Nigeria Military Aiding Attacks on Christians, Supreme Court Affirms Private Property Rights, US to Aid Persecuted Christians in Middle East

Thursday, November 29th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Jonathan Clark

Nigerian Christian Leaders: Military is Complicit in Attacks on Christians

Christian leaders met with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in the country’s capital this month, delivering a sharp rebuke that the military is complicit in attacks on Christians, reports Morning Star News.

Pastor Dacholom Datiri, president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, Africa, delivered a report to Buhari, saying Muslim Fulani militias have killed 646 Christians in the Plateau State alone between March and October.

The pastors called on the Nigerian government to protect Christians and to secure the release of kidnapped Christians like Leah Sharibu, a schoolgirl who was abducted back in February and not released because she refused to renounce Jesus Christ.

Britain’s House of Parliament, Vatican, & Churches Lit Red for Persecuted

Over 160 churches, schools, and government buildings worldwide lit up red yesterday in solidarity with persecuted Christians as part of an annual campaign by Aid to the Church in Need.

Participating buildings included the British Houses of Parliament, the Scottish Parliament Building, the Vatican, and churches in Britain, America, and Ireland.

The event also included prayer vigils for Christians suffering persecution.

British Christians & Unbelievers Equally Spiritually Confused

A third of people in the United Kingdom say they don’t know whether the Resurrection actually occurred, whether God counts a person righteous based on faith alone, or whether trust in Jesus alone leads to salvation, reports Christianity Today.

The Ligonier Ministries’ first State of Theology survey conducted in the UK found the top response to questions about Jesus, sin, the Bible, and salvation was “I don’t know.”

The study also found that a large number of those who identify as Christians holding to unorthodox beliefs about the Trinity, the Bible, sin, and salvation.

God said in Amos 8:11, “I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.”

U.S. Congress to Send Help to Christian Victims in Iraq, Syria

The U.S. Congress has passed a bill, two years in the making, to provide relief to the victims of the Islamic State’s genocide in Iraq and Syria.

The vote by the House of Representatives on Tuesday sends the bill to President Donald Trump’s desk.

The bill directs the government to fund groups, including faith-based entities, that are directly involved in bringing aid to Christians and other minorities targeted by ISIS.

Supreme Court Affirms Private Property Rights

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of private property rights in the case of Weyerhaeuser vs. the US Fish and Wildlife Servicereports CBN News.

The justices ruled the government overstepped its bounds by declaring 1,500 acres of private land in Louisiana belonging to Edward Poitevent as a critical habitat for the endangered dusky gopher frog.

Ezekiel 46:18 says, “The prince shall not take any of the people’s inheritance by evicting them from their property; he shall provide an inheritance for his sons from his own property, so that none of My people may be scattered from his property.”

Pro-Life Hero David Daleiden Takes Fight to Supreme Court

David Daleiden of the pro-life Center for Medical Progress is taking his battle to release videos exposing Planned Parenthood activities to the U.S. Supreme Court, reports LifeSiteNews.

Daleiden’s petition to the Supreme Court comes after a gag order was placed on his videos, exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of body parts from babies murdered in the womb.

Conservative College Students Intimidated by Liberal Professors

CBN News reports that universities are silencing Christian and conservative students according to a new survey by Yale’s William F. Buckley Jr. Program.

Of students who feel intimidated to share beliefs contrary to their professors, 62 percent of the college students are conservative.

Along those lines, New Jersey’s Rider University will not bring the popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A on campus because of the company’s Christian values. This despite Chick-fil-A being the top pick for students, reports Campus Reform.

You can politely object to this decision by writing Rider University President Greg Dell’Omo at or call 609-896-5001.

Illinois Couple Celebrates 59th Anniversary, 100th Grandchild!

And finally, Leo and Ruth Zanger of Illinois are celebrating their 59th anniversary as well as the birth of their 100th grandchild, reports Life News.

Leo said, “The good Lord has just kept sending them. We could start our own town.”

The Zangers have 12 children, 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

Psalm 127:3 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”


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