Holocaust survivor connects dots between Nazis & COVID Tyranny, Supreme Court: Philly cannot oppose faith-based foster agency, Democrat Senator unsure whether 15-week-old baby is human

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By Adam McManus (Adam@TheWorldview.com)

Nigerian pastor released by Boko Haram Muslim terrorists

Reverend Polycarp Zango, a clergyman of the Church of Christ in Nigeria located in the Plateau State has regained his freedom after having been kidnapped last October by the Islamic Boko Haram terrorists, reports OurNigeriaNews.com.

Psalm 37:39 says, “The Lord saves the righteous and protects them in times of trouble.”

Supreme Court: Philly cannot oppose faith-based foster agency

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia that the city can’t discriminate against a faith-based, foster-care agency, reports Alliance Defending Freedom.

On behalf of the court, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “Catholic Social Services seeks only an accommodation that will allow it to continue serving the children of Philadelphia in a manner consistent with its religious beliefs; it does not seek to impose those beliefs on anyone else. The refusal of Philadelphia to contract with Catholic Social Services for the provision of foster care services unless it agrees to certify same-sex couples as foster parents cannot survive strict scrutiny, and violates the First Amendment.”

Democrat Senator unsure whether 15-week-old baby is human

In relation to the upcoming Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s abortion mill, CNSNews.com asked Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut if a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being.

REPORTER: “The Supreme Court this fall will review a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Is an unborn baby at 15 weeks a human being?”

BLUMENTHAL: “You know, I’m going to wait for the Supreme Court decision. Right now, abortion at that point in a pregnancy is legal and constitutionally protected.”

The CNSNews reporter asked her question a second time.

REPORTER: “Yeah, it’s legal. But is it a human being?”

This time Blumenthal did not respond.  He chose to remain silent in the face of the demonstrable evidence that the child is indeed a human being.

Jeremiah 5:21-22 says, “Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see; who have ears but do not hear. Should you not fear Me?” declares the Lord. “Should you not tremble in My presence?”

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s abortion mill this fall. Specifically, the Court will seek to decide “whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.”

In 2018, Mississippi passed a law that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, except in cases of a medical emergency or severe fetal abnormality.

Holocaust survivor connects dots between Nazis & COVID Tyranny

A survivor of the Holocaust has denounced “Eugenics-driven” public health policies during the COVID-19 crisis that she said could lead to “fascist dictatorship and genocide,” reports LifeSiteNews.com.

In an interview earlier this year with German attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Vera Sharav, a long-time medical activist, drew on her experience under the Nazi regime as she warned about “unprecedented oppressive and repressive elements” instituted in the coronavirus era.

Born in Romania during the Second World War,  Sharav was held in a Ukrainian detention center as a child and ultimately her father was killed in the Holocaust.

SHARAV: “As a child survivor of the Nazi Reign of Terror, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil. I know the consequences of being stigmatized and demonized as a ‘spreader of disease.’ We were required, as Germans know, to wear a yellow star of David to identify us. To segregate Jews, exclusionary laws barred family from normal life, from attending ordinary activities. Our property was impounded. We were forbidden to participate in all educational, religious, cultural gatherings. Travel was forbidden for Jews; so there was no escape. These painful memories from my childhood sensitized me to the threat posed by current restrictive government dictates.”

Sharav pointed to the ominous warning of Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of America’s founding fathers.

SHARAV: “Now, in 1776, Benjamin Rush, a doctor and signer of the Declaration of Independence, foresaw the danger of medicine organizing as what he called ‘an undercover dictatorship.’ Under the Nazi regime, moral norms were systematically obliterated. The medical profession and institutions were radically transformed. Academic science, the military, industry, and clinical medicine were tightly interwoven — as they are now. The Nazi system destroyed a social conscience in the name of public health.”

Pastor Tim Keller’s encouraging pancreatic cancer update

Over the weekend, theologian and best-selling author Tim Keller shared an “extremely encouraging” update after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer last year.

Last Sunday, he tweeted: “Cancer Update: I had a scan in May that was extremely encouraging, showing no cancer growth under less aggressive chemotherapy.’

You can send an encouraging card to Pastor Tim Keller, 57 W. 57th St, 4th floor, New York, NY 10019.

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Girls’ Sports in Crosshairs of Biden’s Trans Policy

President Biden’s Department of Education issued a ruling Wednesday that reinterprets Title IX, a law passed in 1972 to protect against discrimination in education based on sex. In its new policy directive, the department said discrimination based on a student’s sexual preference or so-called gender identity will be treated as a violation of Title IX, reports FaithWire.com.

The directive is based on the Supreme Court ruling last year – Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia – which held that homosexual and transgender people are protected from employment discrimination, and stated that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is discrimination based on sex.