Postal Service asks Biden to exempt employees from COVID mandate, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gifts his own truck to deserving fan

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Postal Service asks Biden to exempt employees from COVID mandate

The United States Postal Service is seeking a temporary waiver from the Biden administration’s mandate that will require large employers to ensure that workers are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or that they test negative weekly, reports

Out of a fear that droves of postmen would quit or need to face disciplinary action, Deputy Postmaster General Douglas Tulino wrote that the COVID-shot mandate “is likely to result in the loss of many employees — either by employees leaving or being disciplined.”

Michigan Rep. becomes 25th House Democrat to retire

On Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan announced that she would not seek reelection to the House, joining a growing list of Democrats to retire before the 2022 midterms.

Lawrence, 67, is the 25th House Democrat to announce they’re retiring before the midterm elections this year.

In light of President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers, political analysts expect that a wave of Republicans will gain seats in the 2022 midterm election.

Chicago teachers refuse to teach in person

Chicago officials canceled classes yesterday for the second consecutive day after the Chicago Teachers Union declared that its teachers refuse to teach in person amid COVID fears, reports The Epoch Times.

The school chief, Pedro Martinez, told parents, “We apologize for the disruption that the union’s illegal work stoppage is causing for your family.”

Maranatha Chapel founding pastor died of COVID

Ray Bentley, an author, radio broadcaster and pastor who helped to found the influential Evangelical megachurch, Maranatha Chapel of California, died Tuesday from COVID-19 complications, reports The Christian Post.

In a statement, the church elders said, “We are all in shock and heartbroken. We find comfort in knowing that he is rejoicing in heaven with his beloved Jesus.”

In honor of Ray Bentley, Pastor Daniel Bentley will lead special services this weekend which will be live streamed on Saturday, January 8th ay 6pm Pacific Time, and Sunday, January 9th at 8:30am and 10:30 am Pacific Time.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gifts his own truck to deserving fan

And finally, a fan showing up to watch the latest movie by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had the shock of a lifetime—first by meeting the star himself, and then when the wrestler-turned-actor handed over the keys to his personal truck, reports the

A Navy veteran, personal trainer, and sole caretaker of his 75-year old mother, Oscar Rodriquez is also a leader of a local church group, and runs a charity to help victims of domestic violence.

JOHNSON: “So, your story really moved me because I hear that you’re a personal trainer.”


JOHNSON: “Right? You’re always keeping it positive and motivational and optimistic. You’re leader in your church, Westside Church, right?”

RODRIGUEZ: “Yes. Amen, Praise God!”

JOHNSON: “You help make meals for women victims who have been abused by domestic violence.”


JOHNSON: “That’s really amazing work. I love that. You take care of your mom who is 75. Come on, Mamas’ boys!”

RODRIGUEZ: “I didn’t even know this was even going to happen. This is such a blessing. Man, it’s so good to meet you. I feel so encouraged right now, so uplifted Yeah, man. Let’s do it. Let’s change the world one person at a time.”

But the surprises didn’t end there.

The movie star gave him a card which revealed that he was giving Rodriguez his personal truck, prompting the tears to flow.

RODRIGUEZ: “I thought this was your truck, bro!”

JOHNSON: “It is my truck!”

RODRIGUEZ: “What do you mean?”

JOHNSON: “Now it’s your truck.” (laughing)

RODRIGUEZ: “What are you talking about?”

JOHNSON: “It’s my personal truck. It’s yours now.”

As Johnson watched Rodriguez drive away, he turned to the camera and said this.

JOHNSON: “Well, that was pretty special. Man, what a good guy. And a guy like Oscar who does so much for so many people. His laundry list of caring credentials is pretty amazing. Just an honor for me to give a little bit of joy to a dude who deserves probably a lot more than just my truck. And now I can figure out how I’m getting home (laughs) because I don’t have my ride.”

Mark 12:31 says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


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