North Korea’s Draconian Persecutions, Trump Nominates Pro-Life Attorney General, Bride Burnings Continue in India by the Thousands

Monday, December 10th, in the year of our Lord 2018

By Adam McManus (

8,000 Brides Burned Alive in India

Thousands of brides are being burned alive in India despite the practice being illegal, reports The Christian Post.

India Partners told Mission Network News that there are still as many as 8,000 bride burning cases a year in the Hindu-majority country!

John, a rep for India Partners, explained, “Before marriage, the families will agree upon a dowry that the bride’s family generally will pay to the groom’s family. After marriage, the groom’s family sees the leverage of threatening the girl and asking for more money. So they will begin threats, they will begin beatings, and the rule of thumb is something like the more money you want, the more you need to beat her.”

And sometimes escalates in dousing them with flammable liquid and setting them on fire.

North Korea’s Cruelty Toward Christians

Vernon Brewer, CEO of World Help, a Christian humanitarian organization, said that people often ask him, “Why do you send Bibles to North Korea when they could get people arrested or even killed?” reports

The answer is simple: Despite the possible persecution, North Korean Christians continue to ask for the Bibles!

When one young North Korean man was a child, his third-grade teacher announced that the students would have no homework that evening, but she did have one request.

She said, “When you go home, I want you to look for a Book. Normally [the Book] is black. Normally it’s hidden, and your mom or dad read it when you are asleep. If you look hard enough, you can find this Book. And if you bring it, we will honor you.”

He rushed home to look for the Book. Finally, he found it — his parents’ Bible. He proudly presented it to his teacher the next day and received a red scarf as a reward. But when he returned home to show the scarf to his parents, they were gone. They had been arrested along with the parents of 14 other children who had been supposedly “honored” for completing the assignment.

Incredibly, even though he never saw them again, when he heard the Gospel himself, he also accepted Christ as his Savior.

Jesus said in Mark 13:13, “Everyone will hate you because of Me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

Trump Nominates Pro-Life Attorney for Attorney General

On Friday, President Donald Trump nominated William Barr, a conservative, pro-life lawyer who strongly opposes Roe v. Wade, to the position of Attorney General, reports

Trump praised Barr, who also served under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, as “one of the most respected jurists in the country.”

Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Unclear on Homosexuality

Christian singer Lauren Daigle could not definitively say that homosexual behavior was a sin according to a recent interview on “The Domenick Nati Show” on iHeart radio last week.

Listen to the question by celebrity publicist Nati and the answer by Daigle.

NATI: “Do you feel that homosexuality is a sin?”

DAIGLE: “You know what?  I can’t honestly answer on that. In a sense, I have too many people that I love that they are homosexual. I don’t know. I actually had a conversation with someone last night about it. I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not God. So when people ask questions like that…that’s what my go-to is. I just say read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out let me know, because I’m learning too.”

Shane Idleman, a contributor to Christian Headlines, wrote, “When a person truly experiences this infilling of the Spirit, there is a transformed life resulting in a love for God, His Word, and His Truth. We’d rather please God than man. I too know people who struggle with homosexuality, but that should not shape my theology. To truly offer hope we must speak the truth in love. … Am I saying that many who waiver on the difficult truths are not mightily filled with the Spirit? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

On the other hand, Christian talk show host Michael Brown, who has boldly held a Biblical position on homosexuality, wrote, “Pastors and saints are asking me to come out tonight and blast Lauren Daigle. … Even if she did fall short in her answer, now is not the time to condemn her. It’s the time to reach out to her, pray for her, and make ourselves available to strengthen and equip her. … Lauren needs our help and support rather than our wrath.”

Someone needs to tell Lauren Daigle that Leviticus 18:22 says, “If a man lies with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.”

Trump Fires White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly, the former four-star general who was assigned to bring a level of discipline to President Donald Trump’s often chaotic administration, is leaving the post after internal tensions increasingly spilled into public view in recent months, reports USA Today.

President George H. W. Bush Asked Michael W. Smith to Play “Friends”

And finally, attendees of President George H. W. Bush’s funeral last Wednesday were serenaded by Grammy Award-winning Christian singer-songwriter Michael W. Smith at the late president’s request, reports the Christian Post.

Three months ago, the 41st president asked Smith, in person, if he would sing his 1982 song “Friends” at his funeral service. They had become friends themselves in 1989 when Smith had performed in NBC’s “Christmas in Washington”.

Watch the video of Michael W. Smith’s performance at the Bush funeral.


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Nigeria: 3rd Worst on Terrorism Index

Nigeria, for the third year in a row, was ranked on the Global Terrorism Index as the third worst country in the world impacted by terrorism, reports International Christian Concern.

Between the actions of the two different Muslim groups — Boko Haram and the Fulani militants, Nigeria is constantly plagued by murders, kidnappings, rape and brutality. According to the Armed Conflict and Location Database, over 2,300 people, most of them Christians, have been killed in violence.

Hindu Extremists Storm Christian Meeting w/ Hockey Sticks, Baseball Bats

A Hindu extremist strategy for stopping the spread of Christianity by targeting pastors – and their families – was painfully evident in a recent attack on a Christmas planning meeting in northern India, reports Morning Star News.

Pastors from 12 churches in Agra, Uttar Pradesh state and from 10 churches in nearby Mathura were meeting, along with their families, in the Hotel Samover in Agra on Oct. 30 to plan a Christmas program when Hindu extremists arrived and began terrorizing them,

No more than 45 minutes into the meeting, more than 35 Hindu extremists brandishing hockey sticks, baseball bats and wooden sticks barged into the basement hall shouting slogans and curses and began beating the Christians.

Pastor Kumar told Morning Star News, “They were shouting ‘Hail, Lord Ram!’ while they hit us black-and-blue, and some men from the mob tore the clothes of the women and dragged them by their hair.”

The assault went on for 45 minutes before police arrived – and then, unbelievably,  arrested the Christian victims instead of the Hindu assailants.

Prince Charles Praises Faithful Iraqi Nun

Prince Charles recently praised an Iraqi nun for her incredible faithfulness and courage in the face of great persecution at the hands of Islamic State militants, reports

After escaping ISIS militants along with 100,000 other Christians in her home country, Sister Luma returned to Iraq three years later, where she discovered her home had been destroyed, to serve the Christian community there.

Blasphemous Play Mixes Christianity and Islam

The Chicago theater company Silk Road Rising has debuted a brand new play called “Christmas Mubarak,” a story that blends the stories of Jesus from both Christianity and Islam, reports

The play chronicles the angel Gabriel telling Mary she would miraculously conceive a child, similar to the story found in the Gospel of Luke. In Islam, Jesus’ virgin birth came as the result of a prophecy given to her father. She later hides during her pregnancy and reveals it to Joseph, who is her cousin, not her fiancé.

Muslims, it should be noted, do not believe Jesus was crucified or resurrected. They regard Jesus not as the savior, but as just a prophet.

The play itself was inspired by Gillani, a Shiite Muslim, and Jamil Khoury, a Syrian Orthodox Christian and the founder of Silk Road Rising, which was established after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Christian blogger Julie Roys described the entire undertaking — which is playing at the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple — as “insidious and nothing short of blasphemy.”

Christian College Student Leadership Blast Pro-Life Speaker

Wheaton College students claim that an African American pro-life activist made them feel “unsafe” and “unheard” while he spoke about abortion and racial justice during a campus forum, reports Christian Headlines.

Wheaton College Republicans asked Ryan Bomberger to speak at an event entitled “Black Lives Matter: In and Outside the Womb.”

Bomberger boldly spoke the truth, saying, “Planned Parenthood was birthed in eugenic racism. They’ve never severed that timeline. They never severed that connection. How do you sever from your past if every year you give out the Margaret Sanger award? You don’t give out rewards for people you don’t hold in high regard.”

Six days after the forum, elected student leaders whined in a letter to the administration that Bomberger “made several comments at the event that deeply troubled members of our community. His comments, surrounding the topic of race, made many students, staff, and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe on our campus.”

Michelle Obama’s Restriction Against School Lunch’s Chocolate Milk Lifted

When former first lady Michelle Obama’s strict limitations on school lunches went into effect, students across the country dumped the unappetizing offerings in the garbage, a debacle that cost taxpayers billions in wasted food and lunchroom sales, reports

The recent changes mean schools no longer need a special waiver from the government for only whole grain breads, and cafeterias can now serve low-fat chocolate milk without Uncle Sam’s permission.