Homosexual Pastor Confesses to Lying About Cake Order, Artists Sued After Refusing to Create Homosexual Artwork, Tim Tebow Opens Hospital

Wednesday, May 18th, in the year of our Lord, 2016.

By Mark Robinette

Thanks be to God for the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives who blocked a provision that would have required women to register for the military draft. The committee’s chairman, Representative Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said that he admired young ladies who volunteer and serve but stated, “I am adamantly opposed to coercing America’s daughters to sign up for the Selective Service at 18.”

Just one week after 100 United Methodist clergy collectively “came out of the closet,” delegates from their conference are considering more than 100 pieces of human-sexuality legislation. The Methodists came together this week for their General Conference in Portland, Oregon. The Methodist Book of Discipline calls the practice of homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teaching.” However, if the nearly 1,600 clergy who wrote letters of support for homosexual clergy have it their way, that wording will change soon.

Pray that God convicts them of their sin instead, and that many of them repent and call out to God for forgiveness.

An openly homosexual pastor in Austin, Texas, who gained attention last week when he announced his lawsuit against Whole Foods for supposedly writing a sexual slur on a cake he ordered, has now confessed that he was lying. After store investigators exposed Pastor Jordon Brown’s deception, he dropped the suit. He told news outlets on Monday that he was “wrong” for using the media to perpetuate his lies. We can be thankful that this time, just like Brown’s cake read, “Love wins”!

In last night’s Democratic presidential primaries, Bernie Sanders won Oregon handily, and Hillary Clinton barely eked out a victory in Kentucky. 212,549 votes were cast for her, compared with 210,626 votes for Bernie Sanders. Both Democratic candidates will receive 26 pledged delegates. Hillary Clinton will receive 3 superdelegates—Democratic Party officials who favor her candidacy.

President Barack Obama’s reckless use of executive power last week, which directed all public schools to allow boys and girls to use the restroom of their choice, is encouraging the homeschooling movement. Michael Farris, a constitutional lawyer and the cofounder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, said that the once very small movement of homeschoolers now includes millions, and the movement continues to grow because of the dangerous conditions created by Obama.

A number of conservative states and school districts have already indicated that they will not obey Obama’s edict. Other school districts said that they will allow biological boys into girls’ bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, and vice versa. Farris said, “[Obama’s] order…delivers a message of unmistakable philosophical hostility for those who hold traditional moral views.” The World View also spoke to David Goodwin of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association: “Some of what’s going on right now with the Obama administration has become so hostile to Christian values. If you look at the more recent history—let’s say 1995 to the present—we saw growth throughout that time period, from about 11% of students to about 15% of students being in private conservative Christian schools. So I would anticipate that we would see it grow again in the next few years, probably at a pace we haven’t seen for quite some time, maybe since the mid ‘60s, as parents try and adapt to the new environment in the schools where it’s no longer just a matter of the safety or practice of what’s going on in the schools but the very hostility of the ideas that are being given to their kids.”

A nationwide ripple effect continues since the United States Supreme Court legalized homosexual unions last year. Many businesses and individuals have been sued. Now two artists, who say their gifts can only be used to glorify God, are under assault in Phoenix, Arizona. Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka are being sued for not wanting to create artistic works for weddings joining two men or two women. City officials say that they believe the law can force their hands. The two women face heavy fines and even jail time if they lose their case.

Pro football quarterback and pro-life star Tim Tebow opened a hospital in a Filipino city where his mother Pam refused to abort him when she became ill while on a missions trip. Doctors insisted that she’d die without the abortion. Tebow eagerly cut the ribbon on the Tebow CURE Center in Davao City, thanking God for the gift of his life. Tebow recently touched millions in a Super Bowl commercial that told his story.

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.

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