Investigations on Hillary’s Email Opened Again, Alabama Judge Blocks Two Pro-Life Laws, 499th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Monday, October 31st, in the year of our Lord 2016

By Adam McManus

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Turkey in Great Physical and Spiritual Need

With more than 2.7 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey, their physical needs for food, shelter, and medical care are truly overwhelming. Christian Aid Mission raises money to assist indigenous aid mission agencies that are located on the ground in the countries surrounding Syria. Since the Syrian Civil War began, they’ve sent $4 million to provide food, shelter, and New Testaments to give a Gospel witness.

Steve Van Valkenburg, the Middle East Director of Christian Aid Mission, spoke to The World View.

“They’re very, very needy. They’re living in pitiful situations and often there’s not enough food, there’s obviously lack of medicine. In terms of mothers, often they don’t have enough nutrition to nurse their babies. They don’t have baby formula or anything like that. So it’s a hard situation for the mothers to know what to do with their kids. Mothers have obviously affection and care and love for their children and it’s hard for them to see their kids just waste away. There’s a lot of people just die off.”

Since many of these Middle Eastern refugees are Muslims, Van Valkenburg told The World View that their spiritual need is also of great concern.

“These people have a much deeper need. There’s something within Christianity that motivates Christians to want to reach out, to listen to people, to cry with them, to pray with them in the name of Jesus Christ. That’s something that secular agencies don’t do. There’s a role for Christians to show the love of Christ. The most effective things that are often given would be children’s Bible story books and New Testaments. The kids in the refugee camps have nothing to read. They have no school. So, they really love to have a Bible story book or even Bible story coloring books that share the gospel. Those kinds of things the kids spend hours and hours looking at and reading. That’s very beneficial for them to have something that stimulates them, but also shares the gospel.”

You can help provide the funds to purchase those Bible story materials for Syrian refugee children in Turkey on-line at

Van Valkenburg explained that we can provide the hope of Christ.

“It’s a great tragedy but at the same time it’s also a great opportunity for Christians to show the love of Christ. It’s a time when we can show people who have always been resistant and told to be careful of Christians and be careful of this poisonous book called the Bible. Now they are very welcoming of that. It’s a great opportunity for us to show that love of Christ. When they realize that there’s a personal God Who actually cares for them, Who loves them, answers their prayer, that totally changes their whole focus and gives them hope. Ultimately what they need is hope.”

Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server Re-Opened

FBI Director James Comey re-opened his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server last Friday just 11 days before the November 8th election in light of 650,000 emails they found on former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s long-time top aide. Some of those e-mails may be copies of the 33,000 Hillary deleted and may point to serious breaches of classified information.  

The FBI had been pursuing an unrelated investigation into Weiner’s inappropriate and perhaps illegal on-line conversations with minor girls. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, about a third of likely voters say they’re less likely now to support Clinton given the FBI Director’s disclosure.

Planned Parenthood Turns Blind Eye to Victims of Sex Slavery

There are more people living in slavery today than at any other point in the history of mankind. In the United States alone, 400,000 are enslaved. This time it’s not about the color of one’s skin, but about sex slavery where minor girls and women in particular are forced to commit sexual acts while living in constant fear for their lives, reports They are raped, beaten, sliced with razors, and threatened with death.

But groups like Planned Parenthood, which provide endless birth control and abortions, often turn a blind eye, even when they know that the victim is underage or possibly a sex slave, according to a new study entitled The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in Healthcare Facilities.

Isaiah 61:1 says, The LORD has anointed me to … proclaim freedom for the captives.”

Cultural Historian Says Christian Fundamentalism Is More Dangerous than Radical Islam

A cultural historian at Northwestern University in Illinois has reportedly claimed that Christian fundamentalism is more dangerous to the United States than the rise of radical Islamic terrorism, reports the Chicago Maroon, a student newspaper at The University of Chicago. Catherine Wallace, a literary theologian who writes for The Huffington Post, argued that Christian fundamentalists pose a greater threat than Islamic jihadis because they could eventually gain access to military armaments and the nuclear launch codes.

LifeWay Christian Stores Stops Selling Books by Jen Hatmaker

LifeWay Christian Stores will no longer sell books written by Christian author and reality TV star Jen Hatmaker after she affirmed homosexual marriage. LifeWay, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist denomination, also does not sell books by Joel Osteen, Mark Driscoll or Joyce Meyer.

Thank God LifeWay is taking a stand against the spirit of this age described in 2 Timothy 4:3 – “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

Federal Judge Blocks Alabama Pro-Life Laws

A federal judge named Myron Thompson has blocked two Alabama pro-life laws for a second time, one that would prevent abortion centers from operating within 2,000 feet of a school and one banning dismemberment abortions, reports LifeNews.

Man with Down Syndrome Has Been Working at McDonald’s for 30 Years

Russell O’Grady is 48 and he’s been working in the same entry-level job at McDonald’s in Australia for the last 30 years, clearing trays, sweeping the floor, and greeting customers. At first blush, other than his longevity, O’Grady doesn’t sound impressive until you learn that he has Down Syndrome. He’s dazzled McDonald’s and his customers with his infectious smile and strong work ethic.

Martin Luther Nailed 95 Theses to Wittenberg Chapel Door on This Date in 1517

Finally, on this date in 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg, Germany church door, objecting to the unbiblical practices of the Catholic Church such as selling indulgences which they claimed helped release their dead relatives from purgatory through a donation to the church. It was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation known for “The 5 Solas” or slogans. By faith alone. By Scripture alone. Through Christ alone. By grace alone. And Glory to God alone. Happy Reformation Day!

House Church Pastor Sentenced to Year of House Arrest for Loud Worship Services

A pastor of 550-member Apostolic House of the King of Glory house church in Cuba has been sentenced to a year of house arrest for, get this, loud worship services, reports Morning Star News. Pastor Juan Carlos Nuñez, was sentenced by a civil court in the city of Las Tunas, Cuba on October 22nd.

Islamic Militants Kill at Least 30 Hostages in Revenge Killing

Militants likely associated with the Islamic State have killed at least 30 hostages, including children, in a revenge killing in Afghanistan’s capital city last Tuesday. Christian Headlines reports that the killings are thought to be an act of revenge for the killing of an Islamic State commander by security forces last Monday.

Iranian Christian Converts from Islam Appeal 80-Lash Sentence for Taking Communion

Three Iranian Christians sentenced to receive 80 lashes for drinking wine during a Communion service filed an appeal last Wednesday to have their case overturned, reports Morning Star News. The trial of three former Muslims, which lasted a mere 10 minutes, was the second time that two of them have been sentenced to flogging for taking Communion. Although Christians are allowed to consume alcohol in Iran, Muslims are not. According to the advocacy group Middle East Concern, the charges “reflect the state view that a Muslim cannot change his or her religion.”
Obama Prepares to Veto National Defense Authorization Act if It Contains Religious Exemption

Obama is reportedly prepared to veto the critically important National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017 if the final version of the bill includes a long-standing religious exemption for faith-based contractors and religious institutions, reports the Christian Post.

The exemption makes it so that the faith-based providers can’t be denied federal contracts or grants due to the fact that their employment policies align with their religious convictions.

Supreme Court Accepts Case of Gloucester County School Restrooms

In December 2014, the Gloucester County School Board made what should have been an uncontroversial decision, notes the Alliance Defending Freedom. In response to a request by G.G. (a female student who asserts that she is male) to use the boy’s restrooms, the Board adopted a policy stating that the girls and boys restrooms can only be used by students of the designated sex. The Board concurrently made several single-stall, unisex restrooms available for anyone, including G.G., who was uncomfortable using the communal facilities.

But G.G., who is represented by the ACLU, said that wasn’t sufficient. The school board realized that complying with the demands of G.G. and the Obama Administration would violate the constitutional privacy rights of its other students, to whom the board also owed a duty. While the school board won in lower court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision. And now the Supreme Court has decided to accept the case. The implications of its ruling will likely be historic and impact millions of school kids across the country.

To follow this case and learn more about how you can protect privacy at your children’s or grandchildren’s school, visit

Poland Considers Bill to Ban Abortion

Poland is setting a good example for both its European neighbors and America. In a 267-154 vote last month, Polish lawmakers sent a bill that seeks the total ban of abortion in the country to committee for further consideration. It came to parliament after a citizens’ group, Stop Abortion, delivered a petition with 450,000 signatures calling for a complete ban on abortion. The bill would criminalize the performance of abortion by physicians.

Canadian Pastor Born in South Korea Sentenced to Life in North Korean Labor Camp for Humanitarian Work

A South Korea-born Canadian pastor who was arrested in North Korea last year for allegedly plotting to overthrow the state has been hospitalized because of poor health, reports the Gospel Herald. Lim had been involved in humanitarian work in North Korea, where he helped establish orphanages and nursing homes, for almost 20 years. He had traveled to the country more than 100 times before his arrest.  

Hyeon Soo Lim, pastor at Light Presbyterian Church in Toronto, was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor despite his deteriorating health. Lim told CNN that he worked eight hours a day, six days a week, in the labor camp, digging holes for planting apple trees. Lim said, “I hope I can go home someday.”

Police Officer Gives Himself a Ticket for Running Red Light

According to Fox News, a Haines City, Florida cop named Tim Glover actually gave himself a $160 ticket after reviewing a traffic video and spotting his own patrol car running a red light.

Glover said, “I’ve always been taught that if you’ve done something wrong, to take responsibility for what you’ve done and accept your punishment.”

Fire on FedEx Cargo Plane in Florida Airport Causes Mostly Exterior Damage

CNN reports that a FedEx cargo plane caught fire upon landing on the runway at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Airport last Friday afternoon, causing the airport to shut down for several hours.

Video shot by an onlooker at the airport showed a fireball exploding out of the damaged aircraft and recorded the startled cries of people watching.

Thankfully, most of the fire damage occurred on the plane’s exterior near the left wing and engine. The pilots and the overnight cargo were unscathed.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.