Pro-Life Bill Introduced in Congress, 58% of Americans Support Homosexual “Weddings”, Jeff Sessions Approved as New Attorney General

Friday, February 10th, in the year of our Lord 2017

By Kevin Swanson

Senator Jeff Sessions Approved as Attorney General

Pro-life Senator Jeff Sessions was approved as President Trump’s Attorney General on Wednesday, by a vote of 52-47. Only one Democrat voted for the nomination, after a 30-hour fight led mainly by Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. 

Virginia Governor Says He’ll Veto Bill Supporting Religious Liberty

Virginia Governor Terry McCullough has vowed to veto a religious liberty measure that would have allowed pastors and Christian business owners to opt out of supporting homosexual faux-weddings. The bill barely passed the Virginia Senate by a vote of 21 to 19. 

Charges Dismissed Against Street Preacher in London

A UK court has dismissed all charges against a street preacher named Gordon Lamour in London. He was arrested and accused of “threatening homophobic behavior” when he answered questions from a 19-year-old on what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Majority of Americans Support Persecuting Businesses That Don’t Support Homosexuality

A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, finds 58% of Americans supportive of homosexual faux-weddings with only 31% of white evangelical Protestants supporting it. An even higher number of Americans support persecution of Christian businesses that would opt out of lending support for homosexual faux-weddings.

Exodus 23:2 says, “You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice.”

Chinese Students Converted to Christianity in America Abandon the Church Upon Returning to China

Easy conversions in America do not translate into faithful disciples in China.

The U.S. Foreign Policy group reports that 80% of Chinese students in America, abandon their Christian faith or at least abandon the church upon returning back to Communist China. They attribute this to the Chinese government’s extreme persecution of unregistered “house churches.”

Whether there be genuine faith in China or America, the principle remains true: “we must, through much tribulation, enter into the kingdom of God.” (Acts 14:22)

Major Snowstorms Hit Northeastern United States

Over 3,000 flights were cancelled after God, by His sovereign power, sent a major snowstorm to the northeastern section of the United States. Boston expects a total of 18 inches, and Long Island could be hit with as much as 16 inches. 

Tiger Woods Says He’ll Never Feel Great Again

Once the number one athlete in America, Tiger Woods told Vision Magazine, he’ll “never feel great again.” Woods has undergone three back surgeries and four knee operations. . .and he has not won a major tournament since 2008. It was 2009 when Woods was outed to the world as a serial adulterer — with at least 120 women. And that was the same year he was involved in a serious auto accident. 

Proverbs 7:25-27 speaks of the death trap of sexual temptation: “Let not your heart decline to her ways. . .For she has cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.”

UK Court Awards $87 Million in “Wrongful Birth” Lawsuit

Hospitals and medical systems are taking note, and they may recommend more abortions in the future for children with special needs. A UK court has awarded a total of $87 million to 16 families for what they call a “wrongful birth” lawsuit.

These are parents who wished they had aborted their children when they were found to be born with special needs. These parents wish that their children, born with Down Syndrome and microcephaly, had never been born.

Hawaii Considers Legalizing Prostitution

Hawaii’s legislature is considering a bill to legalize prostitution in that state. The House Speaker, Joseph Souki, introduced the bill. To date, only the state of Nevada has legalized prostitution in some select counties.

North Carolina Woman Shoots Home Intruder

Just last month, a North Carolina woman was tied up in her home by an intruder intending to do her harm.

She wriggled free, grabbed a gun, and fired at the bad guy, according to WWAY news. In her words, “I had a gun sitting on a Bible on my headboard. I jumped up on the bed, grabbed the gun, turned around and just pulled the trigger.”

The intruder tried an escape, but expired somewhere near the front door.

US Congress Considers Major Pro-Life Bill

Now that we have a pro-life president who has vowed to support the sanctity of life, an exciting new pro-life bill has been introduced in Congress. The World View spoke with Janet Porter, founder of Faith 2 Action. (

“The federal heartbeat bill ( will, as Congressman Steve King the sponsor likes to say, will ensure that if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected. It is a bill that will make America safe again for every child whose heartbeat can be heard.”

Porter told The World View about a new poll which shows America’s support for the Heartbeat Bill.

“George Barna is a pretty respected pollster in America. So that’s why I went to him and asked him to find out where America stands on the federal Heartbeat Bill. And the results were stunning! Are you sitting down? 7 out of 10 in America want the federal Heartbeat Bill to become law. They agree with the premise: if the doctor can detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby, that baby should be legally protected. Beyond that, 86% of Republicans favor this bill and, this is the stunner, a majority of Democrats, 55% answered in this national poll that they would like to see babies whose heartbeats can be detected, protected by law.”

If you’re a regular listener to The World View, you’ll remember my call to action right before Christmas last year. Porter explains.

“We’ve been trying to get the Heartbeat Bill through in Ohio for the last six years. And we came pretty close. We got the bill passed in the House and the Senate. There was a heartless veto of Governor John Kasich and we came pretty close to overriding that veto thanks to the calls of each of you who took the time to keep hearts beating.

“The good news is we did switch the votes necessary. We actually turned two no votes into yes votes. The bad news is a lot of the yes votes said, ‘Well, I just don’t want to come home from Christmas vacation to cast a vote.’ But we are going to be reintroducing it in Ohio for the fourth time.

“That’s why we have taken it over their heads and we are going to see children with beating hearts protected at the national level with the federal Heartbeat Bill HR 490.”

Porter noted that there is an easy way for you to urge Congress to pass the Heartbeat Bill.

“If you want to help keep hearts beating, I encourage you to get plugged in at where you can send colorful cards to Congress, through the mail, to all the members of the House and the Senate, with colorful messages from you, individualized to them, encouraging them to support the federal Heartbeat Bill.”

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