Founder of Mozilla Shunned for Traditional Marriage Beliefs, Thousands of Christians Participate in Annual Life Chain, Hillary Clinton Vows to Appoint Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Justices

Monday, October 3rd, in the year of our Lord, 2016.

By Adam McManus

New York Times Did not Pay Income Taxes in 2014

The New York Times, which alleged that Trump might not have paid any income taxes for several years following a net loss in 1995, did not itself pay any taxes in 2014.  Thankfully, Breitbart lived up to the New York Times’ own motto: “All the news that’s fit to print.”

Religious Liberty in the Next Presidential Debate

The next presidential debate is on Sunday, October 9th.  But Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, is not hopeful that Trump or Clinton will address religious liberty, an issue which has massive ramifications for foreign policy and national security.   In a Washington Examiner column, King cites a Pew Forum study which revealed that 74 percent of the world’s population live in countries with “high or very high restrictions or hostilities” toward religion. Christians alone remain harassed in 108 countries, the most of any group in 2014. That’s why a poll of Americans by Open Doors USA confirmed that 76 percent of adults believe that “the next U.S. president should be committed to addressing the persecution that some Christians face around the world including imprisonment, beheadings, rape, and loss of home or assets.”

Dr. Richard Land on Donald Trump

Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary ( and one of the first 25 members of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, admitted to The World View that Trump was not his first choice.

“This election presents evangelical Christians with an excruciating choice.  There is no good choice.  Let me be very transparent here.  Mr. Trump was my 18th choice out of 17 people who were running for the Republican nomination.  He is a flawed candidate — no question about it — in his personal life, in his business life.  He’s not that conservative.  He’s not someone who thinks that government is the problem; he thinks that bad government is the problem.  He’s more of a mercantilist, than he is a Reaganite.   To me, this is a classic case of having to choose — in a fallen, sinful world — between a lesser evil and a greater evil.  I don’t think there’s any question, from an evangelical, Christian perspective, that Donald Trump is a lesser evil than Mrs. Clinton.”

Dr. Land told The World View that Hillary Clinton would be toxic as president.

“Mrs. Clinton would be the most radically progressive, liberal candidate to ever be elected president of the United States.  She is fundamentally dishonest, she’s virtually a compulsive liar, and she and her husband are congenital cleptomaniacs.  As Patrick Cadell put it recently on Fox News, the largest criminal enterprise to ever attach itself to the federal government in the form of the Clinton Foundation attached itself to the State Department under Mrs. Clinton’s tenure and, if they go to the White House, it’ll go to the White House.  Mrs. Clinton and her husband contaminate everything they touch. They now have virtually ruined the reputation of the FBI.  I’m concerned frankly that if she were to be elected president, that her level of corruption and her level of self-entitlement could be so great that it would be more than the system could handle, and could collapse the entire system.”

Hillary Clinton Promises to Repeal Hyde Amendment

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, it’ll be bad news for unborn babies on multiple fronts.  Not only has she vowed to appoint pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, but she has promised to repeal the Hyde Amendment which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions, reports LifeNews.  The Hyde Amendment, a federal law named for pro-life Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde, passed 40 years ago, and has literally saved two million lives.  House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “The Hyde Amendment will remain central in our fight for life until the day Roe v. Wade is overturned entirely.” 

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

Annual Life Chain

Yesterday, tens of thousands of Christians in hundreds of cities, including this reporter, participated in the annual Life Chain, prayerfully holding signs that said “Abortion Kills Children”, “Adoption: The Loving Option”, and “Jesus Forgives and Heals.”

New Smithsonian Museum of African American History

The Washington Times reports that the new National Museum of African American History and Culture Smithsonian, built in the shadow of the Washington Monument, lauds Anita Hill, the black female accuser, but barely mentions conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the second black to serve among the nine elite jurists.

Founder of Mozilla Launches New Browser

The founder of Mozilla, the Firefox web browser, has been shunned for his belief in traditional marriage, reports Christian Headlines.  The politically correct, pro-homosexual crowd chastised Brendan Eich for daring to donate $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 bill which defined marriage as the union between one man and one woman.  The computer genius has now launched a new internet browser called Brave, underscoring the need to take a stand against political correctness. 

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Hurricane Matthew Now Category 4 Hurricane

The Weather Channel reports that Hurricane Matthew is a category 4 hurricane which is extremely dangerous, poised to deliver a potentially catastrophic strike on Haiti beginning today with 20-40 inches of rain. Its winds will gust up to 145 miles per hour tonight when it hits eastern Cuba and Jamaica. 

Pray for Asia Bibi

Continue to pray for Asia Bibi, the Pakistan Christian mother of five, who hopes that the death sentence she received will be overturned by the Pakistani Supreme Court in mid-October after her seven-year imprisonment.   She was charged with blasphemy for making this profound statement to her Muslim neighbors.  “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?”

Politicians who oppose the blasphemy laws have paid with their lives. In 2011, Punjab governor Salman Taseer was murdered by his own bodyguard for calling for Asia’s release. And within two months the minorities minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, was assassinated.

As of yesterday, 454,000 Christians had signed the ACLJ petition.  Add your name here.

Iranian Woman Stabbed to Death in Australia

An Iranian woman was stabbed to death in Australia by her own husband after converting from Islam to Christianity.  35-year-old Nasrin Abek, a hairdresser who moved Down Under four years ago, was found in her apartment in Sydney, Australia with multiple stab wounds, reports Christian Today.   Her husband, 42-year-old Amir Darbanou, has been charged with murder.

Aaron and Melissa Klein Close Bakery

For three long years, Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of an Oregon bakery named Sweet Cakes have faced unrelenting attacks from the homosexuals for refusing to make a cake for a lesbian wedding.  They were fined $135,000.  And, as Todd Starnes of FoxNews notes, “Their business was boycotted. They were bullied. Their children received death threats.  The Kleins were literally run out of business by an anti-Christian mob.” So now, the Kleins announced on Facebook that they’ve closed their doors for good.

And that’s the World View in 5 Minutes.