Pelosi threatened to punch Trump on January 6, 2020; Why 220 U.S. churches were attacked in past two years; FL to strip licenses of K-3 teachers who discuss gender identity & sexuality

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India delays affirmative action case affecting millions of Dalit Christians

Christians in India believe the federal government is attempting to further prolong an important case concerning affirmative action for millions of Christians who converted from Dalit Hindu backgrounds by forming a panel with an initial two-year deadline to review their demands for equal rights, reports The Christian Post.

Considered “contagiously impure” in Hindu societies for over 2,000 years, Dalits, or “untouchables,” remain the poorest of the poor, are discriminated against, and face atrocities at the hands of “higher caste” Hindus. They account for 16.6% of the country’s population, or 201 million downtrodden people.

However, the Presidential Order of 1950 assumes that non-Hindu religions do not have a caste hierarchy, and therefore do not need special protection. The Order was later amended to include Dalit Sikhs and Dalit Buddhists.

An estimated 70% of India’s 32 million Christians are Dalit, and about 20% are tribal.

A petition filed 18 years ago by the Center for Public Interest Litigation seeks to challenge the 1950 Order which grants special rights to Dalit (low caste) Hindus but does not cover the Dalits who converted to Christianity and Islam to escape the age-old caste oppression.

India is the 10th worst country in the world for the persecution of Christians.

Psalm 82:3-4 says, “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

Pelosi threatened to punch President Trump on January 6, 2020

In a just-released and startling video from January 6, 2020, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened to punch then President Donald Trump. 

Listen to what she said in reaction to her chief of staff.

CHIEF OF STAFF:  “The Secret Service said they have dissuaded [President Trump] from coming to Capitol Hill. They told him they don’t have the resources to protect him here. So, at the moment he is not coming. But that could change.”

PELOSI:  “I hope he comes. I’m gonna punch him out.”

CHIEF OF STAFF: “I know. I would pay to see that.”

PELOSI: “I’ve been waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m gonna punch him out and I’m gonna go to jail and I’m gonna be happy!”

Cost of living/economy trump abortion in polling

Appearing on “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Fox News, pollster Stephen Kent predicted a red wave election on November 8th.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, the Democrats thought that Americans would want to penalize Republicans for their pro-life convictions.

Listen to the pollster’s analysis.

KENT: “When the Dobbs decision is handed down by the Supreme Court, you see abortion double in salience from 4% most important to an 8% most important issue. And that spooked rightly a lot of Republicans who saw that now they are going to have to defend these seats, and chase these seats on social issues.

“But what happened over the summer is that it has frozen in importance, and Democrats have not been able to raise it to the level of importance as the cost of living and the economy, which, combined, are the most important issue by the tune of about 36% with voters. This is a huge, huge deal. Something that they have not been able to reverse.”

Why 220 U.S. churches have been attacked in past two years

A Catholic church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was attacked on October 5th, but you probably haven’t heard about it.

As students at Holy Family Classical School were having class pictures taken outside the church, a man approached and made threatening statements. When a school employee engaged the man, he attacked the employee with a sword.

School officials immediately got the children inside and locked down the school. The attacker then threw two Molotov cocktails at the Holy Family Cathedral.

After the suspect — identified as Daniel Edwards — tried and failed to set the Catholic church on fire, he fled and was later arrested while making threats of detonating a bomb at a local store.

Gary Bauer, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at the James Dobson Family Institute, wrote, “More than 220 American churches have been attacked over the past two years, many by deranged, godless Marxists. Catholic churches have been targeted specifically because they are seen as pro-life. But in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., three churches from different denominations were vandalized and firebombed in one night.

“Virtually none of these kinds of attacks make the national news. The freedom of religion and the freedom of worship have never been in jeopardy in America before. But today, houses of worship increasingly are targeted by evil people.

“Meanwhile, President Biden, who claims to be Catholic, and federal law enforcement leaders have remained silent. They are too busy arresting pro-life activists.”

Bauer concluded, “I recently heard a prominent but misguided Christian leader suggest that if Christians continue to get involved in government and politics, we will be persecuted. Wrong. The truth is the exact opposite. Unless Christians get more involved in government and elections, the persecution that is already taking place will only get worse.”

In Acts 18:9, “One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: ‘Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.’”

FL to strip licenses of K-3 teachers who discuss gender identity, sexuality

And finally, Florida plans to revoke or suspend the teaching licenses of elementary school educators who teach students about gender identity or sexuality, according to a new rule published by the state’s Department of Education, reports The Washington Post.

The rule proposed in August and approved by Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. in September, is intended to enforce a 2021 state law that forbids instruction on gender identity and sexuality for children in kindergarten through third grade. The law is the Parental Rights in Education Act. 

The rule states that any teacher who “intentionally provide[s] classroom instruction” to K-3 students on those two topics will face “revocation or suspension of the individual educator’s certificate, or the other penalties as provided by law.”

It was first reported last Tuesday by the newsletter the Progress Report.


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