Keith Getty to pastors: “Love your people enough to care about what they sing”, Plumber found 500 envelopes of cash/checks in Lakewood Church’s wall, Jane Fonda: “COVID is God’s gift to the Left.”

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8 Christian families in India told they cannot use well or have jobs

On November 22, eight Christian families from Bansgoam village in India’s Chhattisgarh state were summoned to a village gathering of 100 people where they were told to recant their faith in Christ by radical Hindu nationalists, reports International Christian Concern.

When they refused, a social boycott was declared against the Christian families until they left the village or recanted their faith.  That boycott is crippling and possibly fatal.

It will deny them the right to collect water from the village well, the right to walk on the roads, the right to bury their dead, and the right to be paid for labor.

2 Timothy 3:12 says, “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Jane Fonda: ‘COVID is God’s gift to the Left.’

Appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson last Thursday, Victor Davis Hanson, said that Dr. Anthony Fauci will not admit to the damage done from the COVID lockdowns.

HANSON: “Fauci from the beginning just couldn’t talk about the damage. the lockdown was inflicting — economic, social, medical — from spousal abuse to missed surgeries. He just couldn’t say natural immunity acquired through prior infections may be as effective as a vaccine. He wouldn’t do it.”

Hanson referenced a Jane Fonda quote which encapsulated the Left’s take on COVID.

HANSON: “You know, I don’t listen to Jane Fonda much. I don’t think anybody does. But she did say something at the beginning of all this. She said, ‘COVID is God’s gift to the Left.’ And what she meant was, I think, that everything from making Election Day irrelevant to depriving citizens of free choice and the Bill of Rights was possible through the hysteria that happened to this very serious plague.”

Fauci defaults to more rules, more regulation and less of your liberty

Last Wednesday, as Dr. Anthony Fauci held a White House briefing on the Omicron variant of COVID, Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy asked about the double standard which required new testing for citizens, but none for the illegal aliens streaming by the hundreds of thousands across our Southern border.

DOOCY: “As you advise the President about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming into this country, does that include everybody?”

FAUCI: “The answer is yes. Because you know that the new regulation is that anybody and everybody who’s coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here.”

DOOCY: “But what about people who don’t take a plane and just these border crossers coming in huge numbers?”

FAUCI: “You know, that’s a different issue.”

In a segment with Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Fox News host asked for his reaction to Fauci’s response.

FOX HOST: “Why do you suppose he didn’t show more concern about the number of migrants pouring over our southern border from many countries where COVID still remains a hotspot? Why wouldn’t he be more concerned about that, If he’s so concerned about those coming over via plane?”

PAUL: “Because he’s clearly a partisan. I mean, he was attacking Senator Cruz over his opinion on seating the electors. I mean, he’s clearly a partisan. What he always defaults to is more rules, more regulation and less of your liberty.

“So instead of waiting to find out whether this is a dangerous variant, he immediately wants to test everybody. Why would you make a blanket decision for the whole world — on locking the economy down, locking the country up, banning travel — before you know whether this is a deadly variant or a less deadly variant? It’s incomprehensible that this man is still in charge of anything!”

Plumber found 500 envelopes of cash/checks in Lakewood Church’s wall

You may remember that $600,000 was stolen from a safe at Houston’s Lakewood Church in 2014. Now, all these years later, another bombshell has dropped.

A plumber says he found gobs of cash and checks in hundreds of Lakewood Church offering envelopes stuffed in a wall while he was doing work at the church on November 10, 2021. The news came to light when he called the radio morning show at 100.3 The Bull, reports Channel 2 in Houston.

The plumber said, “There was a loose toilet in the wall, and we removed the tile. We went to go remove the toilet, and I moved some insulation away and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall, and I was like ‘Oh wow!’” He turned it in to the maintenance supervisor.

There’s no indication how much money the plumber found in the wall, but it might very well be some or all the money which had been stolen in 2014.

Keith Getty to pastors: “ ‘Love your people enough to care about what they sing”

And finally, in an interview with The Christian Post, hymn writer Keith Getty was asked about the importance of churches vetting the music that their congregations choose to sing.

GETTY: “The pastor goes, ‘I preach the Word. Everybody else do the rest, and I’ll just concentrate on the sermon.’ Well, that’s, that’s stupidity. That’s not how the Bible was written. That’s not how the Church fathers behaved.

“Everyone from the great reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin to revivalists including Jonathan Edwards and Dwight Moody understood that, ‘Yes, you preach the Word, but what your congregation sings and the shape of your services, from the prayers to the Bible readings, is crucially important.’

“I would say to any pastor or teacher out there — love your people enough to care about what they sing.”

“These songs are, a lot of times, written by people who you wouldn’t trust to be your kids’ Sunday school teachers. We’ve got to be wiser. We’ve got to own up to the responsibilities of our lives. The [Christian worship] movement as a whole shouldn’t be trusted like you trust something like the Bible.”

Getty’s latest album is entitled Confessio – Irish American Roots.

Psalm 25:5 is a prayer to God. “Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.”


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