Julian Castro defends abortion for trans “women”, 3 million Brazilians march for Jesus, British doctor told to stop praying with patients

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By Jonathan Clark

How we can remember the persecuted church

The Early Rain Church in China has been in the news after over 100 people from their congregation were arrested in December, and they continue to face torture and persecution. Pastor Wang Yi has said he will “never plead guilty” even if he is tortured.

The Worldview spoke to Nathan Johnson of International Christian Concern about how we can remember the persecuted church.

JOHNSON: “Tuning into the news and understanding what’s going is a big deal. They need to understand that we in the US are very privileged.  We can worship openly.  We can go stand on street corners and profess our faith whenever we want to. That’s not common around the world today, especially in places like China. Being in tune with what is going is a big deal and being able to pray for and understand their suffering, I believe this is a huge key to that. This is a church that just wanted to worship Christ. The Chinese Government said, ‘No’, and arrested a bunch of them six months ago and has tortured them for the past few months so we need to understand and be praying for those families.”

Johnson said the government tortured the Christians to fabricate accusations against Pastor Yi.

JOHNSON: “We do know from those who were detained.  They were tortured.  They gave information, whether true or false, because torture is not a very good way of getting correct information, that the Chinese Government is actually using some of that information that they got through the torture to actually prosecute Pastor Wang Yi, for subversion against the Chinese Government. It’s obviously a terrible situation.  These families have now suffered more than they ever should have.”

Pray that these brothers and sisters are comforted by the words of Revelation 2:10 which says, “ Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution … Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.”

3 million Brazilian Christians March for Jesus

Three million evangelicals filled the streets of São Paulo, Brazil for the 27th annual March for Jesus last Thursday.

Estevam Hernandes, President of the March for Jesus in Brazil, opened the event with prayer, saying, “We cry out for Brazil, for the families, for the end of corruption, for the afflicted hearts, our country belongs to Jesus Christ. To Him all honor, glory, power and majesty. As it says in Psalms 33: Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Over 4,000 caravans marched, represented by different Brazilian states and various evangelical denominations, followed by 10 hours of praise and worship.

President Jair Bolsonaro addressed the march, the first Brazilian president to attend the March for Jesus.

British Christian doctor ordered to stop praying with patients

Dr. Richard Scott, a Christian general practitioner at the Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate, Kent, England, is facing the loss of his medical license for “evangelizing” and praying for his patients.

Dr. Scott continued to witness to his faith with patients despite being warned not to do so after the National Secular Society raised concerns over his conduct.

Mexico’s northern state votes against redefining marriage

Mexico’s northern state of Sinaloa narrowly voted against a bill last week to amend the state’s family code. The bill would have redefined marriage as a union of “persons” instead of “a man and a woman.”

Just a few months ago, Sinaloa also included in its state constitution “the right to life from the moment an individual is conceived.”

Democratic presidential candidates stand for baby murder

During Wednesday’s first of two U.S. Democratic presidential candidate debates in Miami hosted by NBC, candidates covered a broad range of topics including abortion.

Multiple candidates spoke out in support of murdering unborn babies, including Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Proverbs 1:16 says, “For their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood.”

Here’s NBC’s Lester Holt with a question about baby-killing for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.


HOLT: “Senator Warren, would you put any limits on abortion?”

WARREN: “I would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive health care services and that includes birth control, it includes abortion, it includes everything for a woman.”

Then, Julian Castro, Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio, Texas mayor, said something absolutely bizarre!

CASTRO: “Just because a woman, or, let’s also not forget, someone in the trans community, a trans female, is poor doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose.  So, I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.”

Wait a minute! No matter how much estrogen a man might take, no matter how much plastic surgery he may get, he will never be able to bear children in order to possibly abort one of them under a Castro administration. That one didn’t pass the laugh test.

And, on another policy note, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, in his closing remarks, referenced his three grandchildren, and said this.


INSLEE: “I decided that on my last day on earth, I wanted to look them in the eye and tell them I did everything humanly possible to protect them from the ravages of the climate crisis. We can save ourselves. We can save our children. We can save our grandchildren. And we can save literally  the life on this planet. This is our moment.”

Somehow, I doubt that Governor Inslee will be thinking about the so-called climate crisis on his deathbed.  I hope he will be grappling with the weighty issue of the eternal destiny of his soul, asking God to forgive him of his sin and trusting Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Presbyterian Church USA to ordain non-binary person

A regional body of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S., plans to ordain their first pastoral candidate who pretends to be neither male nor female.

Presbytery of the James in Virginia will hold an ordination ceremony on Saturday for Jess Cook, the first so-called “non-binary person” to complete the denomination’s ordination process.

Cook claimed, “If worship is only ‘brothers and sisters’ — youth will simply opt out of church.”

But Jesus said in Mark 10:6, “But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’”

To complain to the PCUSA, call 1 (800) 728-7228 and email info@pcusa.org.

Americans coming to their senses on abortion, trans issues

With recent controversial bills about abortion and so-called “transgender rights,” some new Gallup polls looked at Americans’ views on the issues.

Sixty percent of Americans say abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances, the highest percentage since 2011.

And 51% of Americans say that people pretending to be the opposite sex should have to use the restroom corresponding with their birth gender.

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