North Carolinian newborn saved from trash can, Trump might send federal officers to Chicago & NYC, Poland to EU: We will NOT promote homosexual faux-marriage!

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By Kevin Swanson

The Chinese wicked persecute the poor

Bitter Winter Magazine reports that the Chinese Communist government officials are withholding welfare payments from poor Christians, unless they renounce their faith in Christ.

One Christian was told by a communist official that, “Impoverished religious households can’t receive money from the state for nothing—they must obey the Communist Party for the money they receive.”

Psalm 10:2 and 12 says, “The wicked, in his pride, persecutes the poor; Let them be caught in the plots which they have devised. He has said in his heart, ‘God has forgotten; He hides His face; He will never see.’ Arise, O Lord! O God, lift up Your hand! And … do not forget the humble.”

Poland to EU: We will NOT promote homosexual faux-marriage!

Poland, a member state of the European Union, is pushing back on the EU’s mandate to adopt homosexual faux-marriage.

The European Union is holding hostage financial aid on the issue, but Poland’s justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro has told Reuters the government “will not agree to this under any circumstance.”

This may result in forgoing the payouts.

Marriage in trouble in the United Kingdom

Marriage is in decline in the United Kingdom.

Recent stats indicate that almost 70% of 16-29 year old young people are shacking up. And only 42% of males and 52% of females are married in the 30 to 34-year-old group.

That’s almost a 5% decrease in marriage in the last ten years.

Trump sends officers to Portland; Chicago & NYC might be next

President Donald Trump has sent federal officers into Portland, Oregon to quell violence and arrest what he called “anarchists” in the streets.

TRUMP: “Portland was totally out of control. The Liberal Democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing. For 51 days, ripping down that city, destroying the city, looting it.”

In addition, the president threatened to send more federal officers to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, and Oakland, California, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Listen to what President Trump said yesterday at a press event in the Oval Office.

TRUMP: “How about Chicago? Many people killed over the weekend. We’re looking at Chicago too. We’re looking at New York. Look at what’s going on — all run by Democrats all run by very liberal Democrats, all run really by Radical Left, but we can’t let this happen to the cities New York was up 348%, the crime wave. So, the governor has to do something about it. And if the governor is not going to do something about it, we’ll do something about it.

“But I love New York. Look at what’s going on over there. The woman who was shot because she said, ‘Could you please not light off firecrackers?’ and they turned around and shot her 8 times and she died. That’s not our civilization. The police are afraid to do anything.”

America’s COVID death count 64% lower now than in April

The 7-day moving average on the US COVID-19 death count is 64% lower than it was at its peak in April, according to WorldoMeters.

However, this represents a slight increase from the beginning of July — which was registering a 77% decrease off the April peak.

Bahamas closing its borders to Americans

Due to COVID-19 concerns, The Bahamas is closing its borders to travelers from the U.S. — while staying open for vacationers from the UK, the European Union, and Canada.

The Caribbean nation has recorded 153 COVID-19 cases, and 11 deaths thus far this year.  The Bahamas averages 9 times this death rate for AIDS and 5 times this death rate for influenza.

Meanwhile, Moody’s has reduced the Bahamas credit position to “Junk status”, with an estimate of a GDP contraction of 15-20% this year.

Silver hit another high

Silver hit another high on Monday — reaching $19.90 per ounce. That’s a four-year high, reports  At $1,816 per ounce, gold is approaching its all-time high set back in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Dow Industrial Average is still hovering around 10% off its February high.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin prepares to homeschool ALL children

The entire city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be homeschooling in the fall.

That’s the latest decision from the City Health Department, issued Friday for all public and private schools.

J.I. Packer: “A voice challenging lapses in Christian moral standards.”

As we reported yesterday, J.I. Packer has passed on to glory, at 93 years of age.

For over 70 years, the Anglican minister served as a beacon for Biblical Christianity. Packer referred to himself as “a voice that called people back to old paths of truth and wisdom.”

His book, Knowing God, has sold 1.5 million copies since it was first published in 1973.

Packer joined with R. C. Sproul, John Gerstner, Norman Geisler, and Greg Bahnsen in 1977 to produce the Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy.   Packer referred to Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones as a major influence in his ministry.

A Crossway documentary produced several years ago entitled J.I. Packer: In His Own Words (scroll down to the bottom of this link for the video)  includes these last words from him.


PACKER: “I would like to be remembered as a voice — a voice that focused on the authority of the Bible, the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, the wonder of His substitutionary sacrifice and atonement for our sins.

“I would like to be remembered as a voice calling Christian people to holiness, and challenging lapses in Christian moral standards.

“I should like to be remembered as someone who was always courteous, in controversy, but without compromise. I ask you to thank God with me for the way that He’s led me. And I wish, hope, pray that you will enjoy the same clear leading from Him and the same help in doing the tasks that He sets you that I have enjoyed.”

Two North Carolinian women save newborn thrown in trash can

And finally, last Thursday evening, two neighbor women in Wilmington, North Carolina found a baby boy, with his umbilical cord still attached, in a trash can near a local church.

One of the women, Tamara Austin, told WBTV that while she was praying, the woman who initially discovered the child began to sing “Jesus Loves Me” until the paramedics came.

Listen to Austin’s description of what happened.

AUSTIN: “I just held him and cleared his airways with a towel. I was praying and she started singing ‘Jesus loves me.’ So, I just chimed in with her and sang it with her.”

As they waited for the ambulance, Austin had a special message for the baby boy.

AUSTIN: “I just told him, ‘God has a purpose for you. So hang in there. Hang in there, little man. We’ve got help coming for you and God’s got a purpose for you.”

At that very moment, the baby boy did something that Tamara Austin will never forget.

AUSTIN: “He actually grabbed my pinky finger when I said that. So, that was very heartwarming to say the least.”

Psalm 22:9 says, “But You are He who took Me out of the womb; You made Me trust while on My mother’s breasts. I was cast upon You from birth. From My mother’s womb, You have been My God.”


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