Massive Attack on Christians in Sri Lanka, K-Love Opposes Unplanned Movie, Church Membership Down 20%

Easter Monday, April 22nd, in the year of our Lord 2019

By Adam McManus (

Terrorist bombs blow up Sri Lankan Christians in 3 churches

As Christians in Sri Lanka gathered on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, eight bombing attacks exploded through three churches packed with pews, reports the New York Times.

In what the police said were coordinated terrorist attacks carried out by a single group, bombers also struck three hotels popular with tourists. At least 207 people were killed and 450 others injured. It was the largest
attack on South Asian Christians in recent memory.

Nigerian Muslims Kill 17 Christians During Baby Dedication Meal

Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 17 Christians on Sunday, April 14th who had gathered for a celebration feast after a baby dedication at a church in central Nigeria, Africa including the mother of the child, reports Christian Headlines.

The baby’s father, John Kabiru Ali, was shot and is in critical condition. He is receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Keffi Federal Medical Centre in Nasarawa state.

The massacred Christians were buried last Wednesday, April 17 after a funeral service at the Ruhaniya Baptist church.

Former Bill Clinton advisor: Trump is not Nixon or Bill Clinton

Mark Penn, who served as pollster and adviser to President Bill Clinton from 1995 to 2000, including during Clinton’s impeachment, wrote a fascinating column for

He said, “The big difference between [the publication of the Mueller Report] and what happened in 1998 or during the Nixon era is that, at the end of the day, the Mueller investigators found no stained dress, no break-in, no hush money, no enemies list.

“There never was a crime, and what seemed far-fetched was simply that — this time, a duly elected president was investigated for a crime that never even existed. In fact, evidence is mounting that the investigation itself was launched on phony grounds.

“The country deserves a Congress focused not on investigations, but on issues such as health care, infrastructure and immigration.”

K-LOVE Refuses to Air Ads for Pro-Life Movie Unplanned

K-LOVE, the nationally syndicated contemporary Christian radio station, refused to air ads for the pro-life movie Unplanned, which tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion mill director in College Station, Texas turned pro-life advocate, reports

In late March, Johnson revealed the Christian radio network had banned ads for Unplanned, claiming the content was too “political,” which K-LOVE works to avoid.

Then, when its pro-life Christian listeners pushed back on this absurdity, K-LOVE claimed their censorship of the ads was due to Unplanned’s R-rating which is due solely to the depiction of an abortion since there is no nudity, sex scenes, bad language, or gratuitous violence. However, that claim doesn’t hold water either since K-LOVE aired ads for Mel Gibson’s R-rated movie The Passion of the Christ.

Please send a polite email of objection to K-LOVE through a link in our transcript today at Their leadership team should know that it is “positive”, “encouraging” and “family-friendly” to take a stand to protect pre-born babies from murder!

In Psalm 94:16, God asks, “Who will rise up for Me against the wicked?
Who will take a stand for Me against evildoers?”

Doctor Examines Crucifixion of Christ

Dr. Joseph Bergeron, the author of “The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ,” reveals shocking medical details about the crucifixion that enable us to see the terrible suffering our Savior Jesus endured for us, reports

1 Peter 3:18 declares, “For Christ died for sins once and for all, a good man on behalf of sinners, in order to lead you to God. He was put to death physically, but made alive spiritually.”

‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie Director Explains His Pro-Life Conversion

Actor Nick Loeb, director of the upcoming film Roe v. Wade, revealed why he went from being a pro-abortion advocate who supported two abortions in past relationships to a vocal defender of the unborn, reports the Christian Post.

Loeb recalled, “I grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s, and I was taught that when a woman gets pregnant, it’s just a bunch of cells; there’s no life there, it’s not a baby until it can kick.” So, he felt like his two previous girlfriends were justified to abort his babies.

But he admitted, “As I got older, into my late 20s and early 30s, I started to have dreams of the children that had been aborted. I saw them at the ages they would’ve been at that time.”

Loeb became personally pro-life, but still thought it was acceptable for others. That’s when a friend asked, “’Do you think it’s OK to rob banks?’ I said, ‘No, of course not.’ He said, ‘But it’s OK for other people to rob banks?’ I said, ‘No.’ He asked, ‘Then why is abortion not OK for you, but it’s OK for other people?’”

The filmmaker pointed out that while the pro-life camp does an excellent job with fundraisers, it has done a poor job of tackling pop culture. That’s why he wrote and produced Roe v. Wade starring Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider and Stacey Dash.

New Gallup Poll: Church Membership Down 20% 

Recent Gallup polls confirm the “secularization thesis” in the United States: Church membership and religious affiliation among all demographics is falling precipitously, reports the New American.

Twenty years ago, 70 percent of Americans said they were members of a church or a synagogue. Today, said Gallup, that has declined by 20 points to just 50 percent.

Twenty years ago, 62 percent of Generation Xers belonged to a church, while among Millennials today just 42 percent say they belong to a church.

C-SPAN’s Bryan Lamb: Americans Need to See Gov’t in Action

And finally, Mr. C-SPAN, Bryan Lamb, is retiring at the age of 77, reports the Wall Street Journal.

For 40 years it has aired live footage of Congress—“your unfiltered view of government,” as one slogan puts it.

C-SPAN, which went live March 19, 1979, a year before CNN, now has a staff of 260—including not a single makeup artist—on a $60 million budget which is funded by cable companies, not taxpayers.

While Lamb persuaded the Senate and the House to allow TV cameras inside its chambers, if the legislative bodies could control the cameras, he was not able to convince the Supreme Court to let its 89 million subscribers to watch the justices and the lawyers argue America’s biggest cases live in front of the all-seeing eye.


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Int’l Christian Concern Pays Airfare for Child Burned in Church Attack

A church in Indonesia experienced a bombing in 2016 that killed one child and left several others injured. The attacker intended to cause more damage; however, his bomb detonated in an area where the church’s toddlers were playing instead, reports International Christian Concern.

Trinity was four years old when she was severely burned by the explosion and endured psychological trauma. As a result of her injuries, Trinity’s family has had to travel to China for medical treatment because the local hospitals were unable to meet all of her needs. International Christian Concern provided the funds for airfare to China so that this little girl could find healing and hope.

Trinity’s mother expressed cited Psalm 136:1. “I thank God because His mercy endureth.”

Juan Guaido Calls Venezuelans to Take to the Streets on May 1st

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Friday called on supporters to take to the streets on May 1 for what he called “the largest march in the history” of the South American country to keep the pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to leave power, reports Reuters.

Guaido has been recognized by the United States and most Western nations as the South American country’s rightful leader. The oil-rich country is in a sixth year of recession, marked by hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods that have prompted more than three million to emigrate.

Maduro calls Guaido a U.S. puppet seeking to oust him in a coup and blames the country’s economic woes on a U.S.-led “economic war.”