Iranian Muslims recruiting suicide bombers to hit Israel, Int’l House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle accused of sexual abuse, 10-year-old quadruple amputee to climb mountain to raise money

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Nigerian Muslims killed 17 Christians in Benue State

On Sunday, October 29th, Fulani Muslim herdsmen and other terrorists killed six Christians in Benue State, Nigeria, following the slaughter of 10 others earlier last month, reports Morning Star News.

In addition, another Christian in Benue State, 80-year-old Washima Erukaa, was killed after being kidnapped on September 23rd. A relative said, “His captors had demanded that we pay a ransom of $6,340, but we were not able to raise the money.”  So, the Muslim terrorists killed him on October 23rd.

Please pray that God would comfort the families who are grieving.

Nigeria is the sixth most dangerous nation worldwide for Christians

Turkey withdraws ambassador from Israel, breaks off ties

As the death toll among Palestinian civilians has soared in the war between Israel and Hamas, the Muslim terrorists, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan said Saturday that he was recalling its ambassador to Israel and breaking off contacts with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protest at the bloodshed in Gaza, reports AFP.

The Muslim leader announced the decisions on the eve of what promises to be a difficult visit to Turkey by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Turkey, a Palestinian ally, had been mending torn relations with Israel until last month’s start of the Israel-Hamas war.

Iranian Muslims recruiting suicide bombers to hit Israel

A hard-line Iranian group has been actively recruiting potential suicide bombers for operations in Israel, reports 24/7 News Around the World.

The group responsible for this recruitment drive, Hezbollah, different from the Lebanese militant group with the same name, has initiated a campaign in the southeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, a significant place in Shia Islam.

Posters featuring calls for ‘martyrdom’ have appeared on the streets of Mashhad, imploring residents to submit their personal details for consideration.

These posters declare, “It’s time for Jihad,” as they seek people to join a “special battalion of martyr seekers for Palestine.”

Int’l House of Prayer Founder Mike Bickle accused of sexual abuse

The Roys Report revealed that Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, is facing allegations of clergy sexual abuse “spanning several decades,” according to an October 28th statement from the ministry’s leaders.

Titus 1:6a declares, “An elder must be blameless, faithful to his wife.”

Stuart Greaves, the Executive Director of the International House of Prayer, read an announcement during the 11 a.m. service at the Forerunner Church in Grandview, Missouri.

GREAVES: “We are heartbroken to share that we recently became aware of serious allegations of sexual immorality directed against Mike Bickle. Our leadership team takes these allegations very seriously. And we are laboring for truth, light, redemption and righteousness.”

Mike Bickle has led the House of Prayer since 1999. It is a 24/7 charismatic, prayer ministry with about 2,500 full-time staff, students, and interns, which attracts people from around the world.

Ohio Catholic churches vandalized over pro-life convictions ahead of Nov. 7th vote

Just days ahead of a statewide vote on whether to enshrine abortion into the Ohio Constitution, vandalism is reportedly on the rise against Catholic churches in the Buckeye State because of their outspokenness against the pro-abortion constitutional amendment, reports

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the Issue 1 amendment would go far beyond even Roe v. Wade

It would block prohibitions on partial-birth and dismemberment abortions, allow abortionists to target disabled babies, and end parental consent requirements for abortion. Plus, if Issue 1 passes tomorrow in Ohio, it would empower minors to make their own decisions about contraception, sterilization, and so-called “gender transition.”

10-year-old quadruple amputee to climb mountain to raise money

And finally, a 10-year-old quadruple amputee is going to attempt to summit a 656-foot mountain to raise money for other children with disabilities, reports Good News Network.

The climber, Luke Mortimer, is determined to summit Embsay Crag, in North Yorkshire, England which he can see from his rural home. The kind-hearted youngster has dubbed the peak his ‘Everest,’ and is undertaking the challenge as an attempt to “return the favor” to charities which have helped him.

Luke was just seven years old when he contracted the severe bacterial infections meningococcal meningitis and septicemia. Although he survived the deadly illnesses, he lost all four of his limbs and needed 23 painful surgeries over a ten-week period to replace missing skin and address his wounds.

Charities and fundraisers set up in the wake of Luke’s amputations managed $18,000 worth of donations from an army of well-wishers, allowing him to get his prosthetics.

During the two-mile journey to the top of the summit, Luke will be wearing a set of shortened knee-length prosthetics called ‘stubbies’ for the climb.

Here at The Worldview we salute Luke Mortimer and pray that he successfully completes his mountainous journey and that the people of Britain would be generous as they bless other children who face amputations.


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