.

Tucker Carlson Takes O’Reilly Factor Slot and Gets Impressive Viewing Stats

Tucker Carlson enjoyed his first night in the old O’Reilly Factor slot on Monday night. And, according to the Nielsen ratings, Carlson pulled in a respectable 3.2 million viewers compared to O’Reilly’s last broadcast of 3.7 million on April 10th.

But more interestingly, Carlson drew 636,000 adults in the prized demographic of 25 to 54-year-olds compared to O’Reilly’s less impressive 635,000 adults in that age range.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.