Portland’s Gay Pride vs. Humble Repenters, U.S. Army’s Transgender Training, Otto Warmbier Returned from North Korea Dead

Tuesday, June 20th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

College Student Imprisoned in North Korea Dies of His Injuries After Release

Otto Warmbier is dead.

The young American man who was incarcerated in North Korea had been returned to the United States last week with severe brain damage and could not be saved by the University of Cincinnati medical team.

His parents, Fred and Cindy, issued a statement concerning his death yesterday, attributing the death to “the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans.”

North Korean Christians have been martyred over the last few decades by being dropped in the ocean, being suffocated in tanks of human feces, and being trampled under the feet of crowds of prisoners. Others have had molten metal poured over their bodies.

South Korean Christian Imprisoned in Pakistan

A South Korean Christian has been imprisoned in Southern Pakistan after two of his Chinese cohorts were kidnapped and killed by ISIS.

The Korean Christian, who has been working in Quetta, Pakistan for six years, is charged with training Chinese Christians in undercover illegal missionary work, according to a Pakistani news source named DAWN.   

Tens of Thousands March in Portland, Oregon to Celebrate Homosexual Pride

150 organizations and tens of thousands of the sexually perverted participated in Portland, Oregon’s Pride March celebrating the sins of homosexuality and pride. 

Corporate sponsors included Alaska Airlines, Fred Meyer, Wells Fargo, and T-Mobile.

Psalm 75 speaks to “homosexual pride”: “I said to the boastful, ‘Do not deal boastfully,’ and to the wicked, ‘Do not lift up the horn. . . God is the Judge.’” 

400 Christians Gather to Celebrate Deliverance from Sin

Meanwhile, 400 Christians gathered at a church in San Diego over the weekend for a conference sponsored by Restored Hope — seeking deliverance from sin by the power of the Risen Christ.

Groups of homosexuals protested the small event.

Scotland Wants to Offer Free Abortions, While Pro-Life Ministries Offer Free Care to Women

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is the head of the Scottish government,  is proposing to offer free abortions to women who live in the last pro-life country in Europe. . . Northern Ireland.

But American pro-life ministries are offering free medical care to women seeking abortions. Andrew Wood from Hope Resource Center in Knoxville, Tennessee says women are more likely to keep their babies when they are offered free care and a baby shower.

“What we’ve seen from a pregnancy center stand point is nine times out of 10, if we can reach moms the baby is going to be fine. We let that mom know that she has value not just the baby inside of her. She has value and she matters to us.”

Wood talked about the profound impact the free care they have offered has had.   

“I was at a church this past Sunday, and we had former patients come up and say with tears in their eyes, ‘I don’t know what I’d have done, had y’all not been there when we were facing this unplanned pregnancy. . .”

Police in Paris Kill Man Attempting Suicide Bombing

A would-be suicide bomber ran into a police car in Paris yesterday. He was killed by police before anybody else was injured in this sixth terrorist attack in France since January.

In the last six months, the Religion of Peace website counts 1,006 terrorist attacks and over 7,000 fatalities so far this year. According to this website, incidents of Islamic terrorist attacks and fatalities peaked in 2014, and have slowly diminished since then. 

Praise God! Even this “wrath of man shall praise you: the remainder of wrath shall you restrain.” (Psalm 76)

Moderate Muslims March Against Terror in Germany

Moderate Muslims in Germany organized a march against terror in the city of Cologne on Saturday. Only 3,500 showed up to the march after Germany’s largest Islamic group, the Turkish-Islamic Union (and others), refused to participate. 

US Army Continues with Extreme Transgender Agenda

Tragically, the United States Army is moving ahead with its transgender training and accommodation beginning July 1st.

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council made this statement in his Washington Update. “In a major break from precedent, the military’s largest branch is warning female soldiers to expect biological men in their showers. That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army is bracing for on July 1, along with ‘male pregnancies’ and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment.” 

It’s my prayer that those in a position of influence in the U.S. Army today — who name Jesus Christ as Savior — will speak out boldly and reverse this absurd policy. After all, Donald Trump won this election, not Hillary Clinton.

Nigerian Schools Become Unfriendly to Christianity

The ideology of Nigeria’s new Muslim president is filtering into the country’s education system, according to Nigeria’s Daily Post.    

A coalition of Christian leaders in Nigeria, Africa met with the nation’s vice president last week to register their complaints, the first of which was their objection to the removal of Bible devotions from the public schools 20 years earlier.

They also complained of virtually mandating Islamic Arabic studies. Their concern is that the new curriculum in the schools would lead us to a godless nation with violence and all forms of ungodliness as the order of the day.”

Canadian Senate Passes Bill Suppressing Freedom to Push Transgender Agenda

Canadians who are opposed to transgenderism are in danger of being charged with hate crimes or even imprisoned if they speak out against the sin. 

Last week, the Canadian Senate approved a law that forbids the use of the wrong “gender pronoun.” The bill will go to the House of Commons this week.

Missionaries who are World View listeners in Haiti send email

Eric & Jennifer Bervig, who are American missionaries in Haiti with their nine children, wrote me at adam@TheWorldView.com.

They said, “We enjoy listening almost every day from our Christian boarding school in Jeremie, Haiti. We have five boys ages 14,12,10,8,7 and four girls 15,5,3 & 1.5. We have been serving as American missionaries since October of 2015 from Park Rapids, Minnesota.

“The World View keeps us afresh of world events from an honest perspective we can trust and respect. Thank you for your diligent service to the Lord!

“We were introduced to the Generations ministry when Kevin Swanson was a keynote speaker at the North Dakota homeschool convention in Fargo in 2008. We have found encouragement in the Lord ever since.”

Eric and Jennifer, what an honor to hear from you. Thank you for your service to the least of these as referenced in Matthew 25. We’re so pleased that you’ve come to trust The World View as a source for your news.

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Teenage Girl Found Guilty of Encouraging Boyfriend’s Suicide

A 17-year-old girl was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her role in encouraging her boyfriend’s suicide.

The evidence against Michele Carer in a Massachusetts court came by her own text messages that coaxed her friend into taking his life.

11 US States Allow Three-Parent Families

The Wall Street Journal reports that courts in at least 11 U.S. states have allowed for threeparent families in custody cases.  

Judge Orders Removal of Cross in Public Park in Florida

The establishment worldview that runs our institutions is now officially anti-Christian atheism and polytheism.

A large cross in a public park in Pensacola, Florida is coming down, after 75 years. The notorious Freedom from Religion Foundation has successfully persuaded a U.S. District Judge to call for the removal of the cross, as a violation of the establishment clause in the Constitution.

Apparently, a cross in Rabun County, Georgia was ordered removed in the 1990s on the same basis. 

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.