Judge Loses Everything for Refusing Gay Marriage, Brazil Gets Pro-Life President, Hopes for Blue Wave Fading in Mid-Terms

Tuesday, October 30th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Kevin Swanson

Christian Judge Virtually Bankrupted Defending Opposition to Gay “Marriage”

Oregon Judge Vance Day says he lost everything when he refused to conduct weddings for men and women living in unnatural affections.

Last March he received a three-year suspension from office by the Judicial Fitness Commission. Spurious charges against Judge Day were dismissed by a Portland judge last week, but not before he was virtually bankrupted in the legal fight. He was forced to sell his home and other assets to pay for the $1.2 million legal bill, according to OregonLive.com.

Judge Day says his troubles began when he recused himself from officiating at a homosexual faux wedding.

Police in India Attacking Churches

Now come reports that police officers in the Tamil Nadu state in India are leading the attacks on churches.

International Christian Concern reports that police officers entered a Christian home in the state shouting “filthy” epithets, and beating the Christians gathered there.

Wales Is 61st Country to Consider Anti-Spanking Law

The country of Wales is working on an anti-spanking ban. The government is working on an “informational campaign” for now.

Recent statistics indicate that only 11% of Welsh parents spank their children, down from 22% just two years earlier.

According to the Christian Institute, “Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones wants to make it a criminal offence for parents to use ‘reasonable chastisement’ – which could even include picking up a misbehaving child.”

A total of 60 countries have banned spanking in recent years, including New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Germany, Greece, and most of South America, reports CNN.

However, God’s Word speaks more authoritatively, when it says, “Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” (Proverbs 13:24)

Brazil’s “Donald Trump” Wins Election; Opposes Abortion, “Gay” Marriage

Over the weekend, the nation of Brazil elected Jair Bolsonaro for president in a run-off election.

Sometimes referred to as Brazil’s “Donald Trump”, Bolsonaro has taken a public stance against abortion and the marriage of those living in unnatural affections, men with men, and women with women.

This election marks the strongest political impact felt by Brazil’s growing evangelical movement in the history of the country.

Liberal Politico.com Wondering if Democrats Will Lose Mid-Terms

Are hopes for the Blue Wave fading for the Democrats?

The liberal website Politico.com is admitting that the mid-term elections will be a matter of “limiting losses” for the Democratic Party.

The seat of Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota appears to be a lost cause. And Republican Senator Ted Cruz still leads in Texas in the polls by six points.

Indeed, as Proverbs 21:1 teaches, “the heart of the King, [and the voters] are in the hands of the Lord, and He turns it whithersoever He wills.”

The Islamization of Europe Continues as People Reject Christ

The National Review reports on the continued Islamization of Europe, after the rejection of the Christian faith on the continent.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled to limit free speech, in order to meet the requirements of blasphemy standards required under Sharia Law.

An Austrian housewife referred to the Muslim prophet Mohammed’s marriage to a 9-year-old girl in two seminars she gave in 2009. She was fined about $550 for implying that Mohammed was a pedophile.

Indonesian Airliner with 189 Aboard Crashes

A Lion Air Boeing 737 airliner out of Jakarta, Indonesia crashed into the ocean yesterday, carrying 181 passengers and 8 crew members.

According to a CNN report, Lion Air is one of dozens of airline companies that have been banished from European Union air space on account of safety issues.

Russia Prepares for War with America

A Russian official, speaking for the foreign ministry, said that Russia is “preparing for war” after the United States pulled out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, reports The Express.

Andrei Belousov, deputy head of the Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control, said that Russia is “preparing to defend our homeland.”

The Trump administration is pulling out of the INF treaty for what the United States perceives as Russia’s violations of the same treaty.

Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.” (Luke 6:27-28)

3 Jews Care for Anti-Semitic Mass Murderer in Pittsburgh

The accused mass murderer of 11 Jews at The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Robert Bowers was still shouting, “I want to kill all Jews” as he was taken into Pittsburgh’s Allegheny General Hospital.

However, the first three people assigned to care for the gunman, who himself was shot multiple times by police, turned out to be Jews themselves, reports Fox News. Bowers faces 11 counts of criminal homicide and another six counts of aggravated assault.

Peanut Allergies on the Rise

And finally, allergies are on the increase in America.

The Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital discovered that peanut allergies increased from a 1 in 250 incidence for children to 1 in 70 over ten years.


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