Netflix Show Salutes Abortion, Christian Doctor Loses Job Over Transgenderism, Special Report: Georgia Right to Life Urges Trump to Withdraw Kavanaugh

Wednesday, July 11th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Adam McManus (

Homosexual Faux Marriage in Cuba?

Evangelicals in Cuba are gearing up to fight what they fear are moves toward the acceptance of homosexual faux marriage in the Communist country, reports Christian Today.

Christian Doctor Loses Job over Objection to Transgenderism

Because he had the gall to assert that gender is determined by biology, British Christian doctor David Mackereth has lost his position, reports The Christian Institute.

After working for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for 26 years, Dr. Mackereth was set to become a disability assessor for the Department for Work and Pensions. But he was deemed “unfit to work” after he said he would refer to patients in accordance with their biological sex.

Plus, he explained that “as a Christian, the Bible teaches us that God made humans male or female.”

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.”

Trump Pardons Cattle Ranchers

President Donald Trump pardoned Oregon cattle ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son yesterday, who had both been convicted on arson charges, sparking the 2016 occupation of a wildlife refuge, reports ABC News.

The Hammonds’ case led to the armed 41-day occupation of a National Wildlife Refuge, during which one occupier was shot dead by police. The takeover was the latest flare-up in a decades-old conflict over federal control of millions of acres of public land in the Western United States.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who did not attend the reserve occupation but advised his sons there from afar, said, “It’s a great day for the Bundys, it’s a great day for the ranching community, and it’s a great day for America that there’s some justice here.”

Texas: Top State for Business

Texas claims the top spot in CNBC’s “2018 America’s Top States for Business” rankings.

In addition to the energy sector helping to turbocharge the $1.6 trillion Texas economy, the Lone Star state has added more than 350,000 jobs in the past year.

Texas is home to giants like AT&T, ExxonMobil and Dell.

Hillary Clinton Might Run for President – Again!

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is planning on appearing at a convention for the American Federation of Teachers this weekend along with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, suggesting that she might be interested in running for president in 2020, reports The Daily Caller.

Netflix TV Show Salutes Abortion

Typically, when a television show hosts a “salute” program around July 4th, its purpose is to honor fallen or injured veterans.

Except Netflix has a new theme: honoring abortion, reports

So-called comedian Michelle Wolf, wearing a red, white and blue leotard and backed by a marching band, led pro-abortion chants on her TV show “The Break with Michelle Wolf.”

“I’d like to do a salute to abortion in The Break’s 10th annual ‘Salute to Abortion’. (applause) Abortion: I salute you. Women, if you need an abortion, get one. (applause) If you want an abortion, get one. (applause) If you’re not pregnant but think you eventually might be and you want to order a future abortion, get one. (applause)  

“It doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s actually a great deal. It’s about $300. That’s like six movie tickets.”

CNS News reports that she once said that the phrase “pro-life” is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like “healthy ice cream”.

Wolf’s most recent national exposure was her downright revolting so-called comedy routine at the White House Correspondents Association dinner last winter.  

Sneak Peek: One Pro-Life Group Gives Trump Thumbs Down

Not all pro-lifers are pleased with President Trump’s pick of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Stay tuned for my eye-opening World View Special Report immediately following the newscast.

God Spares 12 Boys and Their Coach on Thai Soccer Team

God is good! All 12 of the boys and their soccer coach have been safely rescued from the Thailand cave where they had been trapped for two weeks. 

Look at video from The Guardian.

As previously reported, “The escape route is extremely dangerous. A former Thai Navy SEAL, thirty-eight-year-old Saman Gunan, died last Friday while trying to reach the group with oxygen.”

John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The boys and their coach had no idea of the mortal danger they would face when entering the caves. The boys and their coach became stranded in the dark tunnels by a sudden and continuous downpour.

The families of the boys, as well as complete strangers around the world, have been eagerly hoping and praying for their safe rescue. In an age of many disheartening news stories, the story of how rescuers, countries, and diverse people came together for a common cause is truly inspiring. 

Only One World View Listener Helped in Last 24 Hours

And finally, the big update on our fundraising campaign. One listener made a pledge in the last 24 hours toward our Friday, August 3rd goal of $30,000 to keep The World View in 5 Minutes on the air.  

Each day, our team spends 8-9 hours working on The World View between researching, interviewing, transcribing, writing, editing, and voicing the newscast.  

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Special Report: Georgia Right to Life Urges Trump to Withdraw Kavanaugh

Time now for a World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.

By Adam McManus (

When President Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court pick on Monday night in prime time, Ricardo Davis, the president of Georgia Right to Life, felt like he had been sucker punched.

“We were surprised, and quite frankly, disappointed, that President Trump nominated someone like Judge Kavanaugh instead of another candidate such as Judge Barrett who has stated an opinion that is consistently pro-life.”

Davis explained why they concluded that Kavanaugh was a bad pick.

“When Georgia Right to Life looked in detail at the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, most troubling was his statements during his confirmation hearings back in 2006 on his nomination to serve in the D.C. Court of Appeals where he said, and I quote, ‘If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully. That would be the binding precedent of the court. I would follow it. It has been reaffirmed many times.’

“Judge Kavanaugh, as an appellate court judge, is not bound to uphold the precedent of Roe v. Wade.”

In addition, Davis pointed to a second indication that Judge Kavanaugh has a bad record on the question of protecting life.

“The second objection is the Garza case a few years ago where we had an illegal immigrant, who was a minor, who wanted to get an abortion. Judge Kavanaugh agreed that that young woman had a constitutional right to an abortion. If Judge Kavanaugh does believe in a constitutional right of abortion, then we see it in the Garza case where he agreed that an illegal immigrant minor had a constitutional right to an abortion.”

So, what does Georgia Right to Life want President Trump to do?

“Georgia Right to Life is urging President Trump to withdraw Judge Kavanaugh and instead nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett who has a strong pro-life position.”

In addition to being the mother of seven children and a devout pro-life Catholic, Davis cites more evidence.

“Barrett noted that Roe created, through judicial fiat, a framework of abortion on demand, that has ignited national controversy. Roe was controversial because abortion deals – in her words – deals with the ‘life of a child.’ So, it differs from earlier cases relating to privacy.  

“In particular, she said that Roe is not settled by society, and therefore may be reversed. Judge Barrett is not convinced that Roe v. Wade is such a precedent that it cannot be revisited by the Supreme Court.”

Interestingly, the American Family Association sent me a press release at 4:01am yesterday morning, entitled “American Family Association to Supporters: Tell Senate to Oppose SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh. AFA Calls on Senators to Stop Appointment of ‘Bad Nominee’” 

In the AFA statement, they noted that “Kavanaugh unnecessarily conceded in his opinion that the government [through ObamaCare] has a compelling interest to force religious organizations to provide contraceptives and abortifacients for employees. Kavanaugh’s concession created a dangerous precedent.”

Subsequently, however, the American Family Association sent me a follow-up statement at 2:44pm yesterday afternoon, saying, “AFA has opposed the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S Supreme Court for some very valid reasons. We are deeply concerned about how he might ultimately rule on issues related to abortion and religious liberty. For these reasons, we consider this nomination to represent a four-star appointment when it could have been five-star.

“However, after hearing the concerns of some of our supporters, and after hearing the passionate defense of Judge Kavanaugh by many we consider to be friends in the pro-life movement, we are willing to let this process play out. We eagerly await the confirmation hearings when we hope to get clarification from Judge Kavanaugh on aspects related to our concerns.

“At this time, we have no plans to fight President Trump on this nomination. He has appointed a lot of good federal judges already and we look forward to many more. We hope that our concerns prove to be unfounded.”

Ricardo Davis, President of Georgia Right to Life, said this in reaction.

“I think that the American Family Association’s position on the nomination is somewhat indicative of what the pro-life grassroots feels. They want to trust President Trump because of the promise he made to appoint solid pro-life candidates to the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s why Georgia Right to Life, in particular, is petitioning the president to uphold his campaign pledge and withdraw Judge Kavanagh and then nominate a judge like Judge Barrett to the court.

“With regard to advancing pro-life, pro-personhood policy at the federal level, Georgia Right to Life takes the position that we should hold the standard high and keep are elected officials accountable. If there’s an opportunity — and we have that opportunity as a pro-life movement to truly advance pro-life policy judicially — then why should we accept something less than what the president has promised? Let us petition the president and let us be united in our petitioning of the president to nominate a candidate who does hold a consistent pro-life view in his or her jurisprudence!

“Between the two candidates who were running for president in 2016, it was Trump’s credible statement – not only that he would nominate sound constitutionalist judges – but he actually had vetted and had a list for the people to inspect.  

And that gave the pro-life community confidence that candidate Trump would hold to his word.”

Interestingly, while Neil Gorsuch was on that list, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was not.

Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck, in an email yesterday, noted that some conservatives are less than supportive of Kavanaugh.

And Scott Alan Buss, of, wrote a column entitled, “Why not just ask the prospective Supreme Court Justice exactly what he thinks of abortion?

In it, Buss asks, “could some ‘conservative’ elected official at the center of the confirmation process please, please, please just ask this Kavanaugh guy exactly what he thinks of abortion and exactly what he thinks of unborn human babies? Could some such ‘conservative pro-lifer’ in a position of power please do that…and not take vague dodge as an answer?

“This is not rocket science. It’s not ‘smart’ or ‘sophisticated’ to purposefully avoid these necessary questions. It’s not ‘politically savvy’ or cool to play this moronic game.

If we really want judges who will overturn Roe v Wade and abolish the mass murder of babies in America, why not just make it plain in the SCOTUS hiring process? If the Republican Party really wants the systematic government-protected mass murder of American baby boys and girls to end, then why not be clear and tackle the issue head on?”

Perhaps President Trump fears that a demonstrably pro-life Supreme Court nominee like Judge Amy Coney Barrett would not be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  

After all, the Republicans have a slim majority, 51-49, with Senator John McCain absent due to his brain cancer and two pro-abortion GOP senators in Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who will no doubt oppose Trump, especially with Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance.

However, there are four red state Democrat senators — Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Doug Jones of Alabama – who might feel the political pressure to support a Trump nominee. And don’t forget that if there is a tie, Vice President Mike Pence will cast a vote in Trump’s favor.

Bottom line is simple.  If there were ever a time to nominate a pro-life Supreme Court justice, especially with 4 pro-lifer judges on one side and 4 pro-abortion judges on the other, this was it.

If you would like to send an email to President Trump, go to You can also send a letter to President Donald Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

Let’s not forget the Biblical perspective of the unborn child in the womb found in Psalm 139:13-16.

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.”

This has been a World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.

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Fox Anchor Cancels Live Supreme Court Coverage

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream had a sudden change of plans on the night of President Donald Trump‘s historic announcement of his Supreme Court nominee.

Earlier on Monday night, Trump nominated D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the soon-to-be-vacant seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement last month.

After the big primetime reveal by the president, Bream had planned on doing a live show from outside the steps of the Supreme Court. But her plans were scuttled thanks to protests near her broadcast location.

Breen took to Twitter, saying, “Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.”

Christian vs. Mormon Debate Hopes to Win Christian Converts

A Presbyterian congregation located near the heart of Mormonism will hold a dialogue between a Christian apologist and a Mormon leader over the veracity of the claims of Mormons, reports The Christian Post.

Christ Presbyterian Church of Magna, Utah, will hold a dialogue on Friday between James White, theologian and director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, and Alma Allred, a Mormon bishop.

Jason Wallace, pastor at Christ Presbyterian, said, “Our hope is that a respectful, but substantive exchange will make the truth clear. One young man credits the dialogue we did two years ago with his leaving Mormonism for Biblical Christianity.”

South Carolina Church Targeted with Satanic Graffiti

Someone carved the words “Hail Satan” into the floor of the front porch of Welcome Baptist church in Union, South Carolina, reports WSPA.

The vandals also burned two plastic columns and damaged vinyl siding and a crawl space vent, reports Fox Carolina.

No suspects have been identified.

Drunk Driver’s Ridiculous Response to Cops

An inebriated motorist assured Vero Beach, Florida police that he was not drinking while driving, but only swigging from a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon when his vehicle paused at stop signs and traffic signals, according to a police report.

Earle Gustavas Stevens, age 69, was arrested two weeks ago for driving his Mercury Grand Marquis while under the influence, reports