Nigerian 15 Year Old Girl Persecuted for Her Faith, Atheism Growing in Europe Among Youth, Congress Approves More Planned Parenthood Funding, Special Report: Supreme Court sympathetic with California’s pro-life pregnancy centers

Friday, March 23rd, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Jonathan Clark

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Muslim Terrorist Group Returns Kidnapped Schoolgirls

Islamic Boko Haram militants returned 104 of the schoolgirls this week that they had kidnapped from Dapchi, Nigeria, Africa last month, according to Nigerian officials.

Survivors confirm five girls died in the initial kidnapping, and only one remains in captivity: 15-year-old Leah Sharibu, who refused to convert from Christianity to Islam in exchange for being released.

Nata Sharibu, Leah’s father, told a local radio station he is “very sad [that she has not been freed], but [is] also jubilating, too, because [his] daughter did not denounce Christ.”

Please pray for Leah’s release and safe return to her family.

Jesus said in Luke 18:29-30, “There is no one who has left house or parents or brothers or wife or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who shall not receive many times more in this present time, and in the age to come eternal life.”

Pakistani Christian Man Is Free

Praise God! A Pakistani Christian man was acquitted last week in a case where he had originally been sentenced to death on false blasphemy charges against Islam. 

One of Anjum Sandhu’s lawyers told World Watch Monitor the case was “clearly fabricated.” 

Dutch clothing manufacturer pushes sodomite agenda

Amsterdam-based Suitsupply clothing manufacturer put up thousands of homosexual advertisements across Holland back in February. 

In response, Christians with a Dutch pro-family organization organized a public prayer rally earlier this month. The Christians were then assaulted and mobbed by activists who support sexually perverted lifestyles. Police had to intervene numerous times. 

Suitsupply has lost over 12,000 followers on Instagram and many of their displays have been torn down. 

You can call their American office to complain at (646) 224 9902 or email:

Atheist Young People in Europe on the Rise

The number of young people who have no religious affiliation across Europe is increasing, according to a recent study by Stephen Bullivant of St. Mary’s University in London.

Of the 22 countries studied, 12 countries had over 50 percent of 16- to 29-year-olds say they have no faith at all. The most non-religious was the Czech Republic at 91 percent. The UK came in at 70 percent. 

The study also found similar numbers across Europe of those who say they never go to church or pray.   

Bullivant stated, “The new default setting is ‘no religion’, and the few who are religious see themselves as swimming against the tide.” 

Psalm 9:17 warns, “The wicked shall return to Sheol, all the nations that forget God.” 

House Approves Big Debt Spending; Senator Paul Upset

U.S. congressional leaders unveiled a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending deal on Wednesday to fund the government through the fiscal year ahead of a government shutdown today. 

Backed by Republicans, Democrats, and the White House, the bill passed in the House, but is delayed in the Senate as Republican Senator Rand Paul decried it as “wasteful” and a “monstrous bill.”

The bill includes funding for the military and 100 miles for the border wall as well as federal funding of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. 

Pro-Life Student Walkout vs. Gun Control Student Walkout

A California high school student is organizing a pro-life walkout through social media with the hashtag #life.

Brandon Gillespie of Rocklin High School said he was inspired by his history teacher who asked students if they thought the administration would allow for an abortion protest as thousands of students had been walking out to advocate for gun control.   

Brandon said he wants to “honor all the lives of . . . the millions of aborted babies every year.”

Sneak Peek at Supreme Court Pro-Life Case

We’ve got an insider’s perspective on a critical Supreme Court case involving the sanctity of human life. Stay tuned for my World View Special Report featuring Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel, a Christian group specializing in our freedom of religion and speech. You can hear it immediately following today’s newscast.

Kentucky Governor Urges Students to Pray

And finally, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has declared a day of prayer for Kentucky students over the last two years.

And now a bill passed by the Kentucky House would make the last Wednesday in September “A Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students” to be proclaimed by the state’s governor and lead by students.

Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 2:1-2, “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

Closing Line

And that’s The World View in 5 Minutes on this Friday, March 23rd in the year of our Lord 2018. Subscribe by iTunes or email to our unique Christian newscast at I’m Adam McManus. Seize the day for Jesus Christ.

Special Report: How California Is Trying to Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Time now for another World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.

By Adam McManus

The World View spoke with Mat Staver, Founder of the Liberty Counsel, who wrote a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of his client, a California pro-life crisis pregnancy center. Staver explained the far reach of the hostile California law.

“So this is the government of California forcing crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion, contrary to their mission, but it also overpowers their message. So, if you can imagine creating a brochure, and in that brochure you have to include two long sentences of 29 words each, 48-point font, in 13 different languages – the brochure becomes unwieldy. It becomes the message of the state promoting abortion.

“You would have to do that on your website. You would have to do that at the entrance to your crisis pregnancy center – post these 13 languages in 48-point font promoting abortion. If you ever have looked at how big 48-point font is, it’s huge! And to put 29 words in 48-point font literally screams off the page or off the notice. And then to have to repeat that 13 times in 13 separate languages.”

Staver explained the punitive side of this anti-life California law.

“$500 for each violation and $1,000 for any subsequent violation. So, if you didn’t put it at the entrance, it’s $500 the first day, and $1,000 each subsequent day. If you didn’t put it in the lobby, it’s another $500 for the first day, a $1,000 each subsequent day.  

“In other words, when you look at all the different places where these crisis pregnancy centers would have information, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars that would pile up in a very short period of time that literally will crush these pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. And that’s the real reason for this law.”

Staver said it’s clear that the liberal, pro-abortion California state legislature wants to shut down the pro-life pregnancy centers.

“There’s no question that the real point in California is to put the crisis pregnancy centers out of business. The issue is not just giving information. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have to give contrary information about what it does. Doctors’ offices are exempt. Only non-profit crisis pregnancy centers have to give the state’s message — to refer people to abortion and actually give a contact number for people to find out how they can have an abortion.”

Staver, who was present at the Supreme Court this past Tuesday when Michael Farris of Alliance Defending Freedom made his oral arguments on behalf of another pro-life center, concluded that it appears as though we have won the case which will be revealed this June.

“Justice Sotamayor, who normally wouldn’t be with us on something like this, said it would be burdensome and that it was improper. Of course, Kennedy was expressing dissatisfaction with this law. I think most of the justices clearly against this law when they began to realize the extent of its reach.”

Pray for the Supreme Court justices to make the right decision. The First Amendment right of free speech and freedom of association should not be curtailed in any way.

This has been another World View Special Report. I’m Adam McManus.