Protesters Oppose a Trump Presidency, California Considers Secession, Colorado Approves an Assisted Suicide Initiative

Thursday, November 10th, in the year of our Lord 2016

By Kevin Swanson

Trump Elected President, Republicans Retain Majority in House and Senate

It was a shock to pundits, pollsters, and the left-wing media, proving once again that “the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom He will.” With 279 electoral votes over Clinton’s 228, Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States. Most surprising, Trump won Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Florida. Republicans lost a few seats in the U.S. Senate and House, but maintained a solid majority in both houses.

In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton quoted Scripture somewhat haphazardly, and said she hoped Trump “would be a successful president for all Americans.” ​She mentioned God several times.

In his acceptance speech, Trump said we can renew the American dream. While he thanked Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee by name, he did not mention God.

Protests Against Trump Election Break Out in Various Cities

Protesters took the streets in Chicago, New York, Austin, and various cities in California opposing the election of Donald Trump. Scores of actors and celebrities say they’re leaving America now that Trump has been elected. Cher said, she’s “moving to Jupiter.” Miley Cyrus said she’s unbelievably scared, and she’s moving. Neve Campbell, an actress on the political drama “House of Cards,” vowed to move back home to Canada, while “Orange is the New Black” actress Natasha Lyonne said she would hightail it to a mental hospital, reported​

Various Liberal Measures Approved

Also in this election, voters bent left on various state measures. Colorado voters approved an assisted suicide initiative, making it the sixth state to adopt the pro-death measure. Three states approved increasing the Minimum Wage. And at least three states adopted restrictive gun control referendums.

How Christians Should Respond to the Election

How should Christians respond to the election? Franklin Graham described it as the “biggest political upset of our lifetime.” He encouraged Christians to pray for the new president. Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, from New Geneva Leadership College in Virginia spoke to The World View on the Christian response to the election.

“He is resonating with the people because the people are frightened. Christians should never be frightened, they should be proactive. So those who voted for Donald Trump as a Christian, without understanding the requirements that the conscience should be bound to, they were frightened. Scripture tells us we are not to fret because of evildoers.”

Pastor Raymond said that no matter what happens, Christians need to trust that God can use leaders for His own perfect will.

“We’re never to be worried, certainly worry is not of faith. We have to recognize the fundamental way that God works. He orchestrates all things; He raises up kings, He casts down kings.”

Pastor Raymond encouraged prayer for our leaders. . .  

“We want to see a government of justice. We’ve been inundated with such injustice from the Clinton camp over the 20-30 years of just the abuse of justice, and now the total corruption of the last 10 years of government, to the point where people are just vomiting over it, and they are finally sick and tired of it. And we’ve been praying for God to show us just a glimmer of justice. Maybe this is the glimmer, but not the deliverance.”  

1 Timothy 2:1-2 says, “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

Californians Consider Secession

In the wake of the election, Californians are responding with the idea of secession. The hashtag (#Calexit) has been trending on Twitter. CNN Money reports several big names in Silicon Valley support California forming its own country.  

Stocks Plummet After Trump Election, but Then Go Back Up

Stocks plummeted initially after Trump’s election, according to Fox Business. However, the Dow Jones Industrial shot back up, coming within 49 points of a new closing record yesterday. Gold prices dropped slightly to around $1,274 a troy ounce.

Pakistani Government Turns Blind Eye to Persecution of Christians

It has been two years now since a Pakistani Christian couple was brutally beaten and burned alive in a brick kiln by hundreds of Muslims. The Pakistani government arrested over 100 suspects but has convicted no one since then. Please pray for the couple’s three young children. The World View spoke to Nate Lance, of International Christian Concern, about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan.

“This is not the first time that we’ve seen other situations like this arise, in Pakistan and other countries as well. And there really is at times a culture of impunity within Pakistan, for those who do commit crimes against Christians. There is kind of an inherent bias in the system that way, and unfortunately it’s heartbreaking, especially when you have a situation like this.”

Homeschooling on the Rise in the United States

The National Center for Education Statistics released a report on homeschooling this month entitled “Homeschooling in the United States: 2012.” The report indicates there were an estimated 1.8 million homeschooled students in 2012, up from 850,000 homeschooled students in 1999. That’s a 9% increase per year. If the same rate of increase continues year by year, there should be at least four million home educated students in America by 2025.

Louisiana Woman Baptized at 94 Years Old

It’s never too late to become a Christian, according to 94-year-old Ophelia White. Thinking herself a Christian for years, White realized she did not have a personal relationship with Christ after her roommate explained the Gospel to her. White was joyfully baptized by Pastor Todd Free of Cook Baptist Church in Ruston, Louisiana, according to Christian Today. In her witness, White told the congregation, “I want people to know it’s never too late [to be a Christian]. Get with it.”

Isaiah 46:4 says, “Even through your old age I am He, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.”  

Two Artists Set Up “Ecosexual Bathhouse” at Art Festival in Sydney, Australia

Two Australian artists have set up what they call an “ecosexual bathhouse” at a festival of experimental art in Sydney, Australia where people are invited to have sex with the earth to help secure the future of the planet, reports The bathhouse is premised on “ecosexuality,” a movement involving a queer identity that considers the environment as an erotic partner.

Tim Tebow’s New Book Makes It on Several Bestseller Lists

Tim Tebow, the Christian professional athlete, seems to have hit a home run with his latest book which has landed on multiple bestseller lists, reports The Christian Post.

The Heisman Trophy winning NFL quarterback-turned-professional baseball hopeful is proving that he’s more than just an athlete with his second book, Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms. Now, Tebow’s book is a best-seller on The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists.

Christianity Increasing in Hostile Countries Despite Intense Persecution

Reports indicate Christianity is growing in places like India and Iran where persecution is heating up. Iran ranks ninth on Open Doors 2016 World Watch List for worst persecution, yet Christians have grown there from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. Recently, 200 Iranians and Afghans converted to Christianity from Islam and were baptized in the Iranian church.

“All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” (2 Timothy 3:12)

Dutch Cardinal Concerned About Gender Ideology

A Dutch cardinal, Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, is concerned that many Roman Catholic parents are allowing their children to choose their own gender. The cardinal wants the Pope to issue an encyclical on gender theory.

And that’s the World View in Five Minutes.