God’s rain extinguished 20 Australian fires, Thai soldier kills 21 in mall, Democrat presidential candidates support baby murder

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By Adam McManus  (adam@TheWorldview.com)

Thai soldier kills 3 on military base, 18 in shopping mall

On Saturday, a Thai soldier, dressed in tactical gear, went on a mass shooting rampage with a machine gun at the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Korat, Thailand, killing 21 people in a bloody massacre, reports the Daily Star.

The soldier has been identified as Sergeant Major Jakrapanth Thomma, and had live-streamed his sickening massacre on Facebook, even complaining he was exhausted from shooting his victims, saying, “I’m tired now. I can’t move my finger anymore.”

He first killed his commander and two others at a military base before storming the mall.  Thomma also posted several chilling selfies of himself from the scene, showing him wearing a military helmet and uniform. One of those selfies was of him in front of a fire at the mall, which he started by shooting at a gas tank which caused it to explode.

Just hours before the attack, the suspect also posted a number of rants on Facebook, and warned that “death is inevitable for everyone”, saying that he was seeking “revenge”, adding: “Getting rich from corruption and taking advantage of other people, do they think they can bring money with them to spend in hell?”

Psalm 34:16 declares, “The face of the LORD is against evildoers, to cut off the memory of them from the earth.”

Vice President Pence reacts to Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech

The day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s speech on national television, just seconds after the President said, “God bless America”, Fox News Channel’s Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Vice President Mike Pence, who was standing immediately next to Pelosi.

EARHARDT: “Let’s bring in Mike Pence, our Vice President.  You were there. You were standing right next to her.  What was your reaction? Did you realize when she was ripping it up what she was doing?”

PENCE: “I didn’t see her do it. I found out just a few moments later, and I think it was a new low. I wasn’t sure if she was ripping up the speech or ripping up the Constitution. The contrast here was a president who spent an hour and a half making the speech about America. And Nancy Pelosi, in the final moments, tried to make it about her. And I think the American people see through it. I think they see through the pettiness, they see through the politics of all of it.

“And I think what they got last night was a speech that lifted up the country, that celebrated the incredible progress that we’ve made in our economy, rebuilding our military, strengthening our courts. And it’s one of the reasons why you see the momentum growing behind this president.”

Rather than taking responsibility for her inappropriate behavior in ripping up President Trump’s speech, Pelosi said that it was inappropriate for the Republicans to chant “Four more years!” during the State of the Union address.

PELOSI: “By the way, a serious breach to start shouting for more years on the floor of the house. totally inappropriate.”

President Trump fires two impeachment inquiry witnesses

Last Friday, after his resounding acquittal in the Senate, President Donald Trump fired two of the witnesses against him in the Democrat-controlled impeachment inquiry, reports The Guardian. Two heads rolled including Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who served on the White House’s National Security Council, and Gordon Sondland, the Ambassador to the European Union.

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida appeared on Fox News Channel and indicated that President Trump was justified.

GAETZ: “I think if you looked at Gordon Sondland, no one really viewed him as central to the delivery of U.S. policy. I think we’ll still be able to get by in the delivery of United States foreign policy absent Gordon Sondland. He was viewed as a inner meddler. And you often heard people talk about the ‘Gordon problem’ would emerge as he was outside of the normal work of an EU ambassador.

“There was continued lack of confidence in his diplomatic work throughout the depositions and hearings.  Whether that meant exceeding the scope of his authority or whether it meant just sort of the bungling of assignments, I don’t think he came out of the impeachment looking like some great diplomat. So, I don’t think it’s a surprise to see the President choose to make a change there. And also with Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.”

Biden attacks Sanders, Buttigieg; Candidates support baby murder

In the latest Democratic presidential debate held in Manchester, New Hampshire last Friday night, former Vice President Joe Biden, who came in fourth in the Iowa caucus, tried to differentiate himself from the tied frontrunners Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg.

BIDEN: “Bernie’s labeled himself, not me, a Democratic Socialist. I think that’s the label that the President’s going to lay on everyone running with Bernie, if he’s the nominee. Mayor Buttigieg is a great guy and a real patriot. He’s a mayor of a small city who has done some good things, but has not demonstrated he has the ability to, to get a broad scope of support across the spectrum, including African-Americans and Latinos.”

To his credit, in subsequent analysis of the debate, MSNBC TV liberal host Chris Matthews took issue with Bernie Sanders’ embrace of socialism, reports the Daily Wire.

MATTHEWS: “The issue of this campaign. It is that word socialism. Some people like it. Younger people like it. Those of us like me who grew up in the Cold War and saw some aspects of it after visiting places like Vietnam, like I have, seeing places like Cuba, I’ve seen what socialism is like. I don’t like it. Okay? It’s not only not free. It doesn’t work.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Senator Sanders underscored their commitment to killing babies in the womb if elected President.

KLOBUCHAR: “I would only appoint judges that would respect precedent and one of those key precedents is Roe v. Wade.”

WARREN: “And we are going to protect our rights to have dominion over our own bodies, then it’s going to mean we can’t simply rely on the courts.

SANDERS: “I will never nominate any person to the Supreme Court or the federal courts in general who is not 100% pro Roe v. Wade.”

(You can watch the entire presidential debate here.)

God sent rain to Australia, extinguishing 20 active brushfires

And finally, firefighters across the fire-stricken provinces of Australia are rejoicing over the arrival of some much-needed rain sent from our merciful God, reports the Good News Network.

In just one single day, He sent a torrential rainfall across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory which extinguished 20 of the active fires, leaving 42 fires still blazing across the coast. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, only two of those fires are above the “low-moderate” safety rating.

Psalm 68:9 says, “You shed abroad a plentiful rain, O God.”


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