Hawaii Braces for More Disasters, California Fires Out of Control, Alex Jones Gets Nixed by You Tube et al

Tuesday, August 7th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Kevin Swanson

Pastors in Myanmar Beaten

Morning Star News reports that two brothers in Christ from Myanmar were beaten by Burmese soldiers in the Kachin State. Pastors Mading Zaidan Bawm Ying and Lagyi Naw Awn were beaten in retaliation against the Christians who complained about the Border Guard Force destroying their homes. 

Blood came out of one of the pastor’s mouths as he was beaten and his face was bruised, according to reports. 

Legally-Armed Bystander Shot Would-Be Florida Mass Murderer

A mass shooting ended abruptly Saturday, in a Titusville, Florida park during a back-to-school cookout, when a bystander pulled a gun and shot the would-be mass murderer down, reports Fox News.

The suspect opened fire, getting off at least ten shots into the crowd of 100 including children, before the legally-armed bystander cut him down.

The gunman, whose firearm was recovered at the scene, was airlifted to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. No one else was injured during the shootout.

Neither the shooter nor the bystander have been identified.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars vs YouTube, Facebook, and Apple

The conservative, conspiratorialist network created by talk show host Alex Jones called InfoWars has lost access to YouTube, Facebook, and Apple platforms.

Facebook says that Jones has violated their “hate speech policies.” Apple removed five different InfoWars podcasts from iTunes, providing the reason that the company “does not tolerate hate speech,” as reported in BuzzFeed News.

In the purge, InfoWars will lose 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. In a statement released yesterday, InfoWars called this the “modern day electronic equivalent of book burning,” suggesting that conservative news outlets that don’t speak out will be banned from the internet next. 

Another Hurricane Could Hit Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii has experienced untold devastation by the volcano eruption in July. 700 homes were destroyed and thousands of residents were displaced.  

Now, the hand of God is moving a Level 4 Hurricane towards the Big Island. Hurricane Hector is 1,000 miles east of Hawaii, with winds blowing at 140 mph. 

Hawaii Approves of Transgender Foolishness

Earlier last month, Hawaii’s Democrat Governor David Ige signed a bill approving of homosexuality in public schools, and welcoming boys who are pretending to be girls into the girls’ restrooms, and vice-versa.  

You can email your dissatisfaction with that decision through a link in our transcript at www.TheWorldView.com.

The bill covered “any state educational program or activity that receives state financial assistance.” Both houses of the state legislature overwhelmingly approved the bill with only a single lawmaker voting against it, Republican Representative Bob McDermott.

And you can thank McDermott through a link today in our transcript today at www.TheWorldView.com.

In Matthew 11, Jesus began to denounce the cities where most of His mighty works had been done, because they did not repent. “If the mighty works done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I tell you that it will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom than for you.”

The California Fires

Meanwhile, God’s fires continue to burn in California.  

The Mendocino County Fire has exploded in size, and now has turned into the second largest in California history. The fire has burned down 274,000 acres. The Carr Fire, up around Redding, California, has also burned 160,000 acres, and destroyed more than 1,600 structures. 

Six of the twelve worst fires in California history have occurred in the last three years, according to fire.ca.

Argentina Senator Stops Bill to Legalize Abortion

Life News reports that one legislator in the Argentina Senate has changed her mind and decided to vote against a bill which would legalize abortion in that country.  

Proverbs 21:1 speaks of “The king’s heart in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: He turns it wherever He will.”

The bill passed in the Argentina House, but it may fail in the Senate. Hundreds of doctors are protesting the bill, claiming that the law would not allow an opt-out for pro-life doctors and hospitals who do not wish to kill babies.

The final vote on the Senate floor happens this Wednesday. Pray for Argentina. 

30,000 Pro-Lifers Fund Movie About Jailed Late-Term Abortionist

“We funded our last film through Kickstarter, and it was picked up by Mark Cuban’s TV channels.

“And today, we’re back to ask for your help to make our most important movie yet.

“Today we’re launching the biggest-ever crowdfunding campaign for a movie. We’re going to make a TV film about Kermit Gosnell. Kermit Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer in American history, but almost no one knows who he is.”

That’s a clip from the crowd-sourced funding plea for Ann and Phelim Media, which pulled off a $2.4 million, record-breaking crowdfunding campaign for Gosnell – The Movie.

Over 30,000 people helped to fund the movie, which is expected to release on October 12th in at least 700 theaters around the nation. The abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, is serving life in prison for killing three babies born alive when he failed to complete the abortion. 

The producers say they are avoiding the gore, but they want to tell the true story of the trial of America’s most notorious serial killer. 

Good Samaritans Help Swimmers in Riptide

The Eastern Shore of Lake Michigan turned deadly on Sunday, when powerful riptides were sweeping swimmers into the deeper water.  

Beachgoers formed a human chain of 30-40 persons into the water in an attempt to rescue several swimmers. At least five were rescued by these sacrificial efforts, while two others died in the waters. 

Sneak Peek: Life-Saving Buses

Four out of five abortion-minded women choose life when they walk into a Save the Storks bus. While these life mobiles are small, they are luxurious, state-of-the-art, and very pro-people. Stay tuned for a World View Special Report about how these mobile, ultrasound vans are taking the pro-life movement by storm.

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Special Report: How Save The Storks Offers Hope in a Bus

Time now for a World View Special Report by Emily Swanson. I’m Adam McManus.

By Emily Swanson

How can a bus help abortion-minded women choose life?

Well, if it’s one of the 53 Save the Storks buses, it gives moms and dads a chance to look into the womb to see their growing baby.

Save the Storks started in 2012 with Joe and Ann Baker, who lived out of a van, saw a need to bring state-of-the-art ultrasound machines to women all around the country who were considering aborting their babies.   

The World View talked to Victoria Robinson of Save the Storks about their mission.

“The mission of Save the Storks is to help empower women with information and also their partners, if their partners are present with them, to make sure they understand all of their options clearly, and to let them know that they have other options. Because 84% of women felt pressured, say they felt pressured into having an abortion.”

Robinson said that women are greeted by a very inviting atmosphere when they step onto a Save The Storks bus. 

“As far as the Stork buses, they’re very inviting. You’re not going to walk onto a Storks bus and it’s not, some people might think ‘churchy’. It’s not like that at all. It’s a professional, medical clinic on wheels. When somebody walks in, they immediately notice the luxuriousness of it, that it’s First Class because we think that that’s what all clients deserve. They’re also going to notice that it’s state-of-the-art equipment. We have a professional medical staff on board so they’re going to feel confident and comfortable that the information they’re getting is accurate.”   

Robinson said that the opportunity to see their baby in the womb turns 4 out of 5 women away from having an abortion.  

Colossians 3:12 reflects the experience women have on the bus.  “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.’ 

“Four out of five women who board a Storks bus change their minds and choose life. So those are pretty good, significant odds. When a woman steps on a Storks bus she’s not going to feel threatened. She’s going to be met with compassion and love and not judgment or condemnation, so she’s automatically going to feel comfortable. We always have very sympathetic staff members, because we understand that these women are in a crisis. They don’t know what to do.”  

Robinson said that many of the women have already scheduled their appointments for abortions or are contemplating it, but the Save the Storks bus is a lifeline to them in time of need.   

The World View asked Robinson if she could share a specific story about someone whose life was changed by stepping inside the bus. She shared one about a woman who was about to go through with an abortion in her last pregnancy trimester.   

“I can think of a particular one where a woman walked on the bus who was getting to walk into an abortion clinic who was in her last trimester, and it was very obvious how pregnant she was, who was already inside the abortion clinic to have an abortion. Her boyfriend was outside waiting, and he started talking to one of our staff members from the bus.”  

Robinson said the staff member offered a free ultrasound.  

“She started explaining to him, ‘You know if you would like a free ultrasound, we can give your girlfriend one.’  He said, ‘Well she’s already in there, but if she happens to come out, then I’ll tell her that she can have a free ultrasound.’ Well something happened while she was inside. She forgot the money. She forgot something.  

“So she came outside to ask her boyfriend for something, and he said, ‘Hey these people over here are giving free ultrasounds. Do you want to go in?’ And she said, ‘I guess.’ She did, and she ripped off her band. She already had her band from the abortion clinic on preparing her for her abortion. She ripped her band off and did not go into the abortion clinic. She chose to keep her baby.”   

The World View asked Robinson why Save the Storks is such a unique, vital part of preserving and protecting the lives of people.  

“I believe that Save the Storks is unique, because we don’t use scare tactics. We aren’t standing there with aborted babies on signs and screaming at women as they’re walking into abortion clinics. We’re just there to hand them a bottle of water, give them a cup of coffee, just say, ‘Hey if you’d like a free ultrasound, we’re over here.’ We just talk to them without judgment, condemnation. We approach them with compassion and love.”  

Robinson said that the message she thinks encompasses the Save the Storks bus is that they are pro-people.  

“Really, I think it encompasses who we are, that we’re pro-people. We don’t only care about that unborn child. We care about the mother and the father who created that child because their lives are just as significant.”  

Robinson said that they have Storks buses at various locations where they can reach women who would be in need of a free ultrasound.  

“Some of them are parked in front of abortion clinics. Some of them are parked near abortion clinics. Some are parked at college campuses, high schools, shopping centers. One person said that they park theirs in front of the cell phone store because it was known for a place where pimps were taking their prostitutes to get those throwaway phones. So they found that they were parking near this cellular mobile company, and they were having these women coming over asking questions. And sometimes you’ll just see them driving around, and people write the phone number down and call it to get a free ultrasound.”   

Robinson shared that abortions not only affect the women, but the fathers involved. She shared her own personal story to remind us that every person involved matters.

“People like to talk about women being or babies being the only ones in abortions who suffer and then the mothers. The fathers as well are struggling. When I called the father of my aborted child to tell him I had just written a book and I felt that I owed it to him, it had been over 10 years since we spoke, and as soon as he heard my voice, he started to weep and he said, ‘I’ve been waiting for this call for over a decade to beg you for forgiveness, to tell you how sorry I am for what I made you do. I’m in therapy dealing with it all these years, and it has haunted me. And I just want you to know that I should have taken care of you and our baby.”  

Robinson said that these buses have been so important in our fast-paced culture, to bring the ultrasound right to those in need. 

“These buses give us the opportunity to take the ultrasound, to take the education right to the client. She doesn’t have to go anywhere, just step on a bus.”  

To learn more about Save the Storks go to their website: https://SaveTheStorks.com/.  

This has been a World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.

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Southern Baptist Membership on Decline

The conservatives in the Southern Baptist denomination are licking their wounds after recent developments at the convention. 

Chuck Kelley, President of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, says, “The true bad news is that when you put last year in the context of all previous years, it indicates the SBC is in the midst of a decline that shows no sign of either slowing down or turning around.”  

Gerald Harris, editor of the Christian Index, said the denomination is going through a “seismic shift” with emphases on feminism, social justice, and tolerance.