Funding for International Abortion Stopped, Senate Republicans Get Squishy on Obamacare, Gospel Preachers Rejected at Women’s Marches

Tuesday, January 24th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

President Trump Reinstates Policy Stopping Funding to International Abortion Industry

President Donald Trump made headlines coming out of the gate yesterday when he reinstated the Mexico City policy, a policy that restricts federal funds from going to international groups that promote abortion. The World View spoke to Mallory Quigley with the Susan B. Anthony List about this important step for the pro-life cause abroad. 

“It’s exciting because as one of the very first acts as America’s Commander in Chief, Donald Trump issued this executive order to stop US taxpayer funding of the abortion industry overseas. This reinstatement of the Mexico City policy is going to save hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from going to international NGOs that promote abortion. 

Quigley said that this is a step towards defunding domestic Planned Parenthood abortion mills and sending tax funds to actual women’s healthcare clinics.  

“Congress is already working on stopping domestic funding for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, in the reconciliation bill; that’s a process that we’re going through right now, that only requires 51 votes to pass. And President Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City policy really bolsters that effort, because it’s putting pressure on Congress to get the bill on Trump’s desk.” 

Trump Ends American Participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership

In other executive orders on Monday, President Trump also formally shut down America’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and put a freeze on hiring in the federal government excluding military personnel.

Chinese Christian Leaves Prison Terrified and Confused

Li Chunfu, a Chinese Christian lawyer who was released on January 12th from 18 months in prison, seems to be deeply traumatized by his experience. His family says that Li is “terrified and confused.” When he returned to them, Li was not even able to speak coherently after suffering the terrors of communist prisons. 

Republicans in the Senate Want to Maintain Socialist Medicine

Will American governance return to socialism as usual? Senate Republicans are offering their own modifications to Obamacare with the intent of maintaining state control of medicine, along with the existing subsidies. 

Republican Senators Susan Collins and Bill Cassidy revealed the specifics of their Patient Freedom Act yesterday, which allows for the states to carry on their Obamacare program. They hope to get 52 Republicans and 8 Democrats to support their socialist plan. 

Women’s March Organizers Are Focused on Supporting Socialist Programs

The news media is publishing higher estimates for the women who showed up to protest in cities around the country over the weekend. They’re saying anywhere from 1 to 3.2 million women. 

According to some reports, pro-life groups were asked not to attend the marches. The organizers at say they are interested in supporting socialist programs for women, abortion, homosexuality, Muslims, and environmental justice. 

March for Life Happening This Friday in Washington, DC

March for Life ( scheduled their annual event to remember the fateful Roe v. Wade decision for this Friday, January 27th in Washington, DC. In addition to the big March for Life event, 53 local demonstrations are scheduled around the nation at

Tens of Thousands of People March for Life in France

And 50,000 people showed up at the Paris, France March for Life last Sunday. The march was timed to pre-empt the upcoming presidential election. 

According to the Johnston’s Archive, it was reported that over 200,000 French babies were killed by abortion in 2013. The Paris March for Life comes on the cusp of France’s upcoming presidential election.   

Street Preachers at Women’s March Persist Despite Spitting and Water Dousing

Ten street preachers who attended the Women’s March on Saturday were met with spitting, cursing, shoving, and water dousing. The evangelists said they would not return evil for evil, but they did wish to preach the gospel and warn against the sins of abortion and homosexuality. In an interview with the Christian Post, one of the evangelists, Joseph Neigh, said that their intent was to “throw life preservers” to the people.

Jesus spoke of this hatred when He said, “The world . . . hates Me, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.” . . and to His disciples He says, ‘If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.” (John 7:7 and John 15:18)

Pro-Life Bills Popping Up in State Legislatures

World Magazine calls it a “tsunami of pro-life legislation hitting the states this legislative season. At last count, 50 bills addressing the basis of abortion funding, bans on dismemberment abortion, and fetal burial regulations are already working their way through the state legislatures. 

Supreme Court Appointment Expected in a Few Weeks

White House Press Secretary Shawn Spicer said the administration should be announcing Trump’s Supreme Court appointment within a few weeks. Conservatives are nervous about men like William Pryor, on the short list for approval. Pryor took the side of a college which expelled a Christian counseling student for her Biblical position on homosexuality. Plus, Pryor has advocated for transgender rights in the workplace. 

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.