MSNBC analyst: “Idiot percentage of population needs to be told what to do!”, Comedian Jackie Mason died, Team USA earned no medals first day of Summer Olympics

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Saudi Arabia restricts Christians and Shia Muslims

In a July 7th meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken highlighted the United States’ commitment to prioritizing human rights in its relations with Saudi Arabia, reports International Christian Concern.

Because Saudi Arabia’s legal system adheres closely to Islamic Sharia Law, Christians and Shia Muslims face significant limitations on their freedom to worship. The country’s Vision 2030 plan seeks to expand religious liberty.

MSNBC analyst: “Idiot percentage of pop. needs to be told what to do!”

As the Daily Wire reports, “MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski favorably quoted an op-ed from Bloomberg News, titled The Case for Vaccine Mandates.’

BRZEZINSKI: “In much of America, vaccine hesitancy has turned into vaccine defiance. President Joe Biden should go beyond cajoling the vaccine-hesitant and call on hospitals and nursing homes across the U.S. to insist that their employees get their shots. The healthcare industry is the best place to start issuing vaccine mandates. A handful of hospital systems have already imposed them and prove they work. To discourage people from getting their shots is unconscionable.

“But it’s no longer good enough to simply call on vaccine-hesitant to protect themselves and others. Hospitals, schools, and businesses are within their rights to insist on vaccinations and ought to be doing just that.”

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire, who was also on the MSNBC panel, asked Donny Deutsch how another mask mandate would be seen by the public that wants to return to normalcy.

LEMIRE: “Whether it’s places where there’s a lot of vaccine hesitancy, or even places where people are vaccinated, there was such a sense of this summer of being relieved, of not having to wear masks anymore. How will this play? Is this a political firestorm waiting, if masks come back?”

DEUTSCH: “I’m done worrying about what people think. I’m done worrying about is there going to be a firestorm. Whether it’s a mandated mass, whether it’s mandated vaccine, there is an idiot percentage of this population that just needs to be told what to do. And guess what? You don’t have a choice! Too bad.”

Deutsch has made headlines by spewing bombastic declarations. Last year, Deutsch said there is “no difference” between former President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. And in 2019, Deutsch said the United States is headed towards a holocaust because Trump was the president at the time.

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder on California ballot

Last Wednesday, a California judge cleared the way for conservative talk radio host Larry Elder to join the field of 42 other candidates for the September 14th recall election aimed at removing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, reports

Elder scored a swift court victory in Sacramento, where he challenged a decision by state election officials to block him from the September recall ballot.

Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl disagreed with a state decision that Elder failed to meet requirements to qualify to run in the election.

Under a new requirement, candidates for California governor must publicly release tax returns for the five most recent years to qualify for the ballot. It was passed in an effort by Democrats to force former President Donald Trump to release his tax returns during the 2020 election. A court struck down the presidential requirement, but left it in place for gubernatorial candidates.

The judge found the rule didn’t apply to recall elections and, even if it did, Elder had substantially complied. He had submitted all five years’ worth of tax returns, totaling 300 pages. The Democrats had simply taken issue with some of his redactions.

ELDER: “I want to thank Judge Earl for being fair. What she ruled was that this election law didn’t even apply to recall elections and even if it did, I substantially complied.”

Needless to say, the Lord is not pleased with the Democrats’ shameless scheme to block Elder. Proverbs 11:1 says, “The LORD detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with Him.”

The latest poll of 1,000 registered California voters revealed that if Governor Newsom is recalled, 16.2% would vote for Larry Elder, 6.2% favor businessman John Cox, 5.5% like San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and 3.6% would vote for Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Comedian Jackie Mason died

Ninety-three-year-old comedian Jackie Mason, a former rabbi, died at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York on Saturday, with his wife Jyll and a few friends by his side, reports

His famed one-man show, “The World According to Me!” made him a triumph of Broadway in the 1980s.

The doctors and nurses attending to Mason, who had been hospitalized for two weeks and three days, wept when he died.

Team USA earned no medals first day of Summer Olympics

Team USA athletes walked away with no medals on Day 1 of the Summer Games in the first official day of competition at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday, reports  This is the first time no Americans stood on a podium to receive a medal on the first day of the Summer Olympics since 1972 in Munich, Germany.

A total of 11 gold medals were given out Saturday for events in archery, cycling, fencing, judo, air rifle and pistol shooting, taekwondo, and weightlifting.

Florida landscaper saves man’s life

Florida police are lauding a landscaper who leaped into action to save a man having a seizure, despite homeowners in the area yelling at the hero to have the injured man “die somewhere else,” reports

A week ago Monday in Palm Beach County, a landscaper — only identified as “Tony” — was walking to work in a residential neighborhood when he saw a man having a “serious seizure” in a moving car. Instinctively, Tony rushed to the man and even tried to use his bare hands to stop the car from moving.

In a Facebook post, local deputies wrote, “Without thinking twice, Tony ran up to the rolling car and grabbed the fender to try and stop it from rolling down the street further. It ran over Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on!”

The car stopped on a homeowner’s lawn, but the car’s windows were rolled up and the doors were locked. Tony began yelling for others to help him.

Sadly, according to police, the owner of the house where the car stopped, yelled, “Get off our lawn! Get the man out of here. Have him die somewhere else!”

The hero landscaper was able to determine where the injured man lived, ran to his home, and alerted his wife and police. The man was saved after authorities arrived, and “the grateful man and his wife went and found Tony, and gave him a hug” after the incident.

The Oscar-the-Grouch homeowner might want to revisit 1 John 3:17. It asks, “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”


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Armed woman vs. masked gunman in Virginia

A 44-year-old woman in Woodbridge, Virginia — about 23 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. — was leaving her home in the 4100 block of Hoffman Drive just after midnight Thursday when she saw a masked individual armed with a handgun approaching her, reports

What happened next?

Police said the masked individual was coming toward her from the side of her home, and the Washington Post said the person was a “stranger” to the woman.

However, she also had taken steps to protect herself by exercising her Second Amendment rights and also was armed. And the homeowner didn’t hesitate to use her gun, either. Police said she shot the individual who was heading toward her.

When police arrived at the woman’s home, they said they found a man near the front door suffering from gunshot wounds — and a loaded handgun in his possession.

Police said they performed CPR on the man until rescue personnel arrived. The man was taken to a hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries. He was later identified as 20-year-old Azhar Laurent Smart of Triangle, which is about 12 miles southwest of Woodbridge.

The woman was not injured, police noted.

Now what?

After consultation with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, the shooting was ruled justified based on self-defense, police said, adding that in light of the ruling no charges will be placed against the woman.