Kenya’s preaching policeman, 2,246 baby corpses in abortionist’s home, Benny Hinn: Prosperity gospel damaged people

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by Kevin Swanson

How you can help Bahamian churches through Generations

The damage done by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas is topping $7 billion by some estimates.

That’s about 70% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.  That would be equivalent to a natural disaster causing $15 trillion in the United States.  The Worldview is raising money for Christian churches on the islands hardest hit.

Simply go to and click on Give, and select the category  “International Ministry Outreach”.

After Saudi oil production plant blown up, prices rice 11%

Expect gas prices to pump up.

After 5% of the world’s oil supplies were knocked out by military attacks on Saudi oil stations over the weekend, oil prices bumped up 11%, reports That’s the largest increase since the 1991 first Gulf War.

Yemen Houthi Muslims, funded by Iran, have claimed responsibility for the attacks, reports Fox News.

Abortionist stored 2,246 corpses of aborted babies in home

A  grisly find in an abortionist’s home in South Bend, Indiana.

Police have uncovered 2,246 preserved corpses of dead babies in the home of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.  The abortionist had died on September 3rd, reports

More New York families homeschooling over immunizations

The State of New York removed its religious exemption for immunizations during the summer months.

This has provided an uptick in families opting for homeschooling, reports the Wall Street Journal.

California has now banned state travel to 8th state

The United States of America are not so united any more — with California banning state government travel to Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi because it disagrees with their conservative worldview, reports the Sacramento Bee.

The latest state to receive the travel ban is Iowa, after the legislature banned Medicaid funding for transgender surgeries.

Benny Hinn: Prosperity “Gospel” has damages a lot of people

Benny Hinn, the well-known faith preacher, says he has been back walking back the prosperity Gospel message for two years — which various online videos have substantiated, reports

He made this confession in an Encounter TV interview.

HINN: “It has damaged a lot of people.”

Saying he does not see the Bible in the same way he used to, Hinn claims he is into the Word “way more,” and now studies it for his own spiritual benefit.

Hinn said he wants to be a preacher of the Gospel which he described as the message that  “Jesus, the Son of God, [who] came to earth, lived a sinless life, proved to be the Son of God, by the miracles, and by death and resurrection. And we have to preach Jesus, crucified, and Jesus resurrected. And to point people to the cross. Because the cross is life. The cross is what brings change to their life.”

Hinn preached to 7.3 million people in 3 crusades in 2007 and a total of 1.5 billion people over the years, according to

Thank God He gives grace to the humble.  (James 4:6)

Income down for young men, up for young women

The median income for young men in the work force has dropped 12%, from $46,000 to $40,500 since 1974 (adjusted for inflation).

Plus, women have seen a median income rise from $20,000 to $30,000 over the same period.

Kendrick Brothers movie “Overcomer” has made $29 million

The Kendrick movie, Overcomer, topped $29,000,000 in its fourth week at the box office.

The film is on track to “overcome” receipts for Courageous, the Kendrick’s 2011 film, but is still falling pretty far short of War Room’s success in 2015.

This year’s box office receipts for the pro-life movie Unplanned hit $19,000,000. That compares to $5 million for the pro-life film October Baby in 2011.

Kenya’s preaching policeman

And finally, Kenya Standard Media featured a story on September 11th of a police Chief Inspector known as the “Preaching Policeman.”

William Sifuna patrols the dusty streets of Maralal with a Bible and a gun. He told KSM: “We need God’s intervention in everything we are doing as the police force.”

Before locking up the criminals, he says he preaches to them – and most of them confess and turn away from crime. Then, he also works with thieves to restitute to their victims what they have stolen.


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