Motive of Tulsa shooter: Back pain, NY legislators investigate pro-life centers for not doing abortions, Adventurous play helps boosts children’s mental health

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Hindu radicals beat Indian pastor after finding him praying in home

At least 30 Christians in India were imprisoned in May within the state of Uttar Pradesh, including 20 in the last week alone, reports International Christian Concern.

Authorities justified these arrests by filing false charges of forced conversion.

On May 31st, a mob of Hindu radicals broke into the home of a local pastor who was simply praying with his family. The intruders beat him, dragged him from his home, and assaulted him before handing him over to the police.

Shockingly, instead of arresting the Hindu radicals, the police arrested and imprisoned the Christian pastor.

India is the tenth worst nation in the world for the persecution of Christians.

The pastor must echo the prayer of David, from Psalm 59:1-2, when King Saul tried to kill him.  “Deliver me from my enemies, O God; protect me from those who rise up against me. Deliver me from evildoers and save me from bloodthirsty men.”

Motive of Tulsa shooter: Back pain

Another mass shooting. This time in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital on Wednesday night, reports CBS News.

Deputy Police Chief Eric Dalgleish explained how quickly the police responded.

DALGLEISH: “At 4:52pm, our dispatch received a call of an active shooter at the Natalie medical building. Officers arrived at the location at 4:56. And made contact with victims and the suspect at 5:01pm. The officers that did arrive were hearing shots in the building, and that’s what directed them to the second floor.”

Four people were killed. The gunman is also dead, of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Last month, Michael Louis, the shooter, had an operation on his back. But he claimed the pain had become too much to bear. And when an enraged Louis couldn’t find relief, he blamed the man trying to help—his doctor, reports USA Today.

Police said Louis fatally shot two orthopedists, Dr. Preston Phillips, age 59, and Dr. Stephanie Husen, age 48, as well as a medical receptionist, Amanda Glenn, age 40, and a bystander named William Love, age 73.

He used a semi-automatic rifle he bought just three hours earlier from a local gun store.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum, a Republican, said that the first responders did not hesitate, an apparent contrast to the Uvalde police during the May 25th school shooting who waited an hour to engage the shooter.

BYNUM: “I also want to express our community’s profound gratitude for the broad range of first responders who did not hesitate today to respond to this act of violence. Men and women at the Tulsa police department did not hesitate.”

Biden clueless about how to lower inflation

In the face of exploding inflation, President Joe Biden admitted that he doesn’t know what to do, reports CNS News.

BIDEN: “We can’t take immediate action, that I’m aware of yet, to figure out how we bring down the price of gasoline back to three dollars a gallon.  And we can’t do that immediately with regard to food prices, either.”

NY legislators to investigate pro-life centers for not doing abortions

The New York legislature passed a bill that will effectively empower the state to investigate pro-life pregnancy centers for not offering abortions, effectively punishing them for their reason for existence, reports

The commissioner would be empowered to obtain from pregnancy centers a range of information about their operations, including their tax status and whatever government subsidies they might receive.

The New York-based CompassCare Pregnancy Services released a statement which said, “This bill weaponizes the power of government against groups whose only wrong is that they disagree with the political positions of the powerful. If legislators can conspire to use the power of government to target their chosen ideological enemies, will this miscarriage of justice stop with pro-life pregnancy centers?”

Isaiah 5:20 describes the leftist New York legislators to a “t.”  “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”

Adventurous play helps boosts children’s mental health

And finally, children who spend more time playing adventurously have lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, and were happier over the first COVID-19 lockdown, reports

A study led by the University of Exeter asked parents how often their children engaged in play that was “thrilling and exciting,” where they might experience some fear and uncertainty.

The study comes at a time when today’s children have fewer opportunities for adventurous play out of sight of adults, such as climbing trees, riding bikes, jumping from high surfaces or playing somewhere where they are out of adult sight. The study sought to test theories that adventurous play offers learning opportunities that help build resilience in children, thereby helping to prevent mental health problems.

The research was carried out with two groups of parents: a group of 427 parents living in Northern Ireland and a nationally representative group of 1,919 parents living in Great Britain.

Examples of adventurous activities that don’t cost anything are:

  • Going for a flashlight walk in the dark.
  • Exploring woods alone or with a friend.
  • Camping out overnight.
  • Swimming or paddling in a river or lake.
  • Jumping from a swing.
  • Trying out new skills on a skateboard, roller skates or cycling.
  • Or creating obstacle courses inside or outside.


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