Iraq/Iran Earthquake Kills 400, Christian Leader Stands with Roy Moore, Canadian Family Refused Adoption Because of Stance on Homosexuality

Tuesday, November 14th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

Texas Church Holds Their First Service Since the Shooting

The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas met for Sunday services under a tent since the church itself is both the location of an ongoing crime investigation and unsuitable for worship until they can complete a major cleaning and renovation. It was their first meeting after the deadly mass shooting a week ago that killed 26, including an unborn child.

Pastor Frank Pomeroy said, “I guarantee, without any shadow of a doubt, they are dancing with Jesus today. God gets the glory.”

The pastor told the media and the people gathered, that “I want everyone to know that the people who died, lived for their Lord and Savior.”

Over 500 attended the service, which was covered by CNN, the New York Times, and ABC News. 

Roy Moore Neck and Neck with Democrat Doug Jones in Polls

The U.S. Senate race in Alabama is now pretty much neck and neck. One poll puts Judge Roy Moore four points ahead, while another poll puts the Democrat candidate, Doug Jones, four points ahead. 

This comes after allegations that Roy Moore had an inappropriate relationship with at least one teenaged girl, some 38 years ago. Moore says he plans to sue The Washington Post for what he calls “completely false” allegations.

But, Christians must always remember that, “A single witness shall not suffice against a person for any crime or for any wrong in connection with any offense that he has committed. Only on the evidence of two witnesses or of three witnesses shall a charge be established.” (Deuteronomy 19:15) 

Janet Folger Porter Stands Up for Roy Moore

The World View spoke with Janet Folger Porter, founder of Faith 2 Action, who wrote a column entitled “I stand with Judge Roy Moore”. She is highly skeptical of the Washington Post story.

The Washington Post endorsed Judge Roy Moore’s opponent. They’ve got a dog in this fight.  They know who they want to win. They’ve certainly attacked him on many fronts and reported things in a very inaccurate way. It’s almost like they were sitting around saying, ‘How can we take him down?’ I can just see it in a brainstorming session at The Washington Post. They themselves would say this is laughable. You’re up against Judge Roy Moore, and you’re going to try to Harvey Weinstein this guy?”

Porter took a closer look at the woman who made the most damaging claim against Roy Moore.

“Look, the woman who accused him, the supposed 14-year-old, is a self-admitted suicidal, drug-using, three-time divorcee, who filed for bankruptcy three times, whose statute for limitations on her claim without a witness ran out 35 years ago.”

Porter said that the accusations being leveled against Roy Moore are not in keeping with his demonstrably impressive character for the last several decades.

“The people who molest and attack women typically do not stop that behavior unless there’s a road to Damascus experience. You don’t go from a guy that’s completely immersed in self-gratification, like Bill Clinton, to a faithful, Ten Commandment, marriage-honoring man, who, at the expense of his own career, gave up his job twice. That is not Judge Moore. He’s not a Bill Clinton. He’s not a Harvey Weinstein. He is not the kind of man that they are depicting him to be.”

Porter and other Christian leaders are not backing down.

“I stand with him now because he’s a man of integrity and false accusations are not going to fly because the people of Alabama are not going to buy this depiction from the media.

“I encourage people not only to encourage our friends in Alabama to vote for Judge Moore, but to donate now to his campaign. We need to rise up and make sure that this godly man goes to the Senate to help drain the swamp.”

Bloomberg Predicts “Retail Apocalypse”

Bloomberg is announcing an impending “retail apocalypse” for America. They forecast a record 6,800 chain retail stores to close this year, and $1 trillion dollars of high yield loans coming due within the next five years. 

Canadian Family Denied Right to Adopt Due to Biblical Views on Homosexuality

An evangelical family in Edmonton, Canada was refused the right to adopt because they stated opposition to the sin of homosexuality. CBC News reported that, “The casework supervisor said this stance was the ‘official position of the Alberta government.’”

Matthew 11:20,24 says, “Then Jesus began to rebuke the cities. . .because they did not repent:. . . I say to you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment than for you.”

Results of Australian Vote on Homosexual Marriage Coming Wednesday

Australians are waiting expectantly for the results of the national referendum vote on marriage for those who live in unnatural affections, men with men and women with women. The results are coming on Wednesday.

Hundreds Killed in Earthquake on Border of Iraq and Iran

According to God’s providential purposes, a massive earthquake hit the Iraq/Iran border on Sunday, killing 400 people, and injuring thousands more.

The 7.3 quake was the most deadly this year. This country, which has been shaken by the Gospel and that persecutes Christian saints, is one of the most seismic-active countries in the world. Since 1960, 40,000 people have died in 33 major quakes.

North Korean Soldier Escapes into South Korea

A North Korean soldier defected over the demilitarized zone into South Korea yesterday. He was shot twice as he made the dash for freedom.

South Korea’s military service says he will recover from his wounds. The BBC said this is only the fourth military defection in three years. 

Brazilian Legislative Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortion

Evangelical Christians have made some headway in the Brazilian government as a legislative committee has passed a bill banning abortion in all cases by a vote of 18-1.

The Daily Caller reports that the bill would amend the constitution and formally recognize the right to life for the unborn. Evangelical pastor and Congressman Eurico told the committee “To defend abortion, like it or not, is a Satanic, diabolical and destructive act.”

Zechariah 9:9-10 says, “Behold, your King is coming to you; . . . He is righteous and victorious . . His dominion shall be ‘from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth.”

Closing Line

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