Hungary is First Nation to Address Christian Persecution in Middle East, Republicans House Divided, Chinese Government Suggest New Laws Against Christians

Tuesday, October 11th, in the year of our Lord 2016

By Kevin Swanson

U.S. Deaths from Hurricane Matthew Now at 23

The United States death toll from Hurricane Matthew now stands at 23. The power of Almighty God is seen in these hurricane storms, that carry in excess of 200 million tons of water onto land. Some cities in North Carolina received 17 inches of rain in just a few hours. 450,000 homes were without power as of yesterday afternoon. It’s the worst hurricane to hit North Carolina since 1999.

Psalm 29 says, “The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; the Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh. . . The Lord sits upon the flood; yea, the Lord is King for ever.”

The Red Cross Describes What They Do to Help Hurricane Victims

The World View spoke with Peter Macias of the American Red Cross about how they’ve helped Americans impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

“Right now we have literally have hundreds and hundreds of Red Cross volunteers from across the country who have deployed to the Atlantic Coast to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Last night across five states we had nearly 7,000 people who woke up this morning in Red Cross shelters. There are about 156 Red Cross shelters as a matter of fact in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. They had a roof over their head, they had a place to sleep for the night, and they had some meals in their tummy to get them through. Now that the storm has passed, they’ve got a huge job to do to get back into their homes, and find out what’s happened and what type of damage there is and what they need to do to clean up. And the Red Cross will continue to be there to help them ​through that process as well.”

Hungarian Government Addresses Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

The Hungarian government has become the first nation in the world to address the problem of Christian persecution in the Middle East. This week, Hungary opened an office address the problem, and Hungary’s minister for Human Resources, Zoltan Balog, announced that “Today Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed for religious reasons, four of them are Christians.”

Speaking of Christ in Isaiah 62: “The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. For the nation and kingdom which will not serve You shall perish, and those nations shall be utterly ruined.”

The ACLJ Is Doing All They Can to Help Asia Bibi’s Case

The ACLJ, a Christian l​egal defense group, is pulling out all stops to help Asia Bibi, the Pakistani mother who is appealing her death penalty case this week. She has been charged with blasphemy by Muslim extremists, and her case has captured international attention.  The World View spoke to Matthew Clark of the ACLJ about the work they have been doing for her case.  

“Pakistan actually cares what the world thinks about it; it actually cares specifically what the U.S. government thinks about it, because the U.S. government sends billions of aid dollars to Pakistan. And so what we’ve done is we’ve gone to members of Congress to raise her case with them; we’ve gone to the United Nations itself to raise her case with them, and just today we have sent a letter, an emergency letter, explaining the law, explaining the international norms, and how someone cannot be executed simply because of their faith, directly to the ambassador from Pakistan to the U.S.”

Congressman Paul Ryan Will Not Campaign for Trump

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

And Republican leader, Congressman Paul Ryan, says he will not defend the Republican presidential candidate or campaign for him in the remaining 29 days until the election. Ryan says his focus will be to maintain the Republican majority in the November election.

Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump in Poll

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll on the presidential race finds Hillary Clinton with an 11% lead over Donald Trump in a 4 way race with the Libertarian and Green Party Candidates.

Theologian Wayne Grudem Withdraws His Endorsement of Trump

Reformed theologian Wayne Grudem has also pulled his endorsement of Donald Trump. This comes after the release of the 2005 video featuring the Republican candidate engaging in more extreme filthy communication on licentious topics.

Chinese Government Considers Laws Further Restricting Religious Activity

Chinese Christians are fasting and praying as the communist government considers legislation that may threaten religious freedom. According to China Source, the 26 new laws proposed would “leave no space for the house or unregistered church in China, and will significantly curtail many of the activities of the TSPM [or the state-controlled Protestant Church] as well.” One Christian pastor told China Aid, “It is evident that the Party wants to take charge of religion. . .The government wants to control everything, even the smallest aspects.” The new laws could take effects as early as this January.

Baby Born at One Pound, 11 Ounces Turns One Year Old

The doctors said she had an 85% chance of dying. Little Emie Scott was tiny, tiny. . . on her 31st week of gestation. There was a problem with her momma’s placenta, and the little baby was only one pound, 11 ounces. Doctors had pressed for ending Emie’s life in utero, but her parents stood their ground. Last week, Emie Scott celebrated her first birthday, and she’s doing great. You can check out her picture at []

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.