Kavanaugh’s potential assassin faces life imprisonment, Dow sinks to lowest level in a year, Pro-abortion terrorists threaten more violence against pro-lifers

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By Adam McManus (Adam@TheWorldview.com)

Pakistani high court sentences Christians to death

The Lahore, Pakistan High Court has upheld the death sentence of two brothers, both Christians, for alleged “blasphemy” against the false religion of Islam, reports ChristianNews.

Qasir and Amoon Ayub were convicted of so-called “blasphemy” and sentenced to death by a lower court in December 2018. Their appeal was heard by the Lahore High Court between February 28 and March 4. The verdict of death was announced on June 8.

Blasphemy against Islam includes the mocking or vilifying of attributes of Islam or denying any of the fundamental beliefs of Islam. For example, a Christian would be guilty of blasphemy against Islam if he dared to claim that the Quran was not divinely revealed or that Muhammed was not a legitimate prophet from God. Islam prescribes death as the fitting punishment.

But in Exodus 20:2-3, God declared, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Dow sinks to lowest level in a year

On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled below the 30,000-point level for the first time since January 2021, reports CNBC.  Investors are worried that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive approach toward curbing inflation would bring the economy into a recession.

Markets had rallied on Wednesday after the Fed announced its largest rate hike since 1994, but reversed those gains and then some on Thursday.

The Dow dropped 2.42%, or 741 points, to 29,927, while the S&P 500 slipped 3.25%. And the Nasdaq Composite slid 4% and touched its lowest level since September 2020.

Kavanaugh’s potential assassin faces life imprisonment

The California man who admitted to flying across the country to try to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is facing life in prison if convicted after a grand jury returned an indictment on June 15, reports The Epoch Times.

Nicholas John Roske, age 26, of Simi Valley, was indicted on one count of “Attempt to Assassinate Justice of United States,” according to a court filing.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said this about Roske’s behavior.

GARLAND: “It’s obviously behavior that we will not tolerate. Threats of violence and actual violence against the justices, of course, strike at the heart of our democracy.”

On June 8th, Roske flew to an airport in the Washington area and took a taxi to Chevy Chase, Maryland at 1:00 a.m. After spotting two U.S. deputy marshals standing on the property, he walked down the street, and called 911 on himself. In two separate interviews with law enforcement, Roske admitted that he went to Kavanaugh’s home with the intention of breaking into the residence, killing the justice, and then killing himself afterwards.

Roske stated that he was motivated by fears that Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee, would rule against Roe v. Wade in the upcoming decision in a case brought by the state of Mississippi.

In addition to the gun and ammunition, he also had thermal imaging equipment, a crowbar, a black face mask, a lock-picking kit, zip ties, duct tape, a hammer, and pepper spray.

Pro-abortion terrorists threaten more violence against pro-lifers

A pro-abortion terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on U.S. pro-life groups in the past month has declared “open season” on pro-life ministries in a letter that makes more threats, reports The Blaze.

The anarchist group, Jane’s Revenge, published a new “communiqué” threatening pro-life groups with a campaign of violence if they do not cease their pro-life work.

Jane’s Revenge said, “Your thirty days expired yesterday. We offered an honourable way out. You could have walked away. Now the leash is off.

“We have demonstrated in the past month how easy and fun it is to attack. We are versatile, we are mercurial, and we answer to no one but ourselves. We promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures. Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti.”

Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for at least 16 acts of vandalism or arson that have targeted pro-life groups in the past month.

Isaiah 59:7 describes these wicked people well. “Their feet rush into sin; they are swift to shed innocent blood. They pursue evil schemes; acts of violence mark their ways.”

Worldview listeners speak out from Idaho and Wisconsin

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And Stephen Troester in Linden, Wisconsin, wrote, “I have been listening to The Worldview in 5 Minutes for about six and a half years. I appreciate the focus on remembering our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ and hearing a biblical perspective on current events. I also enjoy hearing the positive news stories at the end of many newscasts. May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to shed the Lord’s light and truth on the news!”

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