House Passes “Disrespect for Marriage” Act, 50 “Drag Queen Story Hour” libraries ignore Kirk Cameron’s kids book, Muslim Somalis shoot Kenyan Christian man in back

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Muslim Somalis shoot Kenyan Christian man in back

David is a survivor of a heinous attack by Muslim Somali herders on October 20, 2022, in Kitui South, a province in western Kenya, reports International Christian Concern.

As he walked past Somali Muslims who were grazing their camels illegally on someone’s farm, they shot him in the back.  After running into the forest in great pain, he said, “I fell under a tree, helpless, and gasping for air. I was bleeding profusely.” He lay there for a full 24 hours.

He said, “I was writhing in excruciating pain, hungry, and thirsty. I asked the Lord to just take my life. At night, wild animals were approaching me. Hyenas from the nearby rocky forest caves were coming near me. I wanted them to just devour me so that I could escape from the pain.”

Other farmers discovered him, brought him to the hospital where he spent three weeks in recovery. David is thankful to God for saving his life from the Muslim Somali herders, whom he describes as terrorists disguised as ranchers.

House Passes “Disrespect for Marriage” Act

The House of Representatives passed the “Disrespect for Marriage” Act on Thursday, threatening the religious liberty of Americans who believe marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman. All House Democrats were joined by 39 Republicans in the 258-169 vote, reports The Washington Stand.

H.R. 8404, which critics call the Disrespect for Marriage” Act, would allow individuals to sue Christian businessowners who refuse to participate in homosexual faux wedding ceremonies and threaten the tax-exempt status of religious nonprofits that do not recognize homosexual faux marriages. It will jeopardize the ability of Christian adoption agencies that do not place children with married homosexual couples. The bill will also repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, endanger the tax-exempt status of Christian nonprofits, and force all 50 states to recognize any marriage contracted by another state including polygamous “marriages.”

The bill now goes to President Joe Biden, who has promised to “promptly and proudly sign it into law.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, “Today is a dark day for religious freedom. The Left’s forces of religious hostility, aided by 12 Republican senators and 39 Republican representatives, advanced what history may ultimately record as one of the greatest assaults on religious freedom in modern history.”

The bill will disproportionately harm believing Christians, such as Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman, whose religion will not allow them to participate in homosexual nuptials. A Gallup poll reported people who “attend church weekly remain the primary demographic holdout against homosexual marriage,” with almost 60% opposed.

This soon-to-be-signed law will create a private right of action if the individual feels anyone has caused them “harm,” a term nebulous enough that skeptics say it will unleash a torrent of litigation. The bill will tacitly liken biblical views of sexual morality to racism, resulting in Christians being “increasingly marginalized and cast out” of polite society.

Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler of Missouri was teary-eyed as she urged her colleagues to vote against the Disrespect for Marriage bill.

HARTZLER:  “Mr. Speaker, I’ll tell you my priority. Protect religious liberty, protect people of faith, and protect Americans who believe in the true meaning of marriage. I hope and pray that my colleagues will find the courage to join me in opposing this misguided, this dangerous bill.”

Sadly, her heart-felt appeal fell on deaf ears.

Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore, a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

Southwest flight attendant reinstated after firing over pro-life views

A federal judge has ordered Southwest Airlines to rehire a flight attendant and award her damages, back pay, and interest after she was fired in 2017 for stating her pro-life views on social media.

The ruling marks a victory for the religious freedom rights of Christians in the workplace at the same time that the U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with the issue in 303 Creative v. Elenis.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr  ordered that former Southwest flight attendant Charlene Carter be reinstated to the airline five years after the company terminated her for allegedly “harassing” Transport Workers Union President Audrey Stone in an email. Carter was also awarded $810,000 in damages.

Arielle Del Turco with the Family Research Council said, “It’s sad that Southwest Airlines had to be told by a court that someone’s exercise of free speech is not an acceptable reason to fire them. The reality is that we live in a society that is increasingly intolerant of Christian perspectives.”

50 “Drag Queen Story Hour” libraries ignore Kirk Cameron’s kids book

Actor Kirk Cameron reveals why he persists despite the mounting intolerance against him, as evidenced by how public libraries responded to his offer to host a reading of his new Christian children’s book entitled As You Grow, reports The Christian Post

Perhaps because Cameron’s book celebrates family, faith and biblical wisdom, 50 libraries which host reprobate drag queen story hours rejected or ignored his offer to read his new book. Cameron was disappointed that the librarians were not open-minded enough to allow his participation.

As he comes face to face with Cancel Culture, Cameron said this.

CAMERON: “I think of the Puritans and the Pilgrims. These were people who faced times that were much darker than what you and I are facing in America today. Political darkness during the time of the pilgrims in England was at an apex, you would have thought they would have completely given up hope,” he said. “The government had hijacked the church and Christians were being persecuted.”

“They were being run out of the country by a woke mob and what did they do? They didn’t put their head between their knees and cry in their Chick-fil-A soup and wait for the rapture while the culture deteriorated. They read their Bibles. And they got on a little boat and they sailed across the world to start a new society that would later become the freest, strongest, most benevolent nation the world has ever known because they believed that the Gospel wins, that faith is stronger than doubt, and good will always win over evil. So, for us today, we need to have heroes rise up out of the cultural darkness and pressure of our time and begin to apply these same truths in modern America so that we can see a Great Awakening again.”

Romans 12:12 says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”


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