Pittsburgh’s baby-parts operations harvested organs while alive, President Biden vs. Florida Gov DeSantis on COVID Tyranny, Patriotic, U.S. Christian gold-medal Olympian gives glory to God

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Cuban pastor remains imprisoned over freedom protests

According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Pastor Rosales Fajardo, who was detained by State Security officers on July 11th during peaceful protests in the Cuban town of Palma Soriano, is still under arrest. Two other Cuban pastors who were detained during unprecedented nationwide protests in Cuba were released after nearly two weeks in detention on July 24th.

Kori Porter, CEO of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, said: “We call on the Cuban government to release Pastor Rosales Fajardo immediately. We are deeply concerned for his well-being, and it is unacceptable that his wife has been barred from speaking to or even seeing her husband for over three weeks.”  Mrs. Fajardo has traveled there multiple times, most recently on July 30th, to bring him food and personal hygiene items, but each time has been blocked from speaking to or seeing him.

On August 2nd, Cuban authorities denied a request by Pastor Fajardo’s lawyer for ‘habeus corpus’, which would have required that the pastor be physically present in court and a reason given for his detention.

His lawyer has only been able to meet with the pastor on one occasion. Photos taken of the pastor at the time of his detention show him in a chokehold. He told the lawyer that he was handcuffed, thrown to the ground, and repeatedly kicked with force in his abdomen and face, resulting in the loss of a tooth.

Pray for Pastor Fajardo’s release from the Cuban prison. Luke 18:27 says, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

The other two pastors, Yéremi Ramírez and Yarian Madrigal, who were released after two weeks in jail, are still facing criminal charges.

President Biden vs. Florida Gov DeSantis on COVID Tyranny

President Joe Biden called out the Republican governors of Texas and Florida, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, for not helping curb the COVID-19 pandemic, reports RealClearPolitics.

BIDEN: “The escalation of cases is particularly concentrated in states with low vaccination rates. Just two states. Florida and Texas account for one-third of all new COVID-19 cases in the entire country. And some governors aren’t willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic. Then they should allow businesses, universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. I say to these governors, please help. But you’re not going to help, at least get out of the way.”

Florida Governor DeSantis stood tall for Floridians against President Joe Biden and his COVID Tyranny.

DESANTIS: “Joe Biden suggests that if you don’t do lockdown policies, then you should ‘get out of the way.’ But let me tell you this, If you’re coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I’m standing in your way. I’m not going to let you get away with it.

“If you’re trying to deny kids a proper in-person education, I’m going to stand in your way, and I’m going to stand up for the kids in Florida. If you’re trying to restrict people, impose mandates, if you’re trying to ruin their jobs and their livelihoods and their small business. If you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way. I’m standing for the people of Florida.

“So why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure? Until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you.”

Pittsburgh’s baby-parts operations harvested organs while alive

Various abortion programs at the University of Pittsburgh have been getting the school slammed in recent days, with accusations it assembled a tissue bank holding hearts, legs and brains from unborn babies who were cut up and stored, reports WorldNetDaily.com.

But one of the more horrific accusations has now come from the Centers for Medical Progress, which charged that the organs are removed from the unborn babies’ bodies before they are dead.

The CMP explained that the school has admitted that “ischemia time” that it cited in an application for federal tax money for its abortion program “refers to the time after the tissue collection procedure.”

The CMP explained, “Ischemia starts when the organ (the kidneys primarily in Pittsburgh’s GUDMAP project) is cut off from blood circulation. The National Institute of Health defines ischemia as ‘lack of blood supply to a part of the body.’ The university states the fetal organs do not undergo ischemia—lose their blood supply—until ‘after the tissue collection procedure.’ This means the organs are still receiving blood supply from the fetal heartbeat during the ’tissue collection.’”

The Centers for Medical Progress chief David Daleiden said, “The University of Pittsburgh “is now admitting to news media that the aborted babies are still alive at the time their kidneys are cut out for NIH grant money.”

Daleiden explained the records “read like an episode of American Horror Story,” with infants aborted alive and then “killed for organ harvesting.”

Worse yet, the University of Pittsburgh said that there would be quotas for different races, and assured that a full 25% of the fetuses “harvested” would come from black women.

Fox reported at least $2.7 million has been funneled into the school’s projects.

Patriotic, U.S. Christian gold-medal Olympian gives glory to God

(audio of the Olympic theme song)

And finally, American freestyle wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock, a black Christian woman from Katy, Texas outside Houston, won a gold medal for the USA on Tuesday, reports The Christian Post.

A reporter asked her if she was surprised.

MENSAH-STOCK:  “Of course, I surprised myself. It’s by the grace of God I’m even able to move my feet. I just leave it in His hands and I pray that all the practice pays off.  Every single time it does. I get better and better.”

Ephesians 2:10 declares, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Throughout the interview, Tamyra had wrapped the American flag tightly around her shoulders.

REPORTER: “That American flag around your shoulders looks pretty good. How does that feel to represent your country like this?”

MENSAH-STOCK:   “It feels amazing. I love representing the U.S.  I love living there. And I’m so happy I get to represent U.S.A.”


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